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Morphology, characterization, and conversion of the corals Goniopora spp. and Porites cylindrica to hydroxyapatite

Akyol S. | Ben Nissan B. | Karacan I. | Yetmez M. | Gokce H. | Suggett D.J. | Oktar F.N.

Article | 2019 | Journal of the Australian Ceramic Society55 ( 3 ) , pp.893 - 901

The aim of this study is to obtain pure natural hydroxyapatite (HAp) and tricalcium phosphate (TCP) from a Goniopora spp. and from hump coral (Porites cylindrica), both sourced from Australia. Due to the nature of the conversion process, commercial coralline HAp has retained coral or CaCO3, and the structure possesses both nano- and mesopores within the interpore trabeculae resulting in high dissolution rates. To overcome these limitations, a newly patented coral double-conversion technique has been developed. The current technique involves a two-stage application route where in the first-stage complete conversion of coral to pure H . . .Ap is achieved. In the second stage, a sol-gel-derived HAp nanocoating is directly applied to cover the meso- and nanopores within the intrapore material, while maintaining the large pores. Here, we specifically investigated the morphological changes and characterized these corals prior to and after conversion. For this purpose, four groups designated as C0, C1, C2, and C3 were used. C0 is Porites, Goniopora, and cylindrica; the original coral is calcium carbonate with aragonite structure that contains proteins and polysaccharides. C1 is coral cleaned under ultrasound in bleach diluted with water. C2 is coral converted to hydroxyapatite (HAp) by hydrothermal treatment method at 200 °C under pressure in the presence of ammonium biphosphate. C3 is obtained by coating C2 with sol-gel alkoxide-derived nanohydroxyapatite to obtain a more bioactive osteoconductive material and improve mechanical properties. All groups were characterized by XRD, EDAX, DTA/TGA, and SEM. The results showed that the biaxial strengths of the C2 and C3 were significantly higher than the original coral. The work also showed the advantages of the hydrothermal conversion method and the effect of the nanocoating which is expected to improve the final bioactivity through microstructural changes of the surfaces. © 2019, Australian Ceramic Society Daha fazlası Daha az

Investigation of production of samarium-151 and europium-152,154,155 via particle accelerator

Artun O.

Article | 2019 | Modern Physics Letters A34 ( 20 ) , pp.893 - 901

This work aimed to investigate the production of 151Sm and 152,154,155Eu on natural Nd and Sm targets via particle accelerator because these radionuclides have the potential for use in nuclear battery technology such as betavoltaic batteries and radioisotope thermoelectric generators. Therefore, this work estimated cross-section curves for proton, deuteron, triton, helium-3, and alpha particles induced reactions in the energy range Eparticle = 100 › 1MeV. The activities and products of yield were simulated for all reaction processes under selected conditions, the particle beam current of 1 mA and the irradiation time of 24 h. Moreov . . .er, to understand the formations of 151Sm and 152,154,155Eu in the reaction processes, the appropriate energy region of the reactions by calculating the integral yield curves were determined. Based on the obtained results, determination of suitable targets, energy regions, and reaction processes were discussed by this work. © 2019 World Scientific Publishing Company Daha fazlası Daha az

Effects of CO2, H2O and N2 dilutions on emission characteristics and partially premixed combustion of shale gas

Ozturk S.

Article | 2019 | International Journal of Engineering and Advanced Technology8 ( 6 ) , pp.4440 - 4446

Environmental constraints of countries on hazardous emissions promote the usage of gas fuels in combustion systems for energy production. The shale gas recently shines out as one of the promising gas fuels of the future owing to its wide reserves discovered in the different gas fields of countries. This study numerically focuses on the emission characteristics and turbulent adiabatic combustion of partially premixed shale gas and humid air with dilution effects of CO2, H2O, and N2 under different pressures. Ansys codes are used for the numerical computations of computational fluid dynamics on 2D model of a co-axial type combustor to . . . find out the emissions and flame speeds during the combustion of shale gas and air. Based on the results, the maximum NO mass fractions are obtained at 1.42, 1.44, and 1.4 equivalence ratios for Barnette, New Albany, and Haynesville. The increasing equivalence ratio raises the mass fractions of CO and turbulent flame speeds. The rising CO2 dilution into the additional air diminish the flame speeds, NO and CO fractions. The growing H2O addition decreases NO and CO mass fractions. On the contrary, it augments the flame speeds. The enhancing N2 dope decreases NO and rears CO mass fractions. The rising pressure with 15% CO2 dilution fades up the turbulent flame speeds, NO and CO fractions. The pressure increment with 15% H2O dope reduces CO and the flame speeds. But, it lightly relieves NO fractions. The growing pressure with 15% N2 addition abates the mass fractions of CO and turbulent flame speeds. © BEIESP Daha fazlası Daha az

Parental Attitudes Perceived by Adolescents, and Their Tendency for Violence and Affecting Factors

Kulakci-Altintas H. | Ayaz-Alkaya S.

