Computer-controlled triaxial test apparatus for measuring swelling characteristics of reconstituted clay-bearing rock

Bilir, M. Erdinc | Sari, Dursun | Muftuoglu, Yadigar V.

Article | 2008 | GEOTECHNICAL TESTING JOURNAL31 ( 4 ) , pp.279 - 284

To avoid problems encountered during and after the construction of engineering projects built within swelling rocks and soils, real data related to swelling stress and strains should be used to model such phenomena. A computer-controlled triaxial swelling test apparatus was developed to determine the swelling potentials for rock and soil specimens. It allows one to measure three-dimensional swelling strains and stress in a cylindrical specimen under variable axial and confinement stress variables. Triaxial swell tests were performed using three different procedures: free swell, strain-controlled, and stress-controlled under differen . . .t axial and confinement stress conditions. The results of several tests conducted on reconstituted clay-bearing rock samples were statistically analyzed and mathematical models were presented and evaluated Daha fazlası Daha az

Effects of Impaired Fasting Glucose on Aortic Elasticity

Dogan, S. M. | Aktop, Z. | Aydin, M. | Karabag, T. | Sayin, M. R. | Bilici, H. M. | Atmaca, H.

Article | 2012 | EXPERIMENTAL AND CLINICAL ENDOCRINOLOGY & DIABETES120 ( 7 ) , pp.424 - 427

Background: The pathophysiology of atherosclerosis development in patients with diabetes mellitus (DM) is similar to that in nondiabetics. However, atherosclerosis develops earlier and runs a rapid course in patients with diabetes. Aortic stiffness, strain and distensibility are the parameters used to assess an increase in arterial stiffness and can be measured by invasive and non-invasive methods. Method: Aortic elastic properties were compared among patients with normal oral glucose tolerance test but impaired fasting glucose and healthy individuals. The study group consisted of 50 subjects with impaired fasting glucose who had no . . . known risk factors for atherosclerosis. The control group was composed of the same number of volunteers. Results: It was found that aortic strain and distensibility were reduced (8.78 +/- 4.3 vs. 10.65 +/- 2.6 Daha fazlası Daha az

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