Apricot Producing in Kagizman District and Its Contribution to the Economy of Territory

Atis, Evren | Celikoglu, Saban

Article | 2017 | MARMARA GEOGRAPHICAL REVIEW ( 36 ) , pp.191 - 205

Approximately one fifth of the World's apricot producing is being supplied with Turkey. Apricot orcharding has wide range field in our country. Besides, its agriculture being done almost in our every culture, % 85 of the production is carried out by Malatya, Mersin, and Kahramanmaras. Malatya, which is identified to apricot, on the other hand, provides more than the half of the country's production. Kars-Igdir territory brings into existence one of the important apricot cultivation areas of our country. This territory, which has got a convenient feature of microclimate for orcharding in rough continental climate in Eastern Anatolia . . .Region, comes to the fore in terms of some features even if it supplies like approximately % 7 rate of the production of the country. Its essential superiority is devoted to exportation for being demanded from abroad is because of its high productiveness per tree, kind of age for qualified edible, especially of its aromatic feature. In Kars province, the absolute amount of this production is made on Aras Valley and on its affluent. Kagizman district provides almost all the production of apricot in Kars province. In the province; apricots, sekerpare (small cakes with syrup), Malatya and unrefined kinds of apricot are cultivated. Types of apricos and sekerpare are the ones that have economic value. Apricos, which has the widest range field and cultivated at the bottom land the most, is the kind commercialized abroad as edible almost all and is produced high income. Some part of the apricot that is produced at the territory is sent to the juice factories in various provinces. Besides apricot producing in Kagizman is an important source of income, there are various flaws in question from producing to marketing as well. In this study, production situation of apricot and its contribution to the economy of territory is handled, by identifying the problems which are related to production and marketing, solution offers that are aimed at these problems are developed Daha fazlası Daha az

Thermal Energy Investments in Catalagzi Region (Zonguldak)

Celikoglu, Saban

Article | 2016 | MARMARA GEOGRAPHICAL REVIEW ( 33 ) , pp.510 - 533

As the most prominent instrument for power in modern world, energy is of a vital importance for the development of countries. Industrial development in Turkey, which is one of the developing countries, undergoes increase in energy demand due to rising levels of life standards and tehcnological developments. This rapid demand growth brings about problems such as external energy dependence and deficit in our country, which disposes of limited energy resources. Approximately half of electricity generation in Turkey is obtained by natural gas. Additionally, natural gas is important as an implement for home heating. According to EMRA (En . . .ergy Market Regulatory Authority) data, nearly 85% of the natural gas has been supplied from 3 countries. Building thermal reactors which working with stone coal and lignite, is considered important in order to reduce the impact of a probable difficulty in energy supply. Catalagzi Region in Zonguldak Province is also one of the areas which glare as investment grade. Two active thermal reactors in Catalagzi Region with installed power of 1690 mW, are producing electricity of 12,5million mW on annual basis. With the inclusion of a third thermal reactor planned for the autumn of 2016, electricity generation grade is expected to reach almost 20 million mW on annual basis with an installed power of 3090 mW. In this study it is aimed to emphasize on the partake of Catalagzi Region within electricity generation in Turkey, and to remark the sustainable energy production as well as measures taken for improving the life quality of locals Daha fazlası Daha az

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