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On the Norms of Geometric and Symmetric Geometric Circulant Matrices with the Tribonacci Number

Kizilates, Can | Tuglu, Naim

Article | 2018 | GAZI UNIVERSITY JOURNAL OF SCIENCE31 ( 2 ) , pp.555 - 567

In this paper, we study the spectral norms of the geometric circulant matrices T-r* = Ctirc,*(T-0, T-1, . . . ,Tn-1) and the symmetric geometric circulant matrices STr* = SCirc(r)* (T-0, T-1, . . . ,Tn-1), where T-n denotes the nth Tribonacci number and r is any complex number.

A study of some nuclear structure properties of C-11, N-13, O-15, F-18, Mn-52, Fe-52, Cu-60, Zn-62, Zn-63, Ga-66, Ga-68, Br-76, Rb-81, Rb-82, Sr-82, Sr-83, Y-86, Zr-89 and Rb-92 nuclei used for PET in the axial deformation

Artun, O.

Article | 2018 | INDIAN JOURNAL OF PHYSICS92 ( 11 ) , pp.1449 - 1460

In this paper, we mainly investigated important nuclear structure properties of nuclide used in positron-emission tomography for 13 different Skyrme force parameters in the axial deformation such as the binding energy, root mean square charge, proton and density radii, neutron skin thicknesses, quadrupole deformation parameter (beta(2)), proton and neutron quadrupole moments (Q(m)). To analyze accuracy of the obtained results, the calculated data also were compared with available experimental and the theoretical results in the literature, such as relativistic mean-field theory and the finite-range liquid-drop model. According to Har . . .tree-Fock-Bogolyibov approach with the axial deformation, we discussed Skyrme force parameters on the basis of the obtained result. Further, when taking into account the enormous number of the existing Skyrme-force parameterizations, it has been noticed the obtained results reveal appropriate Skyrme force parameters for each nucleus Daha fazlası Daha az

Derailment analysis based on a new coupled multibody railway vehicle model

Uyulan, Caglar | Gokasan, Metin | Bogosyan, Seta


The derailment model of a 51-DOF railway vehicle including coupling effects of the longitudinal and lateral modes was theoretically built by investigating the geometrical and dynamical effects of the lateral acceleration, gyro factors and mechanical factors such as flange angle, friction coefficient, effective radius of the wheel and track gauge. The lateral dynamic of the railway vehicle comprising lateral, vertical displacement and roll, yaw, pitch angular displacements of each six wheelset, three bogie frames, and vehicle body was modeled in detail. Depending on this model, the initiation of different kind of derailments such as . . .wheel lifting, wheel climbing, roll-over and their synthesis can be predicted. In addition, the effects of vehicle speed on derailment quotient (DQ)'s were investigated under various suspension parameters and curved track radius. Main objective of the development of such a numerical model is to analyze various dynamical and geometrical influences on the wheelset, which is not considered in conventional derailments models such as those based on Nadal and Weinstock criteria Daha fazlası Daha az

Examination of foramen tympanicum: An anatomical study using cone-beam computed tomography

Deniz Y. | Geduk G. | Zengin A.Z.

