Natural radioactivity measurements and dose assessments in sand samples collected from Zonguldak beaches in Turkey

Aytekin H. | Tufan M.Ç. | Küçük C.

Article | 2015 | Journal of Radioanalytical and Nuclear Chemistry303 ( 3 ) , pp.2227 - 2232

In this study, measurements of the gamma activity concentrations of 238 U, 232 Th and 40 K natural radionuclides and associated dose assessments in sand samples collected from Zonguldak beaches (Turkey) were carried out. In order to measure the activity concentrations an Ortec GEM30 P4 model gamma spectrometer with HPGe detector was used. The activity concentrations for 238 U, 232 Th and 40 K radionuclides were found to vary from 9.98 ± 0.82 to 56.81 ± 2.44, from 9.93 ± 1.46 to 48.87 ± 3.81 and from 103.00 ± 6.73 to 610.50 ± 24.24 Bq kg -1 , respectively. The gamma dose rates were estimated to be from 16.67 ± 1.63 to 79.44 ± 4.37 nG . . .y h -1 . © 2014, Akadémiai Kiadó, Budapest, Hungary Daha fazlası Daha az

Solid phase extraction of uranium on a new brush type graft copolymer and spectrophotometric determination of its in water samples

Tüzen, Mustafa | Esra, Bağda | Hazer, Baki

Article | 2016 | Journal of Radioanalytical and Nuclear Chemistry310 ( 3 ) , pp.1255 - 1263

A new versatile solid phase extraction and spectrophotometric determination of uranium (VI) was proposed with using poly(caprolactone-b-vinyl benzyl chloride-g-dimethyl amino ethyl methacrylate), poly(CL-b-VB-g-DMAEMA), amphiphilic brush type block/graft copolymer. The method is based on the adsorption of uranium(VI)-pyrocatechol violet complex on surface on the adsorbent. The parameters such as pH, amount of ligand and copolymer, sample volume were optimized. Detection limit, preconcentration factor and relative standard deviation were found as 0.45 µg L-1, 100 and 3.8 %, respectively. Adsorption capacity of the polymer for uranium . . .(VI) was found 52 mg g-1. The method was applied to different water samples and standard reference materials. © 2016, Akadémiai Kiadó, Budapest, Hungary Daha fazlası Daha az

Cross-section calculations of proton induced (p,n) and (p,2n) reactions for production of diagnostic 67Ga, 81Rb, 111In, 123,124I, 123Cs and 123Xe radioisotopes

Aytekin H. | Artun O. | Baldik R.

Article | 2013 | Journal of Radioanalytical and Nuclear Chemistry298 ( 1 ) , pp.95 - 103

Investigation of pre-equilibrium (PEQ) and equilibrium (EQ) effects on proton induced reactions for production of radioisotopes are very important. Therefore, in this study, we have calculated the PEQ and EQ cross-sections for 67Zn(p,n)67Ga, 68Zn(p,2n)67Ga, 82Kr(p,2n)81Rb, 111Cd(p,n)111In, 112Cd(p,2n)111In, 123Te(p,n)123I, 124Te(p,2n)123I, 124Te(p,n)124I and 124Xe(p,2n)123Cs reactions for production diagnostic radioisotopes. Calculations have been performed by using the hybrid model, geometry dependent hybrid model and full exciton model of PEQ reaction mechanism with 1-40 MeV proton incident energy. We have also investigated the EQ . . . effects on these reactions using the Weisskopf-Ewing model in the same energy range. The excitation functions including the PEQ and EQ effects on these reactions are evaluated by using the ALICE/ASH (2006) and the TALYS 1.4 (2011) codes. Our results have shown that using these codes is suitable for production diagnostic isotopes mentioned above. To obtain excitation functions for producing the diagnostic radioisotopes the PEQ mechanism has been found more dominant than that of the EQ. The results are discussed and compared with the available experimental data. © 2013 Akadémiai Kiadó, Budapest, Hungary Daha fazlası Daha az

Radioactivity measurements and radiation dose assessments due to natural radiation in Karabük (Turkey)

BaldIk R. | Aytekin H. | Erer M.

Article | 2011 | Journal of Radioanalytical and Nuclear Chemistry289 ( 2 ) , pp.297 - 302

In this work, the radionuclide activity concentrations of 226Ra, 232Th and 40K in surface soils and radon levels in dwellings of Karabük, Turkey were determined in order to evaluate the environmental radioactivity. Concentrations of 226Ra, 232Th and 40K radionuclides were determined using gamma spectrometry with using HPGe detector. The etch track detectors (CR-39) were used to determine the distribution of radon concentrations. The average activity concentrations for 226Ra, 232Th and 40K were found as 21.0, 23.5 and 363.5 Bq kg-1, respectively. The calculated average annual effective dose equivalent from the outdoor terrestrial gam . . .ma radiation from 226Ra, 232Th and 40K is 53.5 µSv y-1. The average radon concentration and annual effective dose equivalent of 222Rn in Karabük dwellings were obtained 131.6 Bqm-3 and 3.32 mSv y-1, respectively. The evaluated data were compared with the data obtained from different countries. © 2011 Akadémiai Kiadó, Budapest, Hungary Daha fazlası Daha az

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