The Evaluation of Kurtbogazi Dam (Ankara, Turkey) from Hydro-Geochemical and Environmental Aspects

Altın, Ahmet | Bakır, Fatma | Özölçer, İsmail Hakkı

Article | 2010 | WATER RESOURCES MANAGEMENT24 ( 4 ) , pp.747 - 759

KurtbogazA +/- Dam is one of the most significant sources of drinking water sources for Ankara City. In this study, hydro-geochemical properties and pollution sources of surface waters feeding into the dam are determined. In addition, important environmental problems such as squatter's houses and wastewater discharges within protection zones of watershed of the dam are defined and appropriate precautions are discussed. The long-term trend (1998-2007) in water quality results of the dam and the surface waters in the KurtbogazA +/- watershed were studied, utilizing data provided by General Directorate of State Water Works (DSI). The r . . .esults indicate that waters in the watershed can be classified as waters with calcium-bicarbonate. Due to the drought conditions experienced in recent years, the concentrations of the organic materials and nitrogen and phosphorus compounds in the surface waters have increased dramatically since 2005. It is thought that wastewaters discharged by the settlements within the watershed (especially Pazar Township) are responsible for these increases. Preventing wastewater discharges from the squatter's houses and agricultural activities on the absolute and the proximate zones of the watershed and the constructing of a sewerage and treatment plant are the first challenges for the protection of the watersheds Daha fazlası Daha az

Water pollution in the southern coastal region of the Black sea

Altın, Ahmet | Özölçer, İsmail Hakkı | Yıldırım, Yılmaz

Article | 2009 | Fresenius Environmental Bulletin18 ( 11:00 AM ) , pp.2170 - 2180

In this study, water pollutions of the Black Sea in the Turkish costal region, particularly in the Zonguldak region, located in the western part of Turkey (southern part of the Black Sea), were investigated. Zonguldak province is a highly populated and industrialized region with two iron and steel factories, coal mining and a coal-powered energy plant. In this study; physical, chemical and bacteriological pollution of water, wastewater and surface water were conducted. The domestic and industrial wastewater discharges into 7 important surface water streams were investigated, and the effect of these discharges onto the water quality . . .of the streams and the Black Sea were discussed. This work is the first study evaluating water quality and pollution in detail in the northwest coastal region of Turkey Daha fazlası Daha az

Production of sorbent from paper industry solid waste for oil spill cleanup

Demirel Bayık, Gülçin | Altın, Ahmet

Article | 2017 | Marine Pollution Bulletin125 ( 01.Feb ) , pp.341 - 349

The aim of the study is to select a cellulosic waste material from paper industry solid wastes and process it for sorbent production. Four different solid wastes were collected from a local paper production facility and rejects were selected due to its sorption capacity and processability. Oil sorption experiments were conducted according to the ASTM F 726-12 method. Effect of sorbent dosage, contact and dripping time, recovery of the oil, reusability of the sorbent and sorption from the water surface were also determined. Maximum oil sorption capacity was determined as 9.67, 12.92 and 12.84 g/g for diesel oil, 0W30 and 10W30 motor . . .oils respectively for the static test and 8.27, 10.45 and 11.69 g/g for the dynamic test. An efficient and low-cost sorbent was produced from paper industry rejects that can be used on land and on water. © 2017 Elsevier Lt Daha fazlası Daha az

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