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Collective firing regularity of a scale-free Hodgkin-Huxley neuronal network in response to a subthreshold signal

Yılmaz, Ergin | Özer, Mahmut

Article | 2013 | Physics Letters, Section A: General, Atomic and Solid State Physics377 ( 18 ) , pp.1301 - 1307

We consider a scale-free network of stochastic HH neurons driven by a subthreshold periodic stimulus and investigate how the collective spiking regularity or the collective temporal coherence changes with the stimulus frequency, the intrinsic noise (or the cell size), the network average degree and the coupling strength. We show that the best temporal coherence is obtained for a certain level of the intrinsic noise when the frequencies of the external stimulus and the subthreshold oscillations of the network elements match. We also find that the collective regularity exhibits a resonance-like behavior depending on both the coupling . . .strength and the network average degree at the optimal values of the stimulus frequency and the cell size, indicating that the best temporal coherence also requires an optimal coupling strength and an optimal average degree of the connectivity. © 2013 Elsevier B.V Daha fazlası Daha az

Power improvement of enzymatic fuel cells used for sustainable energy generation

Korkut, Şeyda | Kılıç, Muhammet Samet

Article | 2016 | Environmental Progress and Sustainable Energy35 ( 3 ) , pp.859 - 866

Poly(3-thiopheneacetic acid-co-3-methylthiophene) conductive polymer was electrosynthesized with ferrocene and used for an enzymatic fuel cell including glucose oxidase and bilirubin oxidase enzymes. The system was operated in a single-compartment and membrane-less cell by using glucose as fuel. Detailed optimization ensured to achieve considerable power output to generate sustainable energy from municipal wastewater as a renewable fuel source. Maximum power density of 1 µW/cm2was generated at a cell voltage of +0.56 V in 100 mM, pH 7.4 phosphate buffer with the addition of 10 mM synthetic glucose. The working electrodes could harve . . .st glucose readily found in the municipal wastewater of Zonguldak City in Turkey by generating a power density of 4 µW/cm2for the municipal wastewater sample. In this way, the organic pollutants in wastewater could be evaluated by converting them into the electrical energy using an enzymatic fuel cell for the first time. © 2015 American Institute of Chemical Engineers Environ Prog, 35: 859–866, 2016. © 2015 American Institute of Chemical Engineers Environ Pro Daha fazlası Daha az

Comparison of the effects of cross-validation methods on determining performances of classifiers used in diagnosing congestive heart failure

İşler, Yalçın | Narin, Ali | Özer, Mahmut

Article | 2015 | Measurement Science Review15 ( 4 ) , pp.196 - 201

Congestive heart failure (CHF) occurs when the heart is unable to provide sufficient pump action to maintain blood flow to meet the needs of the body. Early diagnosis is important since the mortality rate of the patients with CHF is very high. There are different validation methods to measure performances of classifier algorithms designed for this purpose. In this study, k-fold and leave-one-out cross-validation methods were tested for performance measures of five distinct classifiers in the diagnosis of the patients with CHF. Each algorithm was run 100 times and the average and the standard deviation of classifier performances were . . . recorded. As a result, it was observed that average performance was enhanced and the variability of performances was decreased when the number of data sections used in the cross-validation method was increased. © by Yalcin Isler 2015 Daha fazlası Daha az

Dependency of removal efficiency on electrode arrangements in the treatment of oily wastewaters by electrocoagulation

Genç, Ayten | Eryılmaz, Candan

Article | 2017 | Separation Science and Technology (Philadelphia)52 ( 9 ) , pp.1594 - 1601

Turbidity and chemical oxygen demand (COD) removal efficiencies were analyzed depending on electrode layouts by performing electrocoagulation experiments using horizontal and vertical electrochemical cells. Multiple aluminum plate electrodes were placed into different sections of the electrochemical cells. Removal efficiencies at the horizontal electrochemical cell were always higher than the one’s obtained from the vertical electrochemical cell. But the use of vertical electrochemical cell consumed less energy during the electrocoagulation tests. The highest COD removal efficiencies were 97% and 88% in the horizontal and vertical e . . .lectrochemical cells, respectively. However, the energy consumption for COD removal in the horizontal electrochemical cell was 47% higher than the energy consumed in the vertical electrochemical cell. © 2017 Taylor & Francis Daha fazlası Daha az

The effects of angiotensin ii receptor blocker on brain oxidative stress and neurobehavioural alterations in ovariectomized rats

