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Ultrafiltration is not superior than diuretics in type 4 cardiorenal sydrome

Hür E. | Acar A. | Magden K. | Yildirim I. | Yayar O. | Köse S. | Yildiz G.

Article | 2014 | Turkish Nephrology, Dialysis and Transplantation Journal23 ( 1 ) , pp.20 - 25

Objective: Cardiorenal syndrome (CRS) describes a dysregulation of the heart and kidneys affecting each other. Recently hemodialysis treatments were used more frequently. Aim was to analyze the effects of conventional diuretic and UF treatments. Material and Methods: Thirty-four Type 4 CRS diagnosed patients were included. Baseline characteristics were recorded. Echocardiography measured at the admission and at the end of the treatment. Results: The mean age 67.4±9.3 (51-93) years and follow-up period were 15.9±11.5 months. The patients were grouped as diuretic group, n=12 and UF group, n=22. At the beginning mitral valve A wave, bl . . .ood urea nitrogen and creatinine values were higher in the UF group while creatinine values were higher in the UF group compared to diuretic group at the end of the study. Although basal ejection fraction (EF) values were not different, it was higher in the UF group at the end of the study (42.38±12.70 % and 29±3.67 %, p 0.05). Conclusion: In Type 4 CRS, mortality and hospital admissions were not reduced by UF treatment but cardiac function assessed by EF was significantly improved suggesting this therapy to be beneficial in appropriate patients Daha fazlası Daha az

Analysis of glomerular filtration rate, serum cystatin C levels, and renal resistive index values in cirrhosis patients

Üstündağ, Yücel | Samsar, Ufuk | Açıkgöz, Şereften | Çabuk, Mehmet | Kıran, Sibel | Külah, Eyüp | Aydemir, Selim

Article | 2007 | Clinical Chemistry and Laboratory Medicine45 ( 7 ) , pp.890 - 894

Background: The aim of this study was to evaluate the relation of glomerular filtration rate (GFR) to serum cystatin C levels, renal resistive index (RRI), serum creatinine and creatinine clearance in patients with different stages of cirrhosis. Methods: The study sample was 25 cirrhotic patients (10 females and 15 males; mean age 57.3±2.04 years), 10 in the compensated stage without ascites and 15 in the decompensated stage with new-onset ascites. None had azotemia nor were on diuretic treatment. The control group comprised 25 healthy adults (11 female and 14 men; mean age 56.56±1.91 years). Serum cystatin C, RRI, serum creatinine . . .and creatinine clearance were measured. GFR was determined by technetium99m- diethylene triamine pentaacetic acid renal scintigraphy. Results: Cirrhosis cases had lower mean scintigraphic GFR than controls (64.5±4.03 vs. 87.96±4.16 mL/min, p<0.05). Serum cystatin C and RRI were significantly higher in the cirrhotic group compared to controls (1.16±0.09 mg/L and 0.68±0.01 vs. 0.86±0.03 mg/L and 0.64±0.01, respectively; p<0.05). Subgroup comparative analysis showed that only two parameters, scintigraphic GFR and serum cystatin C, were significantly different between compensated and decompensated cirrhotics (75.62±4.9 mL/min and 0.89±0.07 mg/L vs. 57.23±5.14 mL/min and 1.34±0.13mg/L, respectively; p<0.05). Scintigraphic GFR showed significant correlation with cystatin C, but not with serum creatinine or creatinine clearance (r=-0.877, p<0.05) in decompensated patients. No correlation was observed between scintigraphic GFR and RRI or between serum cystatin C and RRI in all subjects. A receiver operator characteristics curve showed that cystatin C at a cutoff value of 1.01 mg/L can significantly differentiate patients with GFR <70 mL/min with 80% sensitivity and 80% specificity. Conclusions: Serum cystatin C, but not serum creatinine or RRI measurement, correlates with GFR in each stage of liver failure and has a significant diagnostic advantage in detecting lower GFR in such cases. © 2007 by Walter de Gruyter Daha fazlası Daha az

P-wave duration and dispersion in patients with coronary slow flow and its relationship with Thrombolysis in Myocardial Infarction frame count

Dogan S.M. | Yildirim N. | Gursurer M. | Aydin M. | Kalaycioglu E. | Cam F.