Article | 2019 | Journal of Interpersonal Violence34 ( 1 ) , pp.200 - 216

Parental attitude is an important factor for adolescents to establish healthy–unhealthy relationships with their environment and to develop a tendency for violence. This study was performed to determine parental attitudes perceived by high school students and their tendency for violence and the affecting factors. This cross-sectional correlational study was conducted with 2,000 high school students. Data were collected by a questionnaire, Parental Attitude Scale, and Violence Tendency Scale. In the study, it was found that mean scores of the students for democratic attitude were higher than protective or authoritarian attitudes. Fac . . .tors such as grade level, age, sex, education level of the parents, family type, income level, number of siblings, birth order, state of being exposed to domestic violence, and tendency for violence affected perceived parental attitude. It was also determined that violence tendency of the students was at a moderate level, and students who were studying at higher grades, who were among an older age group in parallel to grade level, who were males, whose mothers were employed, whose fathers had less than an primary education, whose incomes were less than the expenses, and who experienced domestic violence showed more tendency for violence. In addition, it was determined that tendency for violence decreased as democratic parental attitudes perceived by the students increased, and tendency for violence increased as protective and authoritarian attitude increased. It is recommended to plan regular family training programs to inform families about the relationship between family attitude and tenancy for violence, to strengthen the communication between parents and children, and to support and improve parenting skills of the parents. © The Author(s) 2018 Daha fazlası Daha az

Theoretical and experimental investigation of effects of failures on the tensile endurance of elevator ropes [Theoretische und experimentelle Untersuchung der Effekte von Fehlern auf die Dauerzugfestigkeit von Aufzugseilen]

Onur Y.A. | Aycan O.

Article | 2019 | Materialwissenschaft und Werkstofftechnik50 ( 6 ) , pp.706 - 717

Elevators have an important place in human life just after uprising demands in high rise buildings, skyscraper and luxury residence concepts have surged. Steel wire ropes provide permanent working safety and reliability in the elevator installations. Due to this reason steel wire ropes are one of the vital components of elevators. In this study, effects of discard criteria such as wire breaks, abrasive wear and corrosion where extents of those failures are defined by ISO 4344 standard on the tensile endurance of 6×19 Seale and 8×19 Warrington elevator ropes have been investigated theoretically and experimentally. Tensile endurances . . .of rope samples that have different extents of failure have been determined by using tensile testing machine and comparison is made by undamaged samples for each rope separately. In addition, stress and strain values occurred on the elevator ropes investigated have also been presented. The most critical failure type has been found to be 24 wire breaks for 6×19 Seale rope with fiber core where lifting capacity reduced by 25.99 %. The most critical failure type has been found to be abrasive wear which is 0.1 mm in depth along 100 mm length for 8×19 Warrington rope with independent wire rope core where lifting capacity reduced by 7.93 %. © 2019 Wiley-VCH Verlag GmbH & Co. KGaA, Weinhei Daha fazlası Daha az

A Strategic Approach to Sustainable Tourism Development Using the A'WOT Hybrid Method: A Case Study of Zonguldak, Turkey

Kisi N.

Article | 2019 | Sustainability (Switzerland)11 ( 4 ) , pp.706 - 717

Nowadays, tourism-led economic growth has become a major outcome of the public policy. Researchers have recently begun to address the development of tourism from a perspective that is based on economic, cultural, social, and environmental sustainability. This paper aims at presenting a strategic approach that can help to develop sustainable tourism at touristic destinations. In order to pursue our aim, the A'WOT (AHP-SWOT) hybrid method, developed in combination with SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats) analysis and the AHP (Analytic Hierarchy Process) method, was used. SWOT analysis was used to determine the signifi . . .cant strategic factors, and the AHP method was applied to prioritize these factors. The province of Zonguldak, located in Northwest Turkey, was chosen as the research area to suggest tourism strategies that can be sustainable by means of the application of the A'WOT method. Proposed strategies for the research area are related to product diversification and event management, the image of the destination, a sustainable visitor management system, promotion and branding strategies, partnerships, and cooperation. The results illustrate that the dependent economic structure may be broken down with the development of the tourism industry and, therefore, that some strategic initiatives are required to achieve sustainable tourism in the province. © 2019 by the authors Daha fazlası Daha az

Reprogramming the tachycardia parameters with long-detection strategy in patients with pre-existing implantable cardioverter-defibrillator

Bozyel, Serdar | Aktas, Mujdat | Mutluer, Ferit Onur | Guler, Turner Erdem | Dervis, Emir | Argan, Onur | Celikyurt, Umut

