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Does clinical training period support patient-centeredness perceptions of medical students?

Alimoglu, Mustafa Kemal | Alparslan, Derya | Daloglu, Mustafa | Mamakli, Sumer | Ozgonul, Levent

Article | 2019 | MEDICAL EDUCATION ONLINE24 ( 1 )

Background: Learning environment influences students' professional formation and patient-centered attitudes and behaviors. Objective: The purpose of this study is to investigate how hidden curriculum of learning environment and the previous experience with chronically ill patients affect patient-centeredness perceptions of medical students. Design: We followed 144 students and determined their opinions on 'ideal patient-centered practice and learning environment' via patient-centeredness questionnaire (PCQ) just before (third year) and at the end (sixth year) of clinical training years of medical school. At the end of each clinical . . .training year (fourth, fifth, and sixth years), we determined experiences of the students about 'patient-centeredness of the learning environment' using a relevant survey called communication, curriculum, and culture (C3) instrument. We also compared PCQ and C3 instrument scores of the participants who had chronically ill patient in their families/friends and who do not. Results: C3 scores worsened over the years, namely, students faced increasing number of examples against patient centeredness. Final PCQ scores were worse than initial ones. C3 and PCQ scores of the students who had previous experience with chronically ill patients were not different from the scores of the remaining students. Conclusion: Medical students, even those who have a chronically ill patient in their families or friends, lose their idealism about patient centeredness to some degree possibly due to hidden curriculum of the medical school Daha fazlası Daha az

Bilateral proptosis as the initial presentation of systemic nodular lymphocyte predominant Hodgkin lymphoma

Akoz, Ayla Gokmen | Dagdas, Simten | Soysal, Hulya | Ozet, Gulsum | Ustun, Huseyin

Article | 2007 | LEUKEMIA & LYMPHOMA48 ( 7 ) , pp.1434 - 1436

WOS: 000247779300030 PubMed: 17613778

Isolated HAGL lesion after arthroscopic Bankart repair in a professional soccer player

Celik, Haluk | Seckin, Mustafa Faik | Kara, Adnan | Akman, Senol

Article | 2017 | PHYSICIAN AND SPORTSMEDICINE45 ( 2 ) , pp.199 - 202

Post-traumatic anterior shoulder instability commonly occurs following an avulsion of capsulolabral complex from glenoid (Bankart lesion) or rarely after humeral avulsion of the glenohumeral ligaments (HAGL lesion). Arthroscopic Bankart repair offers high success rates of healing. However, trauma following the treatment may cause implant failure or re-avulsion of the treated tissue. We aim to present the diagnosis and treatment of an isolated HAGL lesion in a professional soccer player who had previously undergone arthroscopic Bankart repair.

The effects of Kinesio (R) taping on sitting posture, functional independence and gross motor function in children with cerebral palsy

Simsek, Tulay Tarsuslu | Turkucuoglu, Bahriye | Cokal, Nilay | Ustunbas, Gonca | Simsek, Ibrahim Engin

Article | 2011 | DISABILITY AND REHABILITATION33 ( 21-22 ) , pp.2058 - 2063

Purpose: The aim of this study was to investigate the effects of Kinesio (R) tape (KT) application on sitting posture, gross motor function and the level of functional independence. Method: The study included 31 cerebral palsied children scored as level III, IV or V according to gross motor functional classification system (GMFCS). Children were randomly separated into two groups as study (n = 15, receiving KT and physiotherapy) and control (n = 15, receiving only physiotherapy). KT application was carried out for 12 weeks. Gross motor function measure (GMFM), functional independence measure for children (WeeFIM) and Sitting Assessm . . .ent Scale (SAS) were used to evaluate gross motor function, independency in the activities of daily living and sitting posture, respectively. Results: Compared to initial assessments, both groups showed a significant difference in parameters of GMFCS sitting subscale, GMFCS total score and SAS scores (p < 0.05). At the end of 12 weeks, only SAS scores were significantly different in favour of the study group when the groups were compared (p < 0.05). Also, post-intervention WeeFIM scores of the study group were significantly higher compared to initial assessment (p < 0.05), however, no difference was detected in the control group (p > 0.05). Conclusions: No direct effects of KT were observed on gross motor function and functional independence, though sitting posture (head, neck, foot position and arm, hand function) was affected positively. These results may imply that in clinical settings KT may be a beneficial assistive treatment approach when combined with physiotherapy Daha fazlası Daha az

Calorimetric and transmission electron microscopy studies of spray deposited Al-Zn-Mg-Cualloys

Salamci, E

Article | 2004 | MATERIALS SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY20 ( 7 ) , pp.859 - 863

Differential scanning calorimetry (DSC) and transmission electron microscopy (TEM) have been used to examine the precipitation process in spray cast Al - Zn - Mg - Cu alloys. The study was carried out on an Al - 5-6Zn 2-5Mg-1.6Cu alloy and an Al-11-5Zn-2-64Mg-1-16Cu alloy (wt-%). The effect of zinc on the precipitation process in the alloys was investigated. It was found that additional zinc accelerated the kinetics of formation of the precipitates.

