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Association between Newly Diagnosed Essential Hypertension, Smoking, Assymetric Dimethylarginine and ischemia-Modified Albumin

Altuntas, Emine | Bengu, Aydin Sukru | Kiraz, Zeynep Kusku | Mertoglu, Cuma | Dalar, Levent | Usalp, Songul | Ciftci, Cavlan

Article | 2017 | ISTANBUL MEDICAL JOURNAL18 ( 2 ) , pp.86 - 90

Objective: This study aimed to investigate the relationship between increasing levels of assymetric dimethylarginine (ADMA) and ischemia-modified albumin (IMA) in people with early diagnosis of hypertension (HT) and smoking history. Methods: The study included 95 outpatients who visited our hospital. Patients were classified into three groups: group 1, healthy and non-smokers (n=25); group 2, no smoker patients with newly diagnosed essential HT with LVH (left ventricle hypertrophia) (n=35); group 3, smoking patients with a LVH accompanying newly diagnosed essential HT (n=35). 51% of patients are females; 49% of them are males. The t . . .rial was approved by the local ethics committee. Blood samples were analyzed, which were taken after 8 h of fasting. Biochemical parameters such as, C reactive protein (CRP), ADMA, IMA values were recorded. Using echocardiography, cardiac values were recorded. Results: In this study, the first group consisted of 25 patients and second and third group of 35 patients. There were 49 females and 46 males; 70 patients were hypertensive and 6 diabetic. Comparing groups 1 and 2, a significant increase in ADMA was found in group 2. A significant difference was available regarding red cell distribution widht(RDW) and neutrophil lymphocyte ratio (N/L) ratio. Both parameters have increased. Significant differences were found between groups 2 and 3 in terms of ADMA, arginine, albumin, and WBC. While ADMA, white blood cell(WBC), and albumin increased and arginine decreases in group 3. Conclusion: There is an association between ADMA level, smoking, and HT. Patients with HT and smoking history showed increased ADMA level compared with normal. Hypertension and smoking are the causes of increased ADMA, but decreased NO level Daha fazlası Daha az

High Flow Nasal Oxygen Therapy: From Physiology to Clinic

Yildirim, Fatma | Ocal, Serpil | Ersoy, Ebru Ortac | Rollas, Kazim | Aydogan, Burcu Basarik

Review | 2017 | EURASIAN JOURNAL OF PULMONOLOGY19 ( 2 ) , pp.54 - 64

High-flow nasal oxygen (HFNO) therapy has several physiological advantages over traditional oxygen therapy devices, including decreased nasopharyngeal resistance, washing out of the nasopharyngeal dead space, generation of positive pressure in the pharynx, increasing alveolar recruitment in the lungs, humidification of the airways, increased fraction of inspired oxygen and improved mucociliary clearance. Recently, the use of HFNO in treating adult critical illness patients has significantly increased, and it is now being used in many patients with a range of different disease conditions. However, there are no established guidelines . . .to direct the safe and effective use of HFNO for critical patients. This review summarizes the positive physiological effects, mechanisms of action, and the clinical applications of HFNO with available published literatures Daha fazlası Daha az

The Isolated Abducens Nerve Palsy Occured After Postviral Infection in A Diabetic Patient

Gunes, Aygul | Yildiz, Demet | Pekel, Nilufer Buyukkoyuncu | Seferoglu, Meral | Parmak, Neslihan | Yazgan, Serpil | Altintas, Ozge

Article | 2018 | BEZMIALEM SCIENCE6 ( 4 ) , pp.317 - 319

Malignancy, immunosuppressive drug use, and diabetes mellitus (DM) are defined as risk factors for herpes zoster. A 58-year-old male patient with the diagnosis of DM was admitted to the emergency room with the complaints of double vision. His neurological examination revealed under activity of the right lateral rectus muscle and hypoactive deep tendon reflexes. In this report, we discuss a rare case of isolated abducens nerve palsy that occurred after postviral infection in the patient.