Article | 2018 | Folia Morphologica (Poland)77 ( 2 ) , pp.335 - 339

Background: The foramen tympanicum (FT) is an osseous dehiscence of the temporal bone and usually closes by the age of 5 years. The foramen is located posteromedial to the temporomandibular joint and anteroinferior of the external auditory canal. The aim of this study is to define the prevalence, location and size of the foramen. Materials and methods: We retrospectively examined 200 cone-beam computed tomography (CBCT) images (400 ears). We used a CBCT dental imaging system (GALILEOS, Sirona Dental Systems, Bensheim, Germany) working at 15-30 mA and 98 kV. We noted size and location (unilateral and bilateral) of the present FT. Res . . .ults: Foramen tympanicum was determined in 11.5% of 200 patients (they had FT at least on one side of the head). This was bilateral in 5 (2.5%) patients. Prevalence of the FT was significintly higher in females (8%) than in males (3.5%). FT was found more frequently on the left side (7.5%) than on the right side (4%). Mean axial diameter was 1.13 mm (range 0.23-4.43 mm), and mean sagittal diameter was 1.44 mm (range 0.22-3.99 mm). Conclusions: Considering that FT was present in 11.75% of patients, radiologists and clinicians should be aware of the possible presence of this defect. It is known that this developmental dehiscence may cause herniation of temporomandibular joint, formation of salivary otorrhea, and spread of tumour or infection to the infratemporal fossa from external auditory canal. This study showed that CBCT may be preferred for imaging these conditions. Copyright © 2018 Via Medic Daha fazlası Daha az

Comparison of fingolimod and teriflunomide on the basis of relapse, magnetic resonance imaging and cognition following the switch from injectables in patients with stable multiple sclerosis

Ozakbas, S. | Cinar, B. Piri | Babayev, C.

Conference Object | 2018 | MULTIPLE SCLEROSIS JOURNAL24 , pp.895 - 896

34th Congress of the European-Committee-for-Treatment-and-Research-in-Multiple-Sclerosis (ECTRIMS) -- OCT 10-12, 2018 -- Berlin, GERMANY WOS: 000446861402287

An evaluation of the relation between atrial fibrillation and smoking in patients undergoing stroke

Cinar, Bilge | Gulluoglu, Halil | Kunt, Refik

Conference Object | 2018 | TOBACCO INDUCED DISEASES16 , pp.27 - 27

WOS: 000467864900053

Multiscale in modelling and validation for solar photovoltaics

Hamed T.A. | Adamovic N. | Aeberhard U. | Alonso-Alvarez D. | Amin-Akhlaghi Z. | Auf Der Maur M. | Beattie N.

Article | 2018 | EPJ Photovoltaics9 , pp.27 - 27

Photovoltaics is amongst the most important technologies for renewable energy sources, and plays a key role in the development of a society with a smaller environmental footprint. Key parameters for solar cells are their energy conversion efficiency, their operating lifetime, and the cost of the energy obtained from a photovoltaic system compared to other sources. The optimization of these aspects involves the exploitation of new materials and development of novel solar cell concepts and designs. Both theoretical modeling and characterization of such devices require a comprehensive view including all scales from the atomic to the ma . . .croscopic and industrial scale. The different length scales of the electronic and optical degrees of freedoms specifically lead to an intrinsic need for multiscale simulation, which is accentuated in many advanced photovoltaics concepts including nanostructured regions. Therefore, multiscale modeling has found particular interest in the photovoltaics community, as a tool to advance the field beyond its current limits. In this article, we review the field of multiscale techniques applied to photovoltaics, and we discuss opportunities and remaining challenges. © T. Abu Hamed et al., published by EDP Sciences, 2018 Daha fazlası Daha az

Tracking the division of labour through handprints: Applying Reflectance Transformation Imaging (RTI) to clay 'tokens' in Neolithic West Asia

Bennison-Chapman, Lucy E. | Hager, Lori D.