Turan, Inci | Erdem, Salih | Ergenç, Meryem | Özaçmak-Sayan, Hale

Proceedings | 2018 | NEUROENDOCRINOLOGY107 , pp.19 - 19

3rd International Congress of the Turkish-Neuroendocrinology-Society -- JUN 29-JUL 01, 2018 -- Malatya, TURKEY WOS: 000445952400047

Molecular Survey of Babesia microti (Aconoidasida: Piroplasmida) in Wild Rodents in Turkey

Usluca, Selma | Celebi, Bekir | Karasartova, Djursun | Güreser, Semra | Matur, Ferhat | Öktem, Mehmet Ali | Sözen, Mustafa | Karataş, Ahmet | Babur, Cahit | Mumcuoğlu, Kosta | Özkan-Taylan Ayşegül

Review | 2019 | Journal of Medical Entomology56 ( 6 ) , pp.1605 - 1609

Babesia microti (Aconoidasida: Piroplasmida) (Franca, 1910) is an important tick-borne zoonotic parasite with rodents serving as reservoir hosts. In the present study, 536 rodents were captured from Burdur, Bartin, Giresun, and Yozgat provinces of Turkey between the years 2010 and 2012, and blood samples were examined for the presence of Babesia spp. using conventional PCR which targeted the 18S rRNA gene. The sequence analysis of PCR amplicons was tested for B. microti as well as for Hepatozoon spp., and Sarcocystis spp. Overall, 5.8% of the rodents were positive for B. microti: 41% in Myodes glareolus, 7.7% in Chionomys roberti, a . . .nd 2% in Apodemus spp., whereas no Babesia DNA was detected in Mus macedonicus and Microtus spp. Six rodents were positive for Hepatozoon spp. and one rodent was positive for Sarcocystis spp. Overall, 14.9 and 4.5% of rodents captured from Bartin and Giresun provinces, respectively, were PCR positive for B. microti, whereas none of rodents captured in Burdur and Yozgat were positive for Babesia spp. The sequence data of B. microti from rodents revealed that all sequences belonged to the zoonotic genotype. Sequences of B. microti obtained from rodents of the Bartin province were genotypically closer to European isolates, whereas those obtained from rodents of the Giresun province were closer to Russian and Mongolian isolates. © 2019 Crown copyright 2019 Daha fazlası Daha az

Assessment of P-wave duration and dispersion in patients with isolated coronary artery ectasia

Dogan S.M. | Yildirim N. | Aydin M. | Gursurer M. | Cam F. | Celik O.

Article | 2008 | International Journal of Cardiology125 ( 3 ) , pp.404 - 406

Introduction: Coronary artery ectasia (CAE) is defined as localized or diffuse dilatation of the epicardial coronary arteries. We sought to determine whether isolated CAE may alter P-wave duration and dispersion (PD). Methods: The study population consisted of 26 patients (mean age: 61.6 ± 11.0 years) with isolated CAE (group 1) and sex- and age-matched 26 control subjects (group 2). Both groups underwent a standard 12-lead surface electrocardiogram recorded at 50 mm/s. Maximal (Pmax) and minimal P-wave durations (Pmin) are measured. PD was defined as the difference between Pmax and Pmin. Results: In group 1, Pmax (114.2 ± 10.4 ms v . . .s 104.8 ± 10.6 ms, p < 0.002) and PD (34.0 ± 12.7 ms vs 24 ± 10.6, p < 0.004) were significantly higher than those of group 2. Moreover a significant correlation was found between Pmax and PD with ectatic segment number (r = 0.625, r = 0.626, respectively; p = <0.001); and Pmax and PD with ectatic vessel number (r = 0.698, r = 0.704 respectively; p = <0.0001). Conclusion: Isolated CAE and the degree of the ectasia were found to be associated with prolonged Pmax and PD. © 2007 Elsevier Ireland Ltd. All rights reserved Daha fazlası Daha az

The Effects of Sirtuin 1 and Oxidative Stress on Oligodendrocyte Death in Cuprizone-induced Model of Demyelination

Özaçmak, Veysel Haktan | Özaçmak-Sayan, Hale | Barut, Figen

Proceedings | 2016 | ACTA PHYSIOLOGICA218 , pp.69 - 70

WOS: 000383578300183


Sayin, M. R. | Aydin, M. | Dogan, S. M. | Karabag, T. | Cetiner, M. A. | Aktop, Z.