Article | 2008 | Journal of Electrocardiology41 ( 1 ) , pp.55 - 59

Aim: P-wave dispersion (PD), and duration has been reported to be associated with inhomogeneous and discontinuous propagation of sinus impulses. The aim of this study was to investigate the PD in patients with coronary slow flow (CSF) phenomenon. Methods: Study population included 48 patients with angiographically proven normal coronary arteries and slow coronary flow in all 3 coronary vessels (group I, 36 men; mean age, 54 ± 9 years) and 32 subjects with angiographically proven normal coronary arteries without associated slow coronary flow (group II, 24 men, mean age, 53 ± 10 years). Coronary flow rates of all patients and control . . .subjects were documented by Thrombolysis In Myocardial Infarction (TIMI) frame count. All patients in group I had TIMI frame counts greater than 2 SD above those of control subjects (group II). The mean TIMI frame count for each patient and control subject was calculated by adding the TIMI frame counts for each major epicardial coronary artery and then dividing the obtained value into 3. The maximum and minimum P-wave duration (Pmax and Pmin) and PD were measured from the 12-lead surface electrocardiogram. Echocardiographic examination was also performed. Results: There was no statistically significant difference between the 2 groups with respect to age, sex, hypertension, diabetes mellitus, hyperlipidemia, and cigarette smoking (P > .05). P-wave dispersion and Pmax of patients with CSF were found to be significantly higher than those of control subjects (39.4 ± 17 vs 21.2 ± 10 milliseconds and 121.6 ± 17.1 vs 104.3 ± 10.4 milliseconds, respectively; P < .0001). Moreover, we found a significant positive correlation between both Pmax and PD with mean TIMI frame count (r = 0.836 and r = 0.806, respectively; P < .0001). Conclusions: P-wave dispersion and P-wave duration both were found to be greater in patients with CSF than in controls. © 2008 Elsevier Inc. All rights reserved Daha fazlası Daha az

Visualization of the whole right atrium wall with Tc-99m Sestamibi scintigraphy

Çabuk M. | Dogan S.M. | Erdem Z. | Atik D.Y. | Dogan I.

Article | 2009 | Anadolu Kardiyoloji Dergisi9 ( 5 ) , pp.55 - 59

[No abstract available]

Differences in sex, angiographic frequency, and parameters in patients with coronary artery anomalies: Single-center screening of 25 368 patients by coronary angiography

Akpinar I. | Sayin M.R. | Karabag T. | Gursoy Y.C. | Kucuk E. | Kiran S. | Dogan S.M.

Article | 2013 | Coronary Artery Disease24 ( 4 ) , pp.266 - 271

BACKGROUND: Although the prevalence of coronary artery anomalies varies in different series, the precise population frequency is unknown. MATERIALS AND METHODS: The medical records of all patients who underwent coronary angiography between January 2002 and August 2012 were retrieved, and 238 cases with coronary anomalies were evaluated. Unlike other studies, we compared several angiographic parameters (fluoroscopy time, number of images, and catheters used) in addition to frequency and sex data. RESULTS: The angiographic frequency of coronary artery anomalies was 0.94%. The most common coronary anomaly was a left anterior descending . . .-circumflex artery originating from separate ostia (0.29%). The second most common anomaly was a right coronary artery (RCA) originating from the left sinus of Valsalva (sV) (0.23%). Overall, coronary artery anomalies (1.28 vs. 0.80%; Daha fazlası Daha az

Effects of beta-blockers on transmitral, pulmonary venous flows and spontaneous echo-contrast grades in heart failure [Kalp yetersizliginde beta-bloker tedavisinin transmitral ve pulmoner ven akimlari ile spontan eko-kontrast düzeyi üzerine etkisi]

Dogan S.M. | Aydin M. | Gürsürer M. | Dursun A. | Çam F. | Onuk T. | Madak H.