Article | 2018 | JOURNAL OF ARCHAEOLOGICAL SCIENCE99 , pp.112 - 123

The residents of Boncuklu Hoyuk, a mixed forager-farming community dating to the pre-ceramic Neolithic c. mid-9th to mid-8th millennium cal. BC, used their hands to manipulate local clays into artefacts, often leaving behind traces of their palm prints and fingerprints on the surface of the objects. Reflectance Transformation Imaging (RTI), a digital imaging technique that uses multiple images and mathematical models to reveal the 3 dimensional shape of an artefact's surface, provides a detailed, post-processing interactive view of the prints on each artefact. Geometric clay objects are the single-most abundant artefact category at . . .Boncuklu Hoyuk with over 1000 clay objects recovered and studied at this central Anatolian village to date. The aim of the project is to understand the manufacture, use, and disposal of geometric clay objects at Boncuklu Hoyuk through an analysis of the hand and fingerprints present on their surfaces. RTI reveals palm and fingerprints on more than half of the study sample consisting of eighty-eighty clay artefacts. Analysis of the prints using friction ridge density protocols indicates that adult females were the primary makers of the artefacts. The results were unchanged when taking into account artefact shape and type, and when considering temporal and locational data. The association of these artefacts during manufacture principally to women suggests an early link in the life of the object to women, potentially suggesting a gender based division of tasks at Boncuklu Hoyuk Daha fazlası Daha az

Kan Basıncı Yüksekliğinin Eşlik Ettiği Primer Baş Ağrılı Hastalarda Tedaviye Yanıt: Prospektif Gözlemsel Pilot Bir Çalışma

Hocagil, Abdullah Cüneyt | Hocagil, Hilal | Ülker, Volkan

Article | 2018 | Türk Nöroloji Dergisi24 ( 1 ) , pp.32 - 37

Amaç: Bu çalışmanın amacı, kan basıncı yüksekliğinin eşlik ettiği primer baş ağrılı hastalarda tedavi önceliğinin belirlenmesine katkıda bulunmaktır. Çalışmamızda baş ağrısına yönelik uygulanan tedavi sonrası baş ağrısındaki gerileme ile ortalama arteriyel basınçtaki değişim arasında ilişki olup olmadığını karşılaştırdık.Gereç ve Yöntem: Bu prospektif gözlemsel çalışma hipertansiyonun eşlik ettiği primer tip baş ağrısı şikayeti ile acil servise başvuran 101 hasta ile yapıldı. Tüm hastaların tedavi sonrası baş ağrılarındaki düşme düzeyleri, ortalama arteriyel basınç ve ortalama arteriyel basınçtaki düşme yüzdeleri hesaplandı. Bulgula . . .r: Tedavi sonrası 25 (%24,8) hastanın ağrısı 3 alt düzeye, 43 (%42,6) hastanın ağrısı 2 alt düzeye, 23 (%22,8) hastanın ağrısı 1 alt düzeye düşmüştü. Başvuru anında hastaların ortalama arteriyel basınç değerlerinin ortalaması 118,58±12,65 iken baş ağrısına yönelik tedavi sonrası 30. dakikada hastaların ortalama arteriyel basınç değerlerinin ortalaması 98,41±13,43'e gerilemişti. Baş ağrısına yönelik verilen tedavi sonrasında baş ağrısında değişme olmayan ve bir alt düzeye gerileyen hastaların ortalama arteriyel basınç oranında anlamlı düşme olmazken (p>0,05), baş ağrısı iki ve üç alt düzeye gerileyen hastalarda ortalama arteriyel basınç oranlarında anlamlı düşme oldu ( Daha fazlası Daha az

Pituitary Apoplexy due to the Diagnostic Test in a Cushing’s Disease Patient

Kuzu, Fatih | Unal, Mustafa | Gul, Sanser | Bayraktaroglu, Taner

Article | 2018 | Turkish Neurosurgery28 ( 2 ) , pp.168 - 170

Pituitary apoplexy is a medical condition that needs urgent diagnosis and treatment. It may occur spontaneously or may be precipitated by a variety of reasons including dynamic endocrine tests. Although pituitary apoplexy is usually seen in nonfunctional pituitary adenoma, it can also be seen in ACTH secreting macroadenomas. ACTH secreting adenomas present usually as microadenomas and in these patients apoplexy is rarely seen. In this paper we present a 30-year-old male patient with a history of Cushing’s disease who suffered from pituitary apoplexy after the 1 mg dexamethasone suppression test. He underwent endoscopic endonasal tra . . .nssphenoidal surgery and his symptoms and signs were significantly improved Pituitary apoplexy is a medical condition that needs urgent diagnosis and treatment. It may occur spontaneously or may be precipitated by a variety of reasons including dynamic endocrine tests. Although pituitary apoplexy is usually seen in nonfunctional pituitary adenoma, it can also be seen in ACTH secreting macroadenomas. ACTH secreting adenomas present usually as microadenomas and in these patients apoplexy is rarely seen. In this paper we present a 30-year-old male patient with a history of Cushing’s disease who suffered from pituitary apoplexy after the 1 mg dexamethasone suppression test. He underwent endoscopic endonasal transsphenoidal surgery and his symptoms and signs were significantly improve Daha fazlası Daha az

