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Hypopituitarism due to hypothalamic B-cell lymphoma

Chourmouzi D. | Boulogianni G. | Delaroudis S. | Drevelegas A.

Article | 2005 | Journal Belge de Radiologie88 ( 3 ) , pp.116 - 117

[No abstract available]

Dynamic dielectric response of an asymmetric double quantum well near the bounding surface of a semi-infinite dynamic plasmalike host medium

Horing, NJM | Ayaz, Y

Article | 1998 | PHYSICAL REVIEW B58 ( 4 ) , pp.2001 - 2007

We have examined the dynamic, nonlocal dielectric response function of a pair of asymmetric quantum wells embedded in a semi-infinite dynamic (local) host plasmalike medium, near its bounding surface, by carrying out a closed form inversion of the dielectric function of this system explicitly. The resulting random-phase-approximation (RPA) inverse dielectric function K(z,z';q,omega), which depends on lateral wave vector q and frequency omega, is obtained analytically in position representation with z,z' describing distances into the medium from the bounding surface. In this, we neglect intersubband transitions in the two quantum wel . . .ls (assumed to be thin) and ignore tunneling effects. The frequency poles of K(z,z';q, w), describe the collective modes resulting from the coupling of the double quantum well quasi-two-dimensional intrasubband plasmons with the bulk and surface plasmons of the host medium, and the residues at these poles provide the oscillator strengths of such coupled collective modes Daha fazlası Daha az


Moradi, M | Kandemir, I

Article | 2005 | AMERICAN BEE JOURNAL145 ( 6 ) , pp.498 - 502

WOS: 000229405600012

Osteochondroma of the talar neck: A rare cause of callosity of the foot dorsum

Keser S. | Bayar A.

Article | 2005 | Journal of the American Podiatric Medical Association95 ( 3 ) , pp.295 - 297

Osteochondroma is the most common benign bone tumor. It rarely affects rearfoot bones, and only a few cases of talar osteochondroma have been reported. We report a case of a solitary osteochondroma of the talus that presented as a painful callus on the anterior portion of the ankle that was refractory to dermatologic treatment.

Optimum dowel spacing for corner joints in 32-mm cabinet construction

Tankut, AN

Article | 2005 | FOREST PRODUCTS JOURNAL55 ( 12 ) , pp.100 - 104

The increased utilization of European 32-min cabinet construction in the Turkish furniture industry has highlighted the need for practical strength performance evaluation of case construction. A basic understanding of the influence of dowel spacing on corner joint strength performance in case construction is necessary to assist furniture manufacturers as they engineer their products. To date, limited research had been done. This paper presents results of evaluating the effect of dowel spacing on bending moment capacity of corner joints in 32-mm case construction. Laminated particleboard and laminated medium density fiberboard (MDF) . . .corner joints were tested under compression and tension loads. Experiments have shown that maximum moment is obtained in joints when the spacing between dowels is at least 96 mm. Also, statistical analysis of the test data indicated that joints loaded in tension and compression had significant differences at the 5 percent significance level in moment resistance since joint strength was strongly related to the internal bond strength of the board loaded in compression. In both tension and compression tests, MDF corner joints were stronger than particleboard corner joints Daha fazlası Daha az

The analysis of analogy use in the teaching of introductory quantum theory

Didiş N.

Article | 2015 | Chemistry Education Research and Practice16 ( 2 ) , pp.355 - 376

This study analyzes the analogies used in the teaching of introductory quantum theory concepts. Over twelve weeks, the researcher observed each class for a semester and conducted interviews with the students and the instructor. In the interviews, students answered questions about quantum theory concepts, which the instructor had taught them using analogies, and also discussed the effectiveness of these analogies. This study identified 48 analogies used by the instructor over the course of 53 fifty minute classes. The analysis of video recordings of the classes revealed that most of the analogies were constructed at the beginning of . . .the semester during the teaching of the particle nature of waves, which is critical for understanding quantum theory. A large proportion of the analogies were given in verbal format; however, a limited number of pictorial and body motion elements were also used together with the analogies. The analogies were mainly positioned as an embedded activator prior to drawing conclusions about the target. It was also observed that analogies were used as an advance organizer and post synthesizer. In addition, the number of simple and enriched analogies used was similar. A limited number of analog explanations were identified and none of the analogies used indicated strategy identification. The instructor never mentioned the limitation of each analogy during their use in class as well. A large proportion of the analogies used spontaneously included both anthropomorphic and environmental characteristics. Although the presentation medium of the analogies was mainly discourse, the presentation of analogies in role play, story and brainstorming was also identified. In half of the analogy use, the instructor intended their use for clarification of the concepts; however, the use of analogies for introduction of a new topic, gaining attention, increasing participation and discriminating between classical and quantum issues was also observed, indicating a diverse use of analogies. In addition, the interviews revealed that students liked the use of analogies in their classes and believed that they had a positive effect on their understanding of new concepts. © 2015 The Royal Society of Chemistry Daha fazlası Daha az

Index of suspicion

Ermis B. | Karacan M. | Tan H. | Karis C. | Triantafyllidis G. | Zosi P. | Karakaidos D.