Conference Object | 2011 | INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF CARDIOLOGY147 , pp.69 - 70

WOS: 000289284500049

Surgeon performed intraoperative ultrasound accurately predicts margin status after neaoadjuvant chemotheraphy

Çakmak, Güldeniz Karadeniz | Mutlu, Sezgin | Şen, Hazal | Engin, Hüseyin | Bahadır, Burak | Bakkal, Bekir Hakan

Conference Object | 2018 | CANCER RESEARCH78 ( 4 ) , pp.69 - 70

San Antonio Breast Cancer Symposium -- DEC 05-09, 2017 -- San Antonio, TX WOS: 000425489400315

Adaptive neuro-fuzzy based method for daily estimation of SO2 concentration in city of Zonguldak

Yıldırım, Yılmaz | Bayramoğlu, Mahmut | Tecer, Lokman Hakan | Yalçın, Gültekin

Proceedings | 2004 | AIR POLLUTION MODELING AND ITS APPLICATION XVI16 , pp.559 - 567

Air pollution continues to be a major problem in many countries. Mathematical models are useful in relating emissions to air quality under a variety of meteorological conditions and source emission concentrations over an urban area. Meanwhile, the forecasting capability of sophisticated models is limited to very large and complex terrains. In this study, adaptive neuro-fuzzy logic method has been proposed to estimate the impact of meteorological factors on SO2 pollution levels. The model forecasts satisfactorily the trends in SO2 concentration levels, with performance between 78-90%.

Curcumin reduces oxidative stress in ovariectomized rat brain subjected to chronic cerebral hypoperfusion

Özaçmak, Veysel Haktan | Özaçmak-Sayan, Hale

Other | 2010 | Türk Geriatri Dergisi13 ( 3 ) , pp.160 - 165

Giriş: Turmeriğin majör komponenti olan kurkumin hem antioksidan hem de antiinflamatuar aktivite göstermektedir. Çalışmamızda, kronik serebral hipoperfüzyon modelini kullanarak, overleri alınmış dişi sıçan beyininde, kurkuminin oksidatif stresi azaltıp azaltmadığını araştırdık. Gereç ve Yöntem: Kronik serebral hipoperfüzyon, her iki karotid komunis arterin kalıcı ligasyonu ile sağlandı. Denekler (4-6 aylık toplam 30 adet yetişkin Wistar Albino dişi sıçanlar) rastgele üç gruba ayrıldı: sham kontrol, iskemi ve 14 gün boyunca günlük kurkumin (100 mg/kg) verilen iskemi grubu. Ligasyon sonrası 14üncü günde tüm gruplardaki beyin dokuların . . .ın malondialdehid (MDA) ve indirgenmiş glutatyon (GSH) içerikleri ölçüldü. Bulgular: İskemi, MDA içeriğinin ileri dercede yükselmesine neden olurken GSH seviyesini anlamlı derecede azalttı. Diğer yandan, kurkumin tedavisi iskemik beyin dokusunda anlamlı derecelerde MDA düzeyini düşürerek ve GSH içeriğini yükselterek, değerlerin sham grubundakiler seviyesine geri dönmesini sağladı. Sonuç: Elde ettiğimiz sonuçlar, vasküler demansın deneysel hayvan modeli olan kronik serebral hipoperfüzyonda kurkuminin hem oksidatif stresi hem de lipid peroksidasyonunu azalttığını önermektedir. Altta yatan moleküler mekanizmaların derinlemesine daha fazla araştırılması sonrasında inanıyoruz ki kurkuminin tedavideki verimliliği, klinik uygulamalar için özellikle de vasküler demanslı menopoz sonrası yaşlı kadınlarda test edilmesine layık olacaktır. Introduction: Curcumin, the major constituent of turmeric, exhibits both antioxidant and anti-inflammatory activities. In the present study, we investigated whether or not curcumin reduces oxidative stress in ovariectomized female rat brain by using a model of chronic cerebral hypoperfusion. Materials and Method: Chronic cerebral hypoperfusion was induced by permanent ligation of both common carotid arteries. Animals (a total of 30 adult female Wistar Albino rats, 4-6 months old) were randomly divided into three groups: sham control, ischemia, and ischemia plus daily curcumin treatment (100 mg/kg) for 14 days. At day 14 after the ligation, malondialdehyde (MDA) and reduced glutathione (GSH) contents of brain tissues were measured in all groups. Results: Ischemia caused a significant increase in MDA content but a meaningful decrease in GSH levels. Treatment with curcumin, however, lowered MDA and elevated GSH contents significantly in ischemic brain tissue, bringing their levels back to that of the sham group. Conclusion: Our results suggest that curcumin attenuates both oxidative stress and lipid peroxidation in chronic cerebral hypoperfusion, which is an animal model of vascular dementia. Following further in depth investigations into underlying molecular mechanism(s), we believe that therapeutic efficacy of curcumin deserves to be tested for potential clinical application especially in postmenopausal elderly women suffering from vascular dementia Daha fazlası Daha az

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