Article | 2019 | ACTA CARDIOLOGICA74 ( 3 ) , pp.246 - 251

Background: A long-detection interval (LDI) programming has been proved to reduce shock therapy in patients who underwent de novo implantable cardioverter defibrillator (ICD) implantation. We aimed to evaluate effectiveness and safety of this new strategy in old ICD recipients. Methods: We included 147 primary prevention patients with ischaemic and non-ischaemic aetiology. Conventional setting parameters (18 of 24 intervals to detect ventricular arrhythmias (VA's)) were reprogrammed with LDI strategy (30 of 40 intervals to detect VA's). One monitoring zone (between 360 and 330 ms) and two therapy zones were programmed, treating all . . .rhythms of cycle length Daha fazlası Daha az


Yilmaz, Demiriz Serap | Baki, Ali Erdem

Conference Object | 2019 | ANNALS OF THE RHEUMATIC DISEASES78 , pp.498 - 499

Annual European Congress of Rheumatology (EULAR) -- JUN 12-15, 2019 -- Madrid, SPAIN WOS: 000472207101328

Attitudes and Behaviors of Anesthesia Workers in Turkey Towards Drug Labeling: A Questionnaire Study

Kucukosman, Gamze | Aydin, Bengu Gulhan | Ayoglu, Hilal

Article | 2019 | ISTANBUL MEDICAL JOURNAL20 ( 4 ) , pp.299 - 305

Introduction: Standard drug syringe labels can reduce drug errors. In this study, it was aimed to report the attitudes of anesthesia workers (AW) towards labeling, to emphasize the importance of drug labeling in drug errors and to contribute to safe anesthesia practices by raising awareness about standardization. Methods: The study was initiated after obtaining permission from the Zonguldak Bulent Ecevit University Clinical Research Ethics Committee. A confidential, self-reporting questionnaire was sent to each member of Turkish Anesthesiology and Reanimation Society and to technicians whose e-mail addresses were known. Results: A t . . .otal of 189 people participated. Of all participants, 49.2% were aware of standard syringe label (SSL). While 67.3% of these participants stated that they used color-coded self-adhesive labels, 47% stated that they did not know which standards these labels met. AWs suggested that color-coded self-adhesive labels (92.9%), SSL for vials (97.3%) and pre-prepared syringes (87.8%) were effective in reducing drug administration errors (DAE). Of all participants, 89.9% stated that they did not know DAE and 84.7% stated that they read the label each time before administration. AWs stated that DAE could be prevented through standard labeling procedures (47%), attention (23%), education (21%) and producing the vials in different sizes and colors (9%). Conclusion: AWs stated that developing and standardizing the vial labels, scheduling trainings, paying care and attention were important in prevention of labeling-related errors Daha fazlası Daha az

The Effect of Flipped Learning on Students' Academic Achievement: A Meta-Analysis Study

Orhan, Ali

Article | 2019 | CUKUROVA UNIVERSITY FACULTY OF EDUCATION JOURNAL48 ( 1 ) , pp.368 - 396

This study was carried out to investigate the flipped learning method on students' academic achievements compared to the traditional method. Aiming to identify the effect size of the flipped learning method (FL) on academic achievement, metaanalysis method is used in this study used. 8 postgraduate theses and 5 articles, which met the inclusion criteria and could be accessed, are included in the meta-analysis. The heterogeneity value of the included studies was first calculated, and then all achieved values (Q=6.148, p>0.05, 12=0.00) indicated that there is homogeneity among the studies. This shows that the fixed effects model could . . . be used in the calculation of effect sizes. General effect size of the studies investigating FL's effect on academic achievement compared to the traditional teaching method is 0.744 with an error of 0.080 according to the fixed effects model. This effect level does not differ by the educational level of sample group, type of study and year of publication Daha fazlası Daha az

Analysis of the 2D:4D Ratios of National and Amateur Football Players

Acar, Hakan | Tutkun, Erkut


2D:4D has been identified as a biomarker for performance in various elite sports. The aim of the study is to analyze the relationship between league status and 2D:4D ratios of national and amateur football players. 38 football players participated to this study who deserved participation FCBEscola Antalya and Istanbul camps according to the scouting results. 19 of players were national football players who have taken place at least one time in U14 and U15 Turkish national football teams and 19 of them were amateur players. The height, body weight, body mass index and 2D:4D finger measurements of the participants were taken. For the . . .differences in the measurements results of the groups, the independent t-test was carried out and the results were evaluated in the Daha fazlası Daha az

Robust H-infinity control applied on a fixed wing unmanned aerial vehicle

Uyulan, Caglar | Yavuz, Mustafa Tolga

Article | 2019 | ADVANCES IN AIRCRAFT AND SPACECRAFT SCIENCE6 ( 5 ) , pp.371 - 389

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