Article | 2004 | Pediatrics in Review25 ( 6 ) , pp.209 - 214

[No abstract available]

Computer-controlled triaxial test apparatus for measuring swelling characteristics of reconstituted clay-bearing rock

Bilir, M. Erdinc | Sari, Dursun | Muftuoglu, Yadigar V.

Article | 2008 | GEOTECHNICAL TESTING JOURNAL31 ( 4 ) , pp.279 - 284

To avoid problems encountered during and after the construction of engineering projects built within swelling rocks and soils, real data related to swelling stress and strains should be used to model such phenomena. A computer-controlled triaxial swelling test apparatus was developed to determine the swelling potentials for rock and soil specimens. It allows one to measure three-dimensional swelling strains and stress in a cylindrical specimen under variable axial and confinement stress variables. Triaxial swell tests were performed using three different procedures: free swell, strain-controlled, and stress-controlled under differen . . .t axial and confinement stress conditions. The results of several tests conducted on reconstituted clay-bearing rock samples were statistically analyzed and mathematical models were presented and evaluated Daha fazlası Daha az

The features of wollastonite in Balikesir and its use in ceramic materials as an alternative raw material

Haner S. | Haner B.

Article | 2014 | InterCeram: International Ceramic Review63 ( 7 ) , pp.352 - 357

In this work, the influences of wollastonite in Balikesir (Turkey) on ceramic sanitaryware properties were investigated. Samples of wollastonite were collected from the Serçeören deposit in Balikesir. Their characterizations were carried out with the determination of petrographic, physical, mechanical and chemical composition, and by TG-DTA, XRD and SEM. In a second part of the work, tests in sanitaryware compositions were conducted in order to evaluate the suitability of the addition of wollastonite instead of albite in the sanitaryware compositions used in the production of ceramic sanitaryware. The rheological, physical and firin . . .g tests of developed sanitaryware bodies were done with the Creavit® new body development test procedure and, results were compared with each other. After evaluating test results it was seen that wollastonite can be used in ceramic sanitary ware bodies as an alternative raw material Daha fazlası Daha az

Factorisation of positive definite operators

Dikmen C.M. | Reade J.B.

Article | 2008 | Archiv der Mathematik91 ( 4 ) , pp.339 - 343

In this paper we prove Reade's result for the positive definite C 1 kernels by using the factorisation method used by Kühn. © 2008 Birkhaeuser.

Morphological Changes and Vascular Reactivity of Rat Thoracic Aorta Twelve Months After Pinealectomy

Kurcer, Zehra | Ozturk, Feral | Sahna, Engin | Kurus, Meltem | Olmez, Ercument

Article | 2010 | TURKIYE KLINIKLERI TIP BILIMLERI DERGISI30 ( 2 ) , pp.616 - 622

Objective: Melatonin, a hormone produced by the pineal gland, has been suggested to protect against development of hypertension and atherosclerosis. In this study, the effects of long-term melatonin deficiency for twelve months after pinealectomy on the alpha-adrenergic-contractions induced by phenylephrine, endothelium-dependent relaxation responses to acetylcholine and the morphological changes in the rat thoracic aorta were studied. Material and Metods: Rats were pinealectomized twelve months before the beginning of the vasomotor studies. Rings of arteries were mounted in isolated tissue baths for the measurements of isometric co . . .ntractile force. The contractile responses to phenylephrine and endothelium-dependent relaxation responses to acetylcholine in the vessels were evaluated. Endothelial function was evaluated by vascular relaxation to acetylcholine. Histological examinations demonstrated the alterations of tunica media in the vessels of pinealectomized rats. Results: Thick and thin areas were observed in the transverse sections of vessels and the ratio of the widest media thickness to the narrowest was found significantly increased in pinealectomized group (2.85 +/- 056) when compared to the control group (1.65 +/- 0.10). In addition, alpha-smooth muscle actin and elastic lamellae staining of the media were attenuated in pinealectomized rats. Although contractile responses of vessels to phenylephrine in pinealectomized rats were lower than control group, significant difference was found for only one concentration (3x 10-8 mol l-1) of phenylephrine. There was no difference between the relaxation responses to acetylcholine in pinealectomized and control groups. Conclusion: These results show that long-term melatonin deficiency may cause some morphological changes in the tunics media of vessels. However, the function of endothelium and vascular responsiveness to proportional to-adrenergic stimulus seem to be mostly protected Daha fazlası Daha az

Casimir energy of the massless scalar field on S-1 by the point-splitting method

Bayin S.S. | Krisch J.P. | Özcan M.

Article | 1997 | Turkish Journal of Physics21 ( 4 ) , pp.632 - 640

We calculate the Casimir energy of the massless scalar field on a one dimensional Riemann sphere (S-1) using the point-splitting method. We consider the full space, half space and an arc of arbitrary radius. This problem is interesting since it may be solved analytically be several renormalization techniques.

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