Evaluation of Prescription Legibility Leading to Death due to Erroneous Interpretation: A Field Survey in Pharmacies

Yilmaz, Riza | Yildirim, Ali | Ozdemir, Veli | Cetin, Ilhan | Aksu, Murat | Sahan, Abdulkadir G.

Article | 2011 | HEALTHMED5 ( 5 ) , pp.1159 - 1164

Subtotal Self-Amputation of the Penis and Bilateral Self-Orchiectomy Followed by Suicide by Hanging: Case Report

Erkol, Zerrin | Sirin, Gozde | Erkol, Hayri | Yilmaz, Riza | Ince, Haluk | Konuk, Nese

Article | 2012 | TURKIYE KLINIKLERI TIP BILIMLERI DERGISI32 ( 3 ) , pp.869 - 873

We presented a case that had self-amputated his penis partly, performed bilateral self-orchiectomy and then committed suicide. The case was a-80-year-old male with a urinary catheter for the last year for an urologic problem, who was using alprazolam for a psychiatric disorder. He had history of attempted suicide, one year ago. The victim was found by his wife hanged to the balcony railing. Distal 1/2 part of his penis was amputated and the penis amputate was found beside the body, as well as both of his testicles. In the autopsy examination, macroscopic examination of the amputated items revealed penile ecchymosis around the cut si . . .de of the skin and benign prostate hypertrophy and chronic prostatitis was diagnosed with microscopic examination of the prostate gland. The paper discussed the characteristics of the victim and the manner of the presented case; a genital self-amputation case followed by suicide or a failed suicide case completed by hanging method (a complex suicide case) Daha fazlası Daha az

Evaluation of cases aged 0-18 years referred to the Council of Forensic Medicine with the claim of medical malpractice

Ozkaya, Nesrin | Yilmaz, Riza | Ozkaya, Halit | Can, Muhammet | Pakis, Isil | Yildirim, Ali | Elmas, Imdat


Aim: The objectives of this study are to evaluate malpractice from forensic medicine perspective, studying lawsuits filed against healthcare professionals who performed medical interventions on cases aged between 0-18 years. Material and Method: Medical malpractice claims filed against healthcare professionals (n=378) submitted to The Council of Forensic Medicine during the years 2002-2006 by the courts to form expert opinion, were evaluated by 3. Specialty Board were examined retrospectively. The cases were evaluated in regard to being complaint about which health workers, being engaged with a lawsuit of which health instutions, be . . .ing complaint about which department of health institutions and the damages arising and fault finding processes which occur in medical malpractice cases. Results: Among the healthcare institutions subjected to malpractice claims, state hospitals ranked first (52.7%) followed by private hospitals (16.4%). Pediatricians took the lead among healthcare professionals accused of malpractice followed by practicians. 219 cases of malpractice (57.9%) ensued in death. Opinions in favour of or against medical malpractice were expressed in 28.8% (n=109), and 51.6% (n=195) of the cases, respectively. Conclusions: Because of increasing medical malpractices by age group (0-18) in our country, the group of health professionals, especially pediatricians and practitioners should be more careful and attentive of the diagnosis, treatment and care. Moreoever, the patient, his/her relatives, and intimates should be provided with detailed information about the complications, and adverse effects of the recommended treatment using eligible words. (Turk Arch Ped 2011; 46: 151-8 Daha fazlası Daha az

Secondary victimization of traffic accident victims: getting buried without the declaration of forensic case and without having performed autopsy

Erkol, Zerrin | Hekimoglu, Yavuz | Buken, Bora | Sirin, Gozde | Yilmaz, Riza | Akkaya, Harun


BACKGROUND: In this study, it was aimed to analyze the cases of traffic accident related deaths, buried without performing autopsy, in order to increase awareness of the physicians about declaration liability of forensic cases and also emphasize the declaration of the forensic case and autopsy importance. METHODS: In the First Specialization Board of Council of Forensic Medicine, 542 cases of death, reported between the years 2004-2008, who were involved in traffic accidents and buried without an autopsy performed, were evaluated retrospectively. RESULTS: It was found that 69.4% of the cases (n=376) were males, whereas % 30.6 (n=166 . . .) were females; mean age was 58.5 +/- 20.9 (range, 3-98 years). Age 61 and above was the most frequent age group with 301 cases (55.5%). Of the cases, 336 (62.0%) had died in hospital, 241 (44.5%) had died in 1-12 months following the accident and medico-legal corpse examination was performed only in 123 (22.9%) cases. Three hundred fourty-four (63.5%) of the cases were not reported as forensic cases and death certificate was signed by any physician other than medical examiner without being declared as a legal case. According to the decisions of Board, since an autopsy was not duly performed, the cause of death could not be determined for 95 cases (17.5%) and for 57 cases (10.5%), it was not possible to determine whether there was causality between the accident and death. DISCUSSION: Our findings emphasize the importance of declaration of forensic cases and performing autopsy in time in traffic accident victims Daha fazlası Daha az

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