Heat treated wood-filled styrene maleic anhydride (SMA) copolymer composites

Zor, Mustafa | Kiziltas, Alper | Wang, Lu | Gardner, Douglas J.

Article | 2018 | KASTAMONU UNIVERSITY JOURNAL OF FORESTRY FACULTY18 ( 2 ) , pp.203 - 214

Aim of study: In this study, it was aimed to establish and optimize a production process for engineering thermoplastic composites based on heat treated wood fillers and SMA copolymer. Material and Methods: As wood material, pine wood (Pinus strobus L.), and as a thermoplastic copolymer material, Styrene Maleic Anhydride (SMA) copolymer were used in this study. Heat treatment was conducted at 212 degrees C for 8 h in an attempt to improve the durability of the wood furnish and the wood flour and SMA compounds were extruded and granulated using a lab-scale grinder. Physical test, mechanical test and morphological tests were calculated . . .. Main results: The results showed that the highest tensile strength was in the 30 wt.% wood flour/SMA and it has been seen that the positive effect on FMOE,TMOE of heat treated wood flour/SMA. Weak interfacial bonding was observed between the polymer and wood filler from the SEM images of the fractured surfaces of wood flour/SMA composites. Research highlights: The results from this research indicated the compatibility of the SMA copolymer with the wood flour and the changes in the mechanical strength of the material. Due to limited heat treated wood thermoplastic composite usage in the field of wood engineering, there is a need for more extensive work in the future Daha fazlası Daha az

Examination of the effects of activated carbon produced from coal using single-step h3po4/n2+h2o vapor activation on the adsorption of bovine serum albumin at different temperatures and ph values

Toprak A. | Bozgeyik K.

Article | 2018 | Journal of the Turkish Chemical Society, Section A: Chemistry5 ( 1 ) , pp.219 - 236

This study examined protein adsorption equilibrium and kinetics on activated carbon (AC) that we obtained from coal by single-step H3PO4 activation under N2+H2O vapor at 800 °C. Surface properties, pore size distribution, and volumes of AC were determined using volumetric method with N2 adsorption at 77 K. Also, the textural properties were characterized by SEM-EDAX and XRD. The zeta potential values were measured to elucidate the electrostatic interactions between the protein and AC. The obtained AC discrete system was also used as an adsorbent for adsorbing bovine serum albumin (BSA) from aqueous solution. The effects of pH (4.0, . . .5.0, and 7.4) and temperatures (20, 30 and 40 °C) on the adsorption of BSA on AC were examined. The surface area, micropore, mesopore and total pore volumes of AC were found to be 1175 m2/g, 0.477 cm3/g, 0.061 cm3/g and 0.538 cm3/g, respectively. The optimum temperature for AC in BSA adsorption was found to be 40 °C and the pH was found to be 4.0. The highest BSA adsorption was found to be 159 mg/g and pH to be 4.0. The experimental equilibrium data were compared with the Langmuir and Freundlich models and found to be compatible with both models. The adsorption process is best described by the pseudo-first-order kinetic model. As a result, it was found out that AC obtained by single step H3PO4/N2+H2O vapor activation is an effective adsorbent for the adsorption of BSA from aqueous solution. © 2018, Turkish Chemical Society. All rights reserved Daha fazlası Daha az

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