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Performances of DS-UWB signals over the CM1 channel model

Öztürk, Ertan | Yılmaz, Ergin

Proceedings | 2007 | MobiWac'07 - Proceedings of the 5th ACM International Workshop on Mobility Management and Wireless Access , pp.107 - 111

In this paper, we investigate the probability of error performance of Direct Sequence Ultra Wide Band (DS-UWB) signals using various pulse shapes over the CM1 model of the Standard UWB channel. The considered pulse shapes are the first and second derivatives of Gauss waveform, Rayleigh waveform, and first four orthogonal modified Hermite waveforms. Results reveals that the probability of errors for all available pulse shapes over the considered channel are very similar for few users. However, by increasing the number of users, the performance differences start to appear in favor of Hermite pulses. © 2007 ACM.

Immunohistochemical expression of human herpes virus-8 in the diagnosis of Kaposi's sarcoma

Gün, Banu Doğan | Bahadır, Burak | Gün, Mustafa Özkan | Gönülal, Erdoğan | Kökten, Neslihan | Kandemir, Nilüfer Onak | Karadayı, Nimet

Proceedings | 2007 | VIRCHOWS ARCHIV451 ( 2 ) , pp.533 - 534

WOS: 000249454601291

Discretization approach to EEG signal classification using multilayer perceptron neural network model [EEG i·şaretlerinin çok-katmanli algilayici yapay sinir agi modeli ile siniflandirilmasinda ayriklaştirma yaklaşimi]

Orhan, Umut | Hekim, Mahmut | Özer, Mahmut

Proceedings | 2010 | 2010 15th National Biomedical Engineering Meeting, BIYOMUT2010 , pp.533 - 534

Electroencephalogram (EEG) recording systems have been frequently used as the sources of information in diagnosis of epilepsy by several researchers. In this study, rearranged EEG signals were classified by Multilayer Perceptron Neural Network (MLPNN) model. Used data consists of five groups (A, B, C, D, and E) each containing 100 EEG segments. In this study, center points with equal interval were selected on amplitude axis of each EEG segment. EEG signals were rearranged by way of that each amplitude value was shifted to the center point closest to itself. Equal width discretization (EWD) method was used for rearrangement process. . . .Wavelet coefficients of each segment of EEG signals were computed by using discrete wavelet transform (DWT). The mean, the standard deviation and the entropy of these coefficients was used as the inputs of MLPNN model. The model was protected from the overfitting by cross validation. Two different classification experiments were implemented by the same MLPNN model: 1) the classification of healthy volunteers, epilepsy patients during seizure and epilepsy patients during a seizure-free interval, 2) the classification of epilepsy patients during seizure and seizure-free interval. MLPNN model classified EEG signals with the accuracy of 99.60% in first experiment and 100% in second experiment. It is observed that MLPNN classification of EEG signals after rearrangement in amplitude axis provides better results. ©2010 IEEE Daha fazlası Daha az

Change in response time of neuronal populations with noise, synaptical interactions and stimulus frequency

Özsoy, Muhammet Ali | Uzuntarla, Muhammet | Özer, Mahmut


Neurons which are the fundamental elements of the nervous system, encode the information about stimulus they received from the external world by sensory system into action potential (spike) sequences before transmitting to the brain. In this study, a neuron population is modeled in mathematical manner and then first spike appearance time in a spike train is examined against changes in the characteristics of the periodic forcing. We also examine the effect of noise which stems from the biophysical structure of neurons and the effect of synaptic coupling which is the consequence of synaptic interaction of neurons with each other in th . . .e population to the appearance time of first spikes. The obtained results show that the mean response time of the population decreases with the increasing frequency. When the intensity of inherent noise in the neuronal environment increased, it shows a decreasing effect on the mean response only for low frequency range of the stimulus. Although the synaptic interaction coefficient does not affect substantially the mean response time of the population, it was shown that it is the fundamental parameter controlling the standard deviation of the response time Daha fazlası Daha az

The effects of ethyl pyruvate on cognitive function, oxidative stress, and Na-K ATPase levels in vascular dementia model

Özaçmak-Sayan, Hale | Gencer, Ercan | Özaçmak, Veysel Haktan

Proceedings | 2016 | ACTA PHYSIOLOGICA218 , pp.72 - 72

WOS: 000383578300190

Reliability and validity of turkish version of fibromyalgia participation questionnaire

Altan, L. | Celiker, R. | Ercan, I. | Birtane, M. | Akgün, Kübra | Zateri, C. | Tastekin, N.

