Chaotic resonance in Hodgkin-Huxley neuron

Baysal, Veli | Saraç, Zehra | Yılmaz, Ergin

Article | 2019 | NONLINEAR DYNAMICS97 ( 2 ) , pp.1275 - 1285

Chaotic Resonance (CR), whereby the response of a nonlinear system to a weak signal can be enhanced by the assistance of chaotic activities that can be intrinsic or extrinsic, has recently been studied widely. In this paper, the effects of extrinsic chaotic signal on the weak signal detection performance of the Hodgkin-Huxley neuron are examined via numerical simulation. The chaotic signal has been derived from Lorenz system and is injected to neuron as a current. Obtained results have revealed that the H-H neuron exhibits CR phenomenon depending on the chaotic current intensity. Also, we have found an optimal chaotic current intens . . .ity ensuring the best detection of the weak signal in H-H neuron via CR. In addition, we have calculated the maximal Lyapunov exponent to determine whether the H-H neuron is in chaotic regime. After determining the state of the neuron, we have shown that the H-H neuron can be able to detect the weak signal even if it is in the chaotic regime. Finally, we have investigated the effects of chaotic activity on the collective behavior of H-H neurons in small-world networks and have concluded that CR effect is a robust phenomenon which can be observed both in single neurons and neuronal networks Daha fazlası Daha az

The Evaluation of Kurtbogazi Dam (Ankara, Turkey) from Hydro-Geochemical and Environmental Aspects

Altın, Ahmet | Bakır, Fatma | Özölçer, İsmail Hakkı

Article | 2010 | WATER RESOURCES MANAGEMENT24 ( 4 ) , pp.747 - 759

KurtbogazA +/- Dam is one of the most significant sources of drinking water sources for Ankara City. In this study, hydro-geochemical properties and pollution sources of surface waters feeding into the dam are determined. In addition, important environmental problems such as squatter's houses and wastewater discharges within protection zones of watershed of the dam are defined and appropriate precautions are discussed. The long-term trend (1998-2007) in water quality results of the dam and the surface waters in the KurtbogazA +/- watershed were studied, utilizing data provided by General Directorate of State Water Works (DSI). The r . . .esults indicate that waters in the watershed can be classified as waters with calcium-bicarbonate. Due to the drought conditions experienced in recent years, the concentrations of the organic materials and nitrogen and phosphorus compounds in the surface waters have increased dramatically since 2005. It is thought that wastewaters discharged by the settlements within the watershed (especially Pazar Township) are responsible for these increases. Preventing wastewater discharges from the squatter's houses and agricultural activities on the absolute and the proximate zones of the watershed and the constructing of a sewerage and treatment plant are the first challenges for the protection of the watersheds Daha fazlası Daha az

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