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Relationship between organizational mobbing and silence behavior among teachers

Hüsrevşahi S.P.

Article | 2015 | Kuram ve Uygulamada Egitim Bilimleri15 ( 5 ) , pp.1179 - 1188

This study mainly aims to investigate the correlation between teachers’ exposure to mobbing in their workplaces and their display of the act of silence. This study is based on a survey design where data from 312 teachers were collected and analyzed using correlation and regression analyses. Specifically, “The Structure and Dimensions of Workplace Violence Scale (SDWVS)” was used to measure the teachers’ exposure to mobbing, and the “Workers Silence Behavior Scale (WSBS)” was used to determine the workers’ level of silence. The findings of the research show that teachers are exposed to Mobbing Against Communication (MAC) and display . . .the Silence Based on Self- Production and Fear (SBSF) behavior the most. There were significant correlations between all sub-dimensions of the mobbing scale and those of the silence scale. There is a significant, positive relationship between the behaviors of mobbing and silence. Teachers’ silence behaviors may change depending on the type of mobbing. According to the study results, it is worth noting that “ mobbing experiences can predict silence behavior. © 2015 EDAM Daha fazlası Daha az

Gingival crevicular fluid levels of sclerostin, osteoprotegerin, and receptor activator of nuclear factor-kB ligand in periodontitis

Balli U. | Aydogdu A. | Dede F.O. | Turer C.C. | Guven B.

Article | 2015 | Journal of Periodontology86 ( 12 ) , pp.1396 - 1404

Background: To investigate changes in the levels and relative ratios of sclerostin, osteoprotegerin (OPG), and receptor activator of nuclear factor-kB ligand (RANKL) in the gingival crevicular fluid (GCF) of patients with periodontitis after non-surgical periodontal treatment. Methods: Fifty-four individuals (27 healthy controls and 27 patients with chronic periodontitis [CP]) were enrolled in the study. Periodontitis patients received non-surgical periodontal therapy. GCF sampling and clinical periodontal parameters were assessed before and 6 weeks after therapy. Sclerostin, OPG, and RANKL levels were measured by enzymelinked immun . . .osorbent assay, and their relative ratios were calculated. Results: Total amounts and concentrations of sclerostin were significantly higher in patients with CP than in healthy individuals (P Daha fazlası Daha az

Downside business confidence spillovers in Europe: evidence from causality-in-risk tests

Atukeren E. | Çevik E.İ. | Korkmaz T.

Article | 2015 | Journal of Economic Policy Reform18 ( 4 ) , pp.341 - 357

This paper employs an extreme risk spillovers test to investigate the bilateral business confidence spillovers between Greece, Italy, Spain, Portugal, France, and Germany. After controlling for domestic economic developments in each country and common international factors, downside risk spillovers are detected as a causal feedback between Spain and Portugal and unilaterally from Spain to Italy. Extremely low business sentiments in France, Germany, and Greece are mostly due to the common adverse economic environment and to each country’s own domestic economic developments. © 2015 Taylor & Francis.

Investigation of relationship between basic concept and mean length of utterances in children with autism [Otizmli çocuklarin temel kavramlari ile ortalama sözce Uzunluklari Arasindaki Ilişki]

Yildirim A.

Article | 2015 | International Journal of Early Childhood Special Education7 ( 1 ) , pp.129 - 150

The study was conducted to investigate the development of children with autism in terms of basic concepts and mean length of utterances (MLU). The sample of this study was consisted of 36-72 months of 30 children with autism living in Ankara City . While determining chronological ages of samples, it was important that autism and Down syndrome diagnosis in the health board report and special education evaluation report. The basic concepts scores were obtained through one-on-one application of the Boehm-3 Basic Concepts Test (36-71 months) for children in the groups of autism. Participants' MLUs were determined by taking natural langu . . .age samples. It was determined that which concepts in the Boehm Basic Concepts Test can be primarily learned as the mean utterance level of the groups increases. While the top and the biggest concepts in the Boehm Basic Concepts Test were the most known concepts; around and some but not too much concepts were the most challenging concepts for children. When we investigated the relationship between the MLU and total basic concept score of the children with autism (r=0.60; Daha fazlası Daha az

Donor Contraindications to Living Kidney Donation: A Single-Center Experience

Ma?den K. | Ucar F.B. | Velio?lu A. | Arikan H. | Ye?en Ş.C. | Tu?lular S. | Özener I.Ç.

