Probing the anomalous tq gamma couplings through single top production at the future lepton-hadron colliders

Alici, E. | Koksal, M.

Article | 2019 | MODERN PHYSICS LETTERS A34 ( 36 )

The measurements of the top quark flavor changing neutral current interactions are one of the most important goals of the top quark physics program in the present and the future collider experiments. These measurements provide direct information on nonstandard interactions of the top quark. Within the framework of new physics beyond the Standard Model, these interactions can be defined by an effective Lagrangian. In this study, we have investigated the potential of the future mu p colliders on the top quark flavor changing neutral current interactions through the subprocesses gamma q -> t -> Wb, where q = u, c. These subprocesses ha . . .ve been produced through the main reaction mu p -> mu gamma p -> mu WbX at the LHC-mu p, the FCC-mu p and the SPPC-mu p. For the main reaction, the total cross-sections have been calculated as a function of the anomalous tq gamma couplings. In addition, sensitivities on BR(t -> q gamma) at 95% Confidence Level have been calculated. We obtain that the best constraints on BR(t -> q gamma) are at the order of 10(-7) which is four orders of magnitude better than the LHC's experimental results Daha fazlası Daha az

An investigation of nuclear properties of even even natural Mo92-100 isotopes

Artun, Ozan | Aytekin, Caglar | Aytekin, Huseyin

Article | 2014 | MODERN PHYSICS LETTERS A29 ( 39 )

In this study, we have calculated the basic nuclear properties such as binding energies, root mean square (rms) charge radii, and neutron and proton densities of the eveneven natural Mo92-100 isotopes. Investigations were performed using the Hartree-Fock-Bogoliubov (HFB) method with different Skyrme-like forces. Separation energies, which have an important role in nuclear structure, of neutron, proton, deuteron, triton, helium-3 and alpha were also investigated with TALYS 1.4 code. The calculated results were discussed and compared with experimental results.


Aytekin, Huseyin

Article | 2011 | MODERN PHYSICS LETTERS A26 ( 19 ) , pp.1413 - 1425

In this paper, the ground state properties of neutron rich even-even Cd, Te and Xe isotopes are investigated using the Skyrme-Hartree-Fock-Bogoliubov (SHFB) methods with SKM* and SLy4 force parameters. These isotopes are vital to the structural studies of unstable nuclei taking place at near Z = 50 closed shell. The main subject of this paper is to calculate the binding energies per particle, the rms nuclear charge radii, the rms nuclear proton density radii, and the rms nuclear neutron density radii with SHFB methods. The results are compared with experimental data and with the results of relativistic meanfield theory (RMFT). In ad . . .dition to these calculations the initial neutron and proton exciton numbers for Cd-112, Te-124 and Xe-126 isotopes, which have high cross sections for proton induced nuclear reactions (p, 2n) and used for radioisotopes production, will also be calculated. These exciton numbers can be used for pre-equilibrium proton induced (p, 2n) reactions on Cd-112, Te-124 and Xe-126 isotopes Daha fazlası Daha az

Investigation of excitation functions for (n, 2n) reactions on some samarium, europium and gadolinium isotopes in the mass region 144 <= A <= 160

Baldik, Ridvan | Aytekin, Huseyin | Artun, Ozan

Article | 2014 | MODERN PHYSICS LETTERS A29 ( 14 ) , pp.1413 - 1425

In this paper, we investigated excitation functions of (n, 2n) reactions on the target nuclei in the mass region (144


Aytekin, Huseyin | Artun, Ozan

Article | 2013 | MODERN PHYSICS LETTERS A28 ( 5 ) , pp.1413 - 1425

Binding energies and their differences are investigated to evaluate the two-neutron separation energies (S-2n), the two-proton separation energies (S-2p) and the average proton-neutron interaction strengths (delta V-pn) of neutron-rich Sr, Zr and Mo isotopes in the mass region A = 86-110, including even-even nuclei. Calculations were performed using the Hartree-Fock-Bogoliubov (HFB) method with different Skyrme force parametrizations. The obtained results are discussed and compared with the results of experimental and relativistic mean-field theory (RMFT).

A study of nuclear structure for Am-244, Pu-238, Po-210, Pm-147, Cs-137, Sr-90 and Ni-63 nuclei used in nuclear battery

Artun, Ozan

Article | 2017 | MODERN PHYSICS LETTERS A32 ( 22 ) , pp.1413 - 1425

In this paper, we intend to extend the nuclear data of Cm-244, Am-241, Pu-288, Po-210, Pm-147 Cs-137, Sr-90 and Ni-63 nuclei used in nuclear battery technology, because, these nuclei are quite important for space investigations in radioisotope thermoelectric generator (RTG) and for microelectronic technologies in betavoltaic batteries. Therefore the nuclear structure properties of nuclei such as separation energies, neutron skin thicknesses, proton, charge and neutron density distributions as a function of radius, the root mean square (rms) proton, charge and neutron radii, binding energies per particle, have been investigated by Ha . . .rtree-Fock with eight different Skyrme forces. The obtained results have been compared with the experimental data in literature and relativistic mean field theory (RMFT) results Daha fazlası Daha az

An investigation of the O-16+O-16 elastic scattering by using alpha-alpha double folding potential in optical model formalism

Kurkcuoglu, M. E. | Aytekin, H. | Boztosun, I.

Article | 2006 | MODERN PHYSICS LETTERS A21 ( 29 ) , pp.2217 - 2232

In this paper, a simultaneous analysis of the elastic scattering data of the 16o+160 system for the energy range 5-10 MeV/nucleon is performed theoretically within the framework of the optical model formalism, by using the alpha-alpha double folding cluster potential. The a-a double folding cluster potential is evaluated by using the alpha-cluster distribution densities in the usual nucleon-nucleon double folding process with an effective alpha-alpha interaction potential. The results of the a-a double folding cluster potential analysis are compared with the findings of the phenomenological Woods-Saxon squared and nucleon-nucleon do . . .uble folding potentials. All potentials have exhibited a very good agreement with the experimental measurements for the elastic scattering angular distributions. Furthermore, it is shown that, the a-a double folding cluster potential and nucleon-nucleon double folding potential calculations provide very consistent results with each other. Thus, the O-16+O-16 system has been described by optical potentials having a deep real potential part and a weak absorptive imaginary potential part Daha fazlası Daha az

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