Proceedings | 2017 | ANNALS OF THE RHEUMATIC DISEASES76 , pp.1380 - 1380

Annual European Congress of Rheumatology -- JUN 14-17, 2017 -- Madrid, SPAIN WOS: 000413181404194

Visual tracking and control of Unmanned aerial vehicle İnsansız hava araçlarında görsel takip ve denetim

Surucu, Dilek | Surucu, Murat | Koksal, Kerem | Hacıoğlu, Rıfat

Proceedings | 2015 | 2015 23rd Signal Processing and Communications Applications Conference, SIU 2015 - Proceedings , pp.1849 - 1852

In this study, we perform target detection and tracking with Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) as well as the visual command of UAV. Our goal is to develop an autopilot system to reduce the human factor in UAV's. We create a system that follows different objects, stays locked to a graphical object which is glyph that has an encryption that only we describe, and executes the mission encoded on glyph in both indoor and outdoor tests. We obtain the targeting by the angle and the dimensions of the glyph. We've obtained successful results in applied presentations. © 2015 IEEE.

The usefulness of cytokeratin-19 immunohistochemistry in the differential diagnosis of papillary thyroid carcinomas

Barut, Figen | Bektaş, Sibel | Bahadır, Burak | Kandemir, Nilüfer Onak | Sönmez, Arzu | Keser, Sevinç | Karadayı, Nimet

Proceedings | 2007 | VIRCHOWS ARCHIV451 ( 2 ) , pp.267 - 267

WOS: 000249454600460

Distribution of ovarian tumors in Zonguldak Karaelmas University Medical Faculty Hospital between 2001-2007 years

Barut, Figen | Kertiş, Gürkan | Barut, Aykut | Bektaş, Sibel | Gün, Banu Doğan | Bahadır, Burak | Yurdakan, Gamze | Özdamar, Şükrü Oğuz

Proceedings | 2007 | VIRCHOWS ARCHIV451 ( 2 ) , pp.494 - 494

WOS: 000249454601171

Data to the cranial and tooth development of Glis glis orientalis nehring, 1903 (rodentia: gliridae)

Çolak, Ercüment | Yiğit, Nuri | Sözen, Mustafa | Özkurt, Şakir

Proceedings | 2003 | Acta Zoologica Academiae Scientiarum Hungaricae49 ( SUPPL. 1 ) , pp.33 - 38

Thirty specimens of Glis glis orientalis born in captivity were used in this study. In captivity, animals were fed on hazelnuts, chestnut, apple, biscuit, acorn and sunflower seeds under uncontrolled conditions. Cranial and dentition features were examined from 45 days to 1824 days. At the age of 45 days, teeth were not worn, the cusp pattern of P4 was not recognisable, and the cusps of M3 and M3 had not erupted from dentary. In 126 days old, cusp line of M3 and M3 reached M2 and M2, and the cusp of P4 had developed. In 186 days old, tooth had started to wear.

Environmental knowledge of primary school students: Zonguldak (Turkey) example

Alaydın, Elif | Demirel, Gülçin | Altın, Süreyya | Altın, Ahmet


The number of environmentally conscious individuals in society can be raised by increasing environmental education quality in primary schools. Starting studies about environment in the childhood years is very important. In this study, the knowledge and skill levels of primary school students in Zonguldak about waste recycling was determined, and the participation levels of theirs into recycling activities was measured. For this aim, the third and fourth grade primary school students were identified as a target group of the study, and a questionnaire assessing the impact of the parents' socio-economic structures and education status . . .on environmental awareness of theirs was prepared. The results were evaluated to determine the strengths and weaknesses of environmental education of the students, statistically. The questionnaire was conducted in three elementary schools having different social and economic levels. Questions in the first, second and last parts of the questionnaire relate with the demographic characteristics of students families, the environmental awareness of the students, and the participation of students into recycling activities, respectively. The survey reviews were carried out with a statistical program and differences between the schools were determined by using one way ANOVA test. (C) 2014 The Authors. Published by Elsevier Ltd Daha fazlası Daha az

Effects of autapse on the transmission of localized rhythmic activity in small-world neuronal networks

Baysal, Veli | Yılmaz, Ergin | Özer, Mahmut

Proceedings | 2015 |

n this paper, the effects of autapse (a kind of synapse formed between the axon or soma of a neuron and its own dendrites) on the transmission of weak localized rhythmic activity are investigated depending on ion channel noise in a Newman-Watts small-word networks of stochastic Hodgkin-huxley neurons. In this study, we consider that only a neuron, called pacemaker, to which a weak periodic stimuli is injected has an autapse. Obtained results indicate that autapse with proper parameter values (delay time and coupling strength) prominently increases the transmission of weak localized rhythmic activity across the network as compared to . . . the case in which pacemaker neuron does not have the autapse. Besides, we find that autapse can significantly enhances the transmission of weak local activity for different network topologies having different p values Daha fazlası Daha az

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