Conference Object | 2015 | Transplantation Proceedings47 ( 5 ) , pp.1299 - 1301

Objective Kidney transplantation is the treatment of choice in end-stage renal disease. In Turkey, the inadequate cadaveric donor supply has resulted in transplantation from living kidney donors (LKD) in 80% of transplant operations. LKD candidates undergo a thorough general medical evaluation and are approved to donate their kidneys only if no contraindication is found. In our study we aimed to investigate the reasons and rate of denial for living kidney donation in our center. Methods We included all LKD candidates who applied to our center between June 2012 to June 2014. Demographic data, rate of rejection, and the reasons for de . . .nial to organ donation were analyzed retrospectively. Results Of the 97 LKD candidates included in the study, 60 (62%) were unable to donate their kidneys. Among the reasons for denial were hypertension with target organ damage in 30% (n = 18), immunologic reasons in 23% (n = 14), impaired renal function in 20% (n = 12) cardiovascular reasons 13.3% (n = 8), diabetes mellitus in 10% (n = 6), malignity in 10% (n = 6), obesity (body mass index > 35 kg/m2) in 5% (n = 3), and miscellaneous in 18.3% (n = 11). There were >1 reasons in 13 candidates. Conclusions The problems detected in donor candidates offer a possibility for early detection of disorders and increased awareness. © 2015 Elsevier Inc. All rights reserved Daha fazlası Daha az

Accuracy of velocities from repeated GPS measurements

Akarsu V. | Sanli D.U. | Arslan E.

Article | 2015 | Natural Hazards and Earth System Sciences15 ( 4 ) , pp.875 - 884

Today repeated GPS measurements are still in use, because we cannot always employ GPS permanent stations due to a variety of limitations. One area of study that uses velocities/deformation rates from repeated GPS measurements is the monitoring of crustal motion. This paper discusses the quality of the velocities derived using repeated GPS measurements for the aim of monitoring crustal motion. From a global network of International GNSS Service (IGS) stations, we processed GPS measurements repeated monthly and annually spanning nearly 15 years and estimated GPS velocities for GPS baseline components latitude, longitude and ellipsoida . . .l height. We used web-based GIPSY for the processing. Assuming true deformation rates can only be determined from the solutions of 24 h observation sessions, we evaluated the accuracy of the deformation rates from 8 and 12 h sessions. We used statistical hypothesis testing to assess the velocities derived from short observation sessions. In addition, as an alternative control method we checked the accuracy of GPS solutions from short observation sessions against those of 24 h sessions referring to statistical criteria that measure the accuracy of regression models. Results indicate that the velocities of the vertical component are completely affected when repeated GPS measurements are used. The results also reveal that only about 30% of the 8 h solutions and about 40% of 12 h solutions for the horizontal coordinates are acceptable for velocity estimation. The situation is much worse for the vertical component in which none of the solutions from campaign measurements are acceptable for obtaining reliable deformation rates. © Author(s) 2015 Daha fazlası Daha az

Diffusion-weighted imaging in the head and neck region: Usefulness of apparent diffusion coefficient values for characterization of lesions

Şerifoğlu İ. | Oz İ.İ. | Damar M. | Tokgöz Ö. | Yazgan Ö. | Erdem Z.

Article | 2015 | Diagnostic and Interventional Radiology21 ( 3 ) , pp.208 - 214

PURPOSE We aimed to evaluate the role of apparent diffusion coefficient (ADC) values calculated from diffusion-weighted imaging for head and neck lesion characterization in daily routine, in comparison with histopathological results. METHODS Ninety consecutive patients who underwent magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) at a university hospital for diagnosis of neck lesions were included in this prospective study. Diffusion-weighted echo-planar MRI was performed on a 1.5 T unit with b factor of 0 and 1000 s/mm2 and ADC maps were generated. ADC values were measured for benign and malignant whole lesions seen in daily practice. RESULTS The . . . median ADC value of the malignant tumors and benign lesions were 0.72×10-3 mm2/s, (range, 0.39–1.51×10-3 mm2/s) and 1.17×10-3 mm2/s, (range, 0.52–2.38×10-3 mm2/s), respectively, with a significant difference between them (P < 0.001). A cutoff ADC value of 0.98×10-3 mm2/s was used to distinguish between benign and malignant lesions, yielding 85.3% sensitivity and 78.6% specificity. The median ADC value of lymphomas (0.44×10-3 mm2/s; range, 0.39–0.58×10-3 mm2/s) was significantly smaller (P < 0.001) than that of squamous cell carcinomas (median ADC value 0.72×10-3 mm2/s; range, 0.65–1.06×10-3 mm2/s). There was no significant difference between median ADC values of inflammatory (1.13×10-3 mm2/s; range, 0.85–2.38×10-3 mm2/s) and noninflammatory benign lesions (1.26×10-3 mm2/s; range, 0.52–2.33×10-3 mm2/s). CONCLUSION Diffusion-weighted imaging and the ADC values can be used to differentiate and characterize benign and malignant head and neck lesions. © Turkish Society of Radiology 2015 Daha fazlası Daha az

Difficulties in learning and teaching statistics: teacher views

Koparan T.

Article | 2015 | International Journal of Mathematical Education in Science and Technology46 ( 1 ) , pp.94 - 104

The purpose of this study is to define teacher views about the difficulties in learning and teaching middle school statistics subjects. To serve this aim, a number of interviews were conducted with 10 middle school maths teachers in 2011–2012 school year in the province of Trabzon. Of the qualitative descriptive research methods, the semi-structured interview technique was applied in the research. In accordance with the aim, teacher opinions about the statistics subjects were examined and analysed. Similar responses from the teachers were grouped and evaluated. The teachers stated that it was positive that middle school statistics s . . .ubjects were taught gradually in every grade but some difficulties were experienced in the teaching of this subject. The findings are presented in eight themes which are context, sample, data representation, central tendency and dispersion measure, probability, variance, and other difficulties. © 2014, Taylor & Francis Daha fazlası Daha az

The place of learning quantum theory in physics teacher education: Motivational elements arising from the context

Körhasan N.D.