A simple discharge risk model for predicting 1-year mortality in hospitalised acute decompansated heart failure patients with reduced ejection fraction

Karauzum, Kurtulus | Karauzum, Irem | Ural, Dilek | Baydemir, Canan | Aktas, Mujdat | Celikyurt, Umut | Kozdag, Guliz

Article | 2018 | ACTA CARDIOLOGICA73 ( 2 ) , pp.164 - 170

Objective: The risk stratification for prognosis in heart failure is very important for optimal disease management and decision making. The aim of this study was to establish a simple discharge 1-year mortality prediction model by integrating data obtained from demographic characteristics, clinical evaluation, laboratory biomarkers and echocardiographic evaluation of hospitalised heart failure with reduced ejection fraction (HFrEF) patients with acute decompensation. Methods and results: A risk score model was developed based on beta-coefficient number of variables in a multivariable logistic regression model which was created with . . .the use of data on clinical, laboratory, imaging and therapeutic findings of 670 patients (65.4% males, 65 +/- 11 years) who was hospitalised with acute decompensated HFrEF. The mean left ventricular ejection fraction (LVEF) was 26 +/- 9%. Independent predictors of mortality were: age >= 75 years, sodium Daha fazlası Daha az

Comparison of the efficacy of tigecycline and teicoplanin in an experimental methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus osteomyelitis model

Kandemir, O. | Oztuna, V. | Colak, M. | Akdag, A. | Camdeviren, H.

Article | 2008 | JOURNAL OF CHEMOTHERAPY20 ( 1 ) , pp.53 - 57

We evaluated the efficacy of tigecycline and teicoplanin in a rat model of MRSA osteomyelitis. Osteomyelitis was induced with an intramedullary injection of 10(8) colony-forming units (cfu) of MRSA. After osteomyelitis formation was confirmed on Day 14, infected rats were randomly divided into three groups: tigecycline (n=13), teicoplanin (n=13), and no-treatment control (n=14). A 28-day antibiotic therapy with a subcutaneous injection of tigecycline (14 mg/kg twice daily) or intramuscular administration of teicoplanin (20 mg/kg daily) was administered. Rats were then sacrificed, and the tibias were harvested. The bones were weighed . . . and then cultured. Our results indicated that bacterial growth was significantly reduced in teicoplanin and tigecycline groups, compared to the control group (p=0.019 and p=0.006, respectively). However, no difference was detected between the two antibiotic groups (p=1.000). No bacterial growth was detected in 7 out of 13 and 9 out of 13 specimens of the teicoplanin and tigecycline treated groups, respectively. Although this result was numerically in favor of tigecycline, the difference was not statistically significant (p=0.427). In conclusion, tigecycline, a novel antibiotic, appears as an effective alternative to teicoplanin in the treatment of osteomyelitis caused by MRSA Daha fazlası Daha az

Pan-sharpening quality investigation of PLEIADES-1A images

Ozendi, Mustafa | Topan, Huseyin | Oruc, Murat | Cam, Ali

Article | 2016 | GEOCARTO INTERNATIONAL31 ( 8 ) , pp.881 - 890

Optical remote sensing satellites obtain MS and Pan images simultaneously over the same coverage area. Remote sensing and image processing communities are working on different pan-sharpening methods capable of taking advantage of MS and Pan images. Each remote sensing system has its own advantages and disadvantages, leading to the question 'Which pan-sharpening method should be used for which type of imagery?' The aim of this research is to investigate the pan-sharpening performance of PLEIADES-1A images. For this purpose, pan-sharpened images were generated using PCA, IHS and Brovey Transform which are the most popular pan-sharpeni . . .ng methods. Then, the pan-sharpened images were evaluated quantitatively using Correlation Coefficient, Root Mean Square Error, Relative Average Spectral Error, Spectral Angle Mapper and Erreur Relative Globale Adimensionnelle de Synthese. In addition, pan-sharpened images were evaluated qualitatively by taking object availability and completeness into consideration Daha fazlası Daha az

Seroprevalence of Toxoplasma gondii, rubella and Cytomegalovirus among pregnant females in north-western Turkey

Aynioglu, A. | Aynioglu, O. | Altunok, E. S.

