Reactivity and characterisation of various rank turkish bituminous coal chars

Kizgut S. | Baran Y. | Cuhadaroglu D.

Article | 2003 | Journal of Thermal Analysis and Calorimetry71 ( 3 ) , pp.857 - 865

A set of seven bituminous coal chars has been characterised by IR spectroscopy (FTIR), thermogravimetry (TG) and elemental analysis. FTIR study provided suitable information to establish differences between coal samples according to their chemical compositions. The reactivity of these samples was also studied and correlated with the coal parameters of mean vitrinite reflectance, fuel ratio and H/C ratio. The data suggest that reactivity as determined can be correlated with the mean vitrinite reflectance, fuel ratio and H/C ratio (0.90). The order of reactivity of samples were; Amasra (S1) (Rm= 0.65)>Azdavay (S4) (Rm=0.99)?Armutcu . . .k (S2) (Rm=0.81)?Acenta (S3) (Rm=0.92)>Ac212k (S6) (Rm=1.11) Cay (S5) (Rm=1.03)>Sogutozu (S7) (Rm=2.14) Daha fazlası Daha az

Characterization and non-isothermal decomposition kinetics of some Turkish bituminous coals by thermal analysis

Kizgut S. | Yilmaz S.

Article | 2004 | Fuel Processing Technology85 ( 02.Mar ) , pp.103 - 111

The thermal behavior of five bituminous coal samples was investigated in non-isothermal condition by thermal analysis. The integral method was used in the analysis of TGA data in order to determine the decomposition kinetics. The main region of the sample's weight loss, arising from the conversion of organic matter to gas, occurred within the temperature range 400-600 °C. The thermal parameters derived from TG and DTG curves were correlated with petrographic, proximate and ultimate analyses data. The results indicated that H/C ratio, fuel ratio, mean vitrinite reflectance and petrofactor could be qualitatively used in the prediction . . . of the TG and burning behavior of various rank bituminous coals. © 2003 Elsevier B.V. All rights reserved Daha fazlası Daha az

Pyrolysis kinetics of Turkish bituminous coals by thermal analysis

Yakar Elbeyli I. | Pişkin S. | Sütcü H.

Article | 2004 | Turkish Journal of Engineering and Environmental Sciences28 ( 4 ) , pp.233 - 239

Simultaneous thermogravimetry-differential thermal analysis (TG-DTA) was used to study the pyrolysis kinetics of Turkish bituminous coals. Thermogravimetry (TG) and derivative thermogravimetry (DTG) were employed to measure the weight changes and rates of weight loss, which were used for comparison of the thermal behaviour of several coals and calculation of their kinetic parameters. Coal samples were heated in TG-DTA apparatus in an inert atmosphere (100 ml min-1 nitrogen) at a temperature range of 25-1000 °C. The activation energy (Ea) and pre-exponential factor (A) were calculated from the experimental results by using an Arrheni . . .us-type kinetic model. The data indicate that the pyrolysis of coals is a 1-stage process. The decomposition stage (350-700 °C) has a best fit with first-order kinetics with Ea = 65-97 kJ mol-1 Daha fazlası Daha az

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