Article | 2015 | Kuram ve Uygulamada Egitim Bilimleri15 ( 4 ) , pp.1087 - 1101

Quantum theory is one of the most successful theories in physics. Because of its abstract, mathematical, and counter-intuitive nature, many students have problems learning the theory, just as teachers experience difficulty in teaching it. Pedagogical research on quantum theory has mainly focused on cognitive issues. However, affective issues about student learning are just as important as cognitive issues. The purpose of this study was to investigate pre-service physics teachers’ motivation towards learning quantum theory by examining motivational constructs such as expectancies, values, ability beliefs, and goals. The participants . . .(n = 6) of this case study were fourth-year pre-service physics teachers at a state university in Turkey. Through semi-structured interviews, the participants were asked seventeen questions that focused on motivational constructs. Analysis of the qualitative data indicated that the instructor, nature of the content, and previous performance were three motivational elements that originated in the context of the quantum mechanics course. Furthermore, these context-dependent elements interacted with the other elements of motivational constructs in both direct and indirect ways. Because unsuccessful learning situations are explained by low motivation, context-dependent affective elements and their interactions should be considered in the teaching and learning of quantum theory. © 2015 EDAM Daha fazlası Daha az

Clinical comparison of submucosal injection of dexamethasone and triamcinolone acetonide on postoperative discomfort after third molar surgery

Zerener T. | Aydintug Y.S. | Sencimen M. | Bayar G.R. | Yazici M. | Altug H.A. | Misir A.F.

Article | 2015 | Quintessence International46 ( 4 ) , pp.317 - 326

Objective: The aim of the study was to compare the effect of submucosal injection of dexamethasone and triamcinolone acetonide on postoperative pain, swelling, and trismus occurring after impacted mandibular third molar surgery. Method and Materials: A total of 78 patients (aged 18 to 35) with asymptomatic, unilateral, impacted mandibular third molar, and without any systemic disease were included in this study. Patients were divided into three groups randomly (control, dexamethasone, and triamcinolone acetonide). In the experimental groups, dexamethasone and triamcinolone acetonide were injected into submucosa at about 1 cm above t . . .he surgical area submucosally. The control group of patients did not take any drug submucosally but the same surgical procedure was applied. Pain evaluation was performed by visual analog scale (VAS). Swelling was measured using a flexible standard ruler measuring the dimensions of the axes between certain points on the face. For trismus evaluation, maximum mouth opening was measured. Measurements taken on the preoperative, and on postoperative first, third, and seventh days were compared with each other and statistically evaluated. Results: There were statistically significant differences between the control and experimental groups on the different days of the postoperative period. The effect of triamcinolone acetonide on pain started on the first day postoperatively and the effect of triamcinolone acetonide on trismus and pain was better than other groups at the third and seventh days. However, there was no statistically significant difference between the effects of dexamethasone and triamcinolone acetonide regarding postoperative complications. Conclusion: The submucosal injection of dexamethasone or triamcinolone acetonide might be an effective treatment for postoperative discomfort occurring following impacted mandibular third molar surgery, and triamcinolone acetonide could be applied as an alternative to dexamethasone. © Quintessenz Daha fazlası Daha az

Sage oil extraction and optimization by response surface methodology

Akalin M.K. | Tekin K. | Akyüz M. | Karagöz S.

Article | 2015 | Industrial Crops and Products76 , pp.829 - 835

Sage oil extraction is important as most of the components in sage play an important role in the treatment of various diseases. The aim of the present study was to optimize supercritical extraction parameters for sage (Salvia officinalis L.) oil yield by response surface methodology. A 3-factor Box-Behnken design was used to generate factor combinations. The optimal conditions for the sage oil extraction yield were 280. °C extraction temperature, 110. min extraction time and 11% (wt/v) plant concentration in ethanol. The validation experiment showed that the actual and predicted values were 49.21 and 47.04. wt%, respectively. The co . . .mposition of sage essential oil consisted mainly of acid esters together with phenols, limonene, indoles, and pyrroles. These compounds can be used in various industrial applications. © 2015 Elsevier B.V Daha fazlası Daha az

The benefits and the lımıtatıons of dıstance educatıon in unıversıtıes: A pattern of turkısh language course

Apaydin M.

Article | 2015 | Turkish Online Journal of Educational Technology2015 , pp.597 - 599

Distance education is a student- based –teaching method which is conducted by a specific center and communication between teachers and learners are conducted via structured teaching units and electronic media when classroom activities cannot be conducted because of the limitations in traditional teaching and learning methods. Distance education whose use is continuously becoming more and more prevalent in recent years entails advantages and disadvantages with the awareness that distance education created. In this article, the content of the distance education system which depends on technology and the benefits and the limitations wh . . .ich are caused by that system are dealt. © The Turkish Online Journal of Educational Technology Daha fazlası Daha az

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