Article | 2015 | ACTA CLINICA BELGICA70 ( 5 ) , pp.321 - 324

Objective: To examine the sero-prevalence rates of Toxoplasma gondii, rubella and Cytomegalovirus (CMV) among pregnant women in different age groups in the context of a comparison with nationwide and international data previously reported. Methods: Females of reproductive age attending to our hospital between 1 January 2012 and 1 January 2014 were included in this study. Antibodies against T. gondii, rubella and CMV were assayed using chemiluminescence immunoassay methods. The test results were evaluated retrospectively. Results: Of the participants, 2.5 and 43.9% were seropositive for Toxoplasma IgM and IgG, respectively. The corre . . .sponding figures for rubella and CMV were 1.5 and 93.8%, and 2 and 91.5%, respectively. Conclusion: The high rates of immunity against rubella and CMV infections among pregnant females in our region call into question the routine screening of pregnant females for these two diseases. On the other hand, the high rate of seronegativity for T. gondii warrants such a routine practice Daha fazlası Daha az

Prolonged retention and in vivo evaluation of cationic nanoparticles loaded with Mitomycin C designed for intravesical chemotherapy of bladder tumours

Erdogar, Nazli | Iskit, Alper B. | Mungan, N. Aydin | Bilensoy, Erem

Article | 2012 | JOURNAL OF MICROENCAPSULATION29 ( 6 ) , pp.576 - 582

To overcome the recurrence problem in bladder tumours; nanoparticles with positive surface charge may improve interaction with biological membranes for intravesical administration. The aim of this study was to design, develop and evaluate (in vitro-in vivo) cationic nanoparticles based on chitosan, poly-L-lysine or polycaprolactone for the effective intravesical delivery of chemotherapeutic agent MMC in a rat model. Poly-L-lysine-coated polycaprolactone nanoparticles and chitosan-coated polycaprolactone nanoparticles were prepared by the double emulsion technique. Chitosan nanoparticles were prepared by ionic gelation. It was found . . .that nanoparticle formulations of 160-320nm in size can be produced in 14-35% encapsulation efficiency. Variability in the particle size of nanoparticles depended on the preparation method. Encapsulation was increased by two-fold for CS-PCL as a result of the double emulsion technique. Commercial MMC product in solution form and cationic nanoparticle formulations were compared for in vivo bladder retention properties and effect of formulations on urine volume Daha fazlası Daha az

The association of total sialic acid and malondialdehyde levels with metabolic and anthropometric variables in obesity

Yerlikaya, F. H. | Toker, A. | Cicekler, H. | Aribas, A.

Article | 2015 | BIOTECHNIC & HISTOCHEMISTRY90 ( 1 ) , pp.31 - 37

Serum sialic acid levels are abnormally high in pathological states that exhibit tissue destruction, tissue proliferation or inflammation. We measured total serum sialic acid levels in 139 women and 125 men. Subjects were divided into quartiles according to their body mass index (BMI): Q1 (18-24.9 kg/m(2)), Q2 (25 -29.9 kg/m(2)), Q3 (30 -39.9 kg/m(2)) and Q4 (> 40 kg/m(2)). The patients in Q1 constituted the control group. Serum sialic acid levels of subjects in Q2, Q3 and Q4 were signifi cantly higher than those in Q1. Higher BMI quartiles also were associated with higher levels of serum glucose, insulin, total cholesterol, LDL-cho . . .lesterol, triglycerides, high-sensitivity C-reactive protein, malondialdehyde levels, waist circumference, blood pressure and homeostasis model assessment of insulin resistance in both women and men. Lower BMI quartiles were associated with higher levels of serum HDL-cholesterol levels in both women and men. We found positive associations among serum sialic acid levels, BMI and oxidative stress. Serum sialic acid also is related to some conventional cardiovascular risk factors including elevated lipid profile, increased blood pressure, increased serum glucose and insulin levels, and insulin resistance in obese people Daha fazlası Daha az

The effects of impregnation chemicals oncombustion properties of laminated wood material

Uysal, B | Ozcifci, A

Article | 2004 | COMBUSTION SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY176 ( 1 ) , pp.117 - 133

In this study, the effects of impregnation materials, sodium perborate, sodium tetraborate, Imersol-WR 2000, and Tanalith-CBC, on combustion properties of three-ply laminated wood material produced from Uludag fir ( Abies bornmulleriana Mattf ) were investigated. The wood samples were impregnated with chemicals via a dipping method. Prepared materials have been bonded with Desmodur-VTKA adhesive and tested according to the procedure of ASTM-E 69 standards. As a result, the highest mass reduction in massive wood samples impregnated with Tanalith-CBC were determined. CO and CO2 ratios were obtained in massive control samples, which we . . .re unprocessed. Temperature variation in laminated samples impregnated with Tanalith-CBC, O-2 ratio in massive wood samples impregnated with sodium tetraborate, and ash ratio in laminated samples impregnated with sodium perborate were obtained Daha fazlası Daha az

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