The reliability and validity of the Turkish version of the Fibromyalgia Participation Questionnaire

Altan, Lale | Celiker, Reyhan | Ercan, Ilker | Birtane, Murat | Akgun, Kenan | Zateri, Coskun | Tastekin, Nurettin

Article | 2018 | EUROPEAN JOURNAL OF RHEUMATOLOGY5 ( 1 ) , pp.40 - 44

Etiologic Causes of Otitis Media with Effusion in Children

Karaci, Mehmet | Turkmen, Sukran | Dinc, Aykut Erdem

Article | 2018 | ISTANBUL MEDICAL JOURNAL19 ( 1 ) , pp.25 - 28

Introduction: Otitis media with effusion (OME) is one of the most common diseases in childhood. It is the most common reason of acquired hearing loss in pre-school childhood. We aimed to draw attention to the importance of diagnosing OME by otoscopic and tympanometric examination in early eras and to determine the risk factors in our cases. Methods: The present study was conducted in our hospital with a total of 31 OME children between the ages of 8 months and 6 years who were followed by the children's and otorhinolaryngology clinics between 2013 and 2014. The etiologic factors in patients who were detected with effusion by otoscop . . .ic and tympanometric examination were documented. Results: A total of 350 children were evaluated between the ages of 8 months and 6 years. Of the total, only 31 children (8.8%) were diagnosed with OME. The mean age of children was 27.1 +/- 16.9 months. Seventeen patients (54.8%) were males, and 14 patients (45%) were females. Twenty-nine had bilateral OME. Type B tympanogram curves were found in 54 (90%), and type C2 curves were found in 6 (10%) of all patients. The sensitivity of the skin prick test was found in 33.3% for one or more allergens. The skin prick test was positive in all cases in which eosinophil cationic protein levels were considered significantly positive. The adenoid tissue was larger than normal sizes in 13 (43.3%) patients. Conclusion: OME is a serious public health problem with leading conductive type hearing loss, retardation of speech, and developmental speech and language problems. Therefore, otoscopic examination is crucial in children in all hospital admissions for any reasons Daha fazlası Daha az

The effect of atorvastatin on penile intracavernosal pressure and cavernosal morphology in normocholesterolemic rats

Bolat M.S. | Bakirtaş M. | Firat F. | Akdeniz E. | Çinar Ö. | Erdemir F.

Article | 2019 | Turkish Journal of Urology45 ( 2 ) , pp.91 - 96

Objective: A debate is open on the effects of lipid-lowering drugs on sexual function. We aimed to investigate the effect of atorvastatin use on penile intracavernosal pressure (ICP) and cavernosal morphology. Material and methods: Fourteen mature male Sprague-Dawley-rats were randomly assigned to either the control group (which received standard food and water ad libitum) or the atorvastatin group (which received standard food, water, and statin) for twelwe weeks. At the end of the study, ICPs were measured with cavernosometry. Penectomy specimens were histologically examined. Results: The following mean values were obtained for th . . .e control and atorvastatin groups, respectively: pre-study body weights (350±16.9 g and 331.4±24.9 g); post-study body weights (356±18 g and 368±22.5 g (p>0.05); ICPs at 5 V (5.96±5.16 mmHg and 2.11±1.22 mmHg (p=0.07)); ICPs at 10 V (18.28±14.1 mmHg and 5.56±5.58 mmHg) (p=0.09); testosterone (1.23±0.78 and 0.78±0.58 mmol/dL) (p=0.39); blood glucose (151±22 mg/dL and 168.6±16.2 mg/dL) (p=0.12); triglyceride (93.4±19.8 mg/dL and 52.1±18.6 mg/ dL) (p=0.01); total cholesterol (50.2±7.2 mg/dL and 47.7±6.6 mg/dL) (p=0.51); and low-density lipoprotein (LDL) cholesterol (10.0±4.4 mg/dL and 3.5±2.1 mg/dL) (p=0.01). The mean collagen thickness was similar (p=0.09); but the mean elastin thickness increased in the atorvastatin group (p=0.01). Conclusion: The present study showed that the use of atorvastatin reduced the intracavernosal pressure in 10 V stimulation, and minimally decreased testosterone levels in rats, within a short period of time. When statin treatment is considered for its protective properties on cardiovascular system or for its lipid-lowering effect. It should be kept in mind that atorvastatin may also adversely contribute to erectile dysfunction. © 2019 by Turkish Association of Urology Daha fazlası Daha az

Seroprevalence of measles, rubella, mumps and varicella in health care workers [Sağlık personelinde kızamık, kızamıkçık, kabakulak ve suçiçeği seroprevalansının değerlendirilmesi]

Şengöz M. | Pişkin N. | Aydemir H. | Köktürk F. | Tekin İ.Ö. | Çelebi G. | Atakent D.