Article | 2005 | Anadolu Kardiyoloji Dergisi5 ( 3 ) , pp.178 - 181

Objective: In this study, we aimed to investigate effects of metoprolol treatment on transmitral, pulmonary venous flows and spontaneous echo contrast in patients with heart failure. Methods: Twenty-four patients (mean age: 55±8 years) with heart failure were enrolled to the study. All were given metoprolol succinate with titrated target dose of 50 mg/d controlled release tablets for 1 month. Transmitral flow and pulmonary venous flow, systolic, diastolic and atrial reversal flow velocities were measured, and compared with the pretreatment values. Results: Heart rate significantly decreased. No significant change was observed in eje . . .ction fraction. When the post treatment values were compared with the pretreatment values, it was detected that isovolumetric relaxation time significantly decreased ( Daha fazlası Daha az

Large caseous mitral annular calcification: With mitral stenosis, dynamic left ventricular outflow obstruction, and syncope

Akpinar I. | Karabag T. | Sayin M.R. | Yildirim N. | Dogan S.M. | Aydin M.

Article | 2012 | Texas Heart Institute Journal39 ( 6 ) , pp.910 - 912

[No abstract available]

Coronary to pulmonary artery fistula associated with significant coronary atherosclerosis.

Yildirim N. | Dogan S.M. | Gürsürer M. | Aydin M.

Article | 2007 | Anadolu kardiyoloji dergisi : AKD = the Anatolian journal of cardiology7 ( 4 ) , pp.910 - 912

[No abstract available]

Renal anjiomiyolipoma ve akciğerde lenfanjiomiyomatozis: Olgu sunumu

Numanoğlu-Yurdakan, Gamze | Gün, Banu Doğan | Kertiş, Gürkan | Çolak, Sacide | Özdamar, Şükrü Oğuz

Article | 2007 | İnönü Üniversitesi Tıp Fakültesi Dergisi14 ( 3 ) , pp.189 - 193

Anjiyomiyolipoma böbrekte, retroperitoneal hemoraji yapabilen, mikroskopik olarak damar yapıları, düz kas ve yağ dokuları içeren benign tümöral lezyondur. Lenfanjiyomiyomatozis ise; akciğerleri difüz tutabilen, respiratuar yetmezlik, spontane pnömotoraks veya şilöz plevral efüzyon izlenebilen lezyondur. Mikroskopik olarak lenf damarları ve düz kas elementlerinin karışımının proliferasyonları ile karakterizedir. Her iki lezyon da az rastlanan bir sendrom olan tuberoskleroz kompleksinin komponenti olarak izlenebilir. Olgumuz göğüs ağrısı, nefes darlığı şikayeti olan 41 yaşında bayan hastadır. Toraks tomografisinde akciğer parankiminde . . ., ince duvarlı hava kistleri, abdominal tomografide böbreklerde büyüme ve yağ dansitesinde alanlar içeren lezyonlar belirlenmiştir. İntraabdominal kanama nedeniyle sağ nefrektomi uygulanmıştır. Mikroskobide, böbrek parankimindeki infiltratif tümörün matür lipomatöz, miyomatöz komponentler ve konjesyone vasküler yapılardan oluştuğu izlenmiş, immünohistokimyasal incelemede tümör hücrelerinde HMB-45 ile reaksiyon gözlenen olguya anjiyomiyolipoma tanısı konulmuştur. Akciğer lezyonlarının mikroskobik incelemesinde, kistik dilatasyonlu, düz kas hücreleri içeren lenf damarları izlenmiştir. Trikrom ile lenf damarları duvarında düz kas yönünde boyanma gözlenmiş ve lenfanjiyomiyomatozis olarak değerlendirilmiştir. Olgumuz postoperatif 16. günde gelişen kardiyopulmoner arest nedeni ile eksitus kabul edilmiştir. Angiomyolipoma is a benign tumoral lesion of the kidney which microscopically contains fat, smooth muscle and blood vessels, and may result in retroperitoneal hemorrhage. Lymphangiomyomatosis is a lesion that may lead to diffuse involvement of lungs and cause respiratory failure, spontaneous pneumothorax or pleural effusion. It is characterized by proliferation of a mixture of lymphatic and smooth muscle. Both lesions may be components of tuberous sclerosis, an uncommon syndrome. Our case is 41-year-old female presented with chest pain and dyspnea. Thin walled air cysts were determined in lung parenchyma by thorax tomography and images of enlarged kidneys and mass lesions including areas of adipose density were supplied by abdominal tomography. Right nephrectomy was performed because of intraabdominal hemorrhage. Infiltrative tumor microscopically composed of mature lipomatose, myomatose components and congested blood vessels, and reactive for HMB-45 [Melanoma (gp100) Ab-3 (clone HMB45+HMB50), Neomarkers] was diagnosed as angiomyolipoma. Microscopic evaluation of the lung lesions revealed cystic lymphatic containing smooth muscle cells. The tumor with presence of smooth muscle in the walls of lymphatic shown with trichrome and was diagnosed as lymphangiomyomatosis. The patient died because of irreversible cardiopulmonary arrest on the postoperative 16th day Daha fazlası Daha az

Anaesthesia induction with sevoflurane and propofol in children: Evaluation of QT and QTc durations

Hancı, Volkan | Numanoğlu, Kemal Varın | Pişkin, Ethem | Yurtlu, Serhan | Ayoğlu, Hilal | Erdoğan, Gülay | Okyay, Rahşan Dilek

Article | 2010 | Türk Anestezi ve Reanimasyon Dergisi38 ( 4 ) , pp.285 - 292

Amaç: Çalışmamızda, çocuklarda sevofluran ve propofol kullanılarak uygulanan anestezi indüksiyonunun QT ve düzeltilmiş QT (QTc) süreleri üzerine etkilerinin karşılaştırılması amaçlandı. Gereç ve Yöntem: Prospektif çalışmamıza toplam 40 çocuk alındı. Anestezi indüksiyonu öncesi kontrol elektrokardiyografi (EKG) kayıtları alındı. Sevofluran grubunda (Grup S), anestezi indüksiyonu sevofluran kullanılarak gerçekleştirildi. Propofol grubunda (Grup P), anestezi indüksiyonunda propofol kullanıldı. Tüm hastaların indüksiyonun birinci ve üçüncü dk.’sında, kas gevşetici ajanın verilmesi ardından 3 dk. sonra ve entübasyonun ardından 5 dk. sonr . . .a EKG kayıtları alındı. Tüm EKG kayıtlarında QT süresi ölçüldü. Olgulara ait EKG kayıtlarında QTc süresi Bazett formülü ile belirlendi. Bulgular: Gruplara alınan olguların kontrol EKG kayıtlarında QT ve QTc süreleri açısından anlamlı farklılık bulunmamaktaydı. Grup S’de, indüksiyonun 3 dk. ardından, kas gevşetici ajanın verilmesinin 3 dk. ardından ve entübasyonun 5 dk. ardından yapılan EKG kayıtlarında hesaplanan QTc süreleri Grup P’den anlamlı olarak uzundu ( Daha fazlası Daha az


Karabag, T. | Aydin, M. | Dogan, S. M. | Cabuk, B. | Sayin, M. R. | Cetiner, M. A. | Celik, O.

Conference Object | 2011 | INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF CARDIOLOGY147 , pp.285 - 292

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