Article | 2019 | Klimik Dergisi32 ( 1 ) , pp.46 - 51

Objective: Health care workers are exposed to many infectious agents when compared with general population. Immunization to vaccine-preventable diseases is an important part of infection control among health care workers, both for their own health and against the spread of infections. The aim of this study is to detect the immune status of health care workers of our hospital to measles, mumps, rubella (MMR) and varicella and to define an appropriate vaccination program and also to analyze the cost efficiency of pre-vaccination screening. Methods: This study was conducted at Bülent Ecevit University Hospital between March 2014 and Ja . . .nuary 2015. The following data were recorded for each participant: age, gender, profession, department, duration of employment, childhood residence location, history of MMR and varicella, and status of vaccinations. The specific IgG antibodies were screened by im-munosorbent enzyme-linked assay. Results: 184 health care workers participated in the study. 61.2% were female, and 38.8% were male. The mean age was 32.43±6.4. The serologic test results revealed that 92.2% of the health care workers were immune to measles, 98.2% were immune to rubella, 94% were immune to mumps and 94.3% were immune to varicella. The validity of the medical history of participants were high for mumps and measles (81.6% and 80.5%, respectively) and low for rubella (43.4%). The positive predictive values for the history of rubella, mumps, varicella and measles were 98.9%, 97.5% and 96.9%, 95.6%, respectively. Cost efficiency analysis showed that the cost of vaccination without screening was more expensive for varicella and MMR (cost difference 18 253 Turkish Lira and 1432 Turkish Lira, respectively) Our findings support that a negative medi-cal history or serological screening before vaccination is cost effective especially for varicella. Conclusions: In conclusion, immune status of health care workers who worked in high-risk departments should be determined by serologic tests and susceptible health care workers must be vaccinated. © 2019, AVES İbrahim KARA. All rights reserved Daha fazlası Daha az

Stercoral colitis: diagnostic value of CT findings

Unal, Emre | Onur, Mehmet Ruhi | Balci, Sinan | Gormez, Aysegul | Akpinar, Erhan | Boge, Medine

Article | 2017 | DIAGNOSTIC AND INTERVENTIONAL RADIOLOGY23 ( 1 ) , pp.5 - 9

PURPOSE We aimed to evaluate the CT findings of stercoral colitis (SC). METHODS Forty-one patients diagnosed with SC between February 2006 and April 2015 were retrospectively reviewed. RESULTS Rectosigmoid colon was the most frequently involved segment (100%, n= 41). CT findings can be summarized as follows: dilatation >6 cm and wall thickening > 3 mm of the affected colon segment (100%, n= 41), pericolonic fat stranding (100%, n= 41), mucosal discontinuity (14.6 %, n= 6), presence of free air (14.6%, n= 6), free fluid (9.7%, n= 4), and pericolonic abscess (2.4%, n= 1). The sign most related with mortality was the length of the affe . . .cted colon segment > 40 cm. CONCLUSION CT has an important role in SC, since life-threatening complications can be easily revealed by this imaging modality. Increased length of involved colon segment (> 40 cm) is more likely to be associated with mortality Daha fazlası Daha az

Economic and psychosocial problems experienced by pediatric with cancer patients and their families during the treatment and follow-up process [Çocukluk çagi kanser hastalari ile ailelerinin tedavi ve izlem sürecinde yasadigi ekonomik ve psikososyal sorunlar]

Bozkurt C. | Uğurlu Z. | Tanyildiz H.G. | Yeşil Ş. | Kiraz H. | Toprak Ş. | Yüksek N.

Article | 2019 | Turk Pediatri Arsivi54 ( 1 ) , pp.35 - 39

Aim: To identify the psychosocial and economic problems of the pediatric patients with cancer who were treated at the Dr. Sami Ulus Obstetrics and Gynecology and Child Health and Diseases Training and Research Hospital’s Pediatric Oncology Department and their relatives during this process. Material and Methods: We interviewed a total of 100 patients who were treated at Dr. Sami Ulus Obstetrics and Gynecology and Child Health and Diseases Hospital’s Pediatric Oncology Department between 1996 and 2015, and were now followed up without treatment and their relatives using survey questions on the psychosocial and economic problems they . . .experienced. Results: Most of patients were from provinces outside Ankara. The average monthly income was below the level that would meet the family needs in 80% of the families and only 16% had extra income. Additional economic support had been received by 93% of the families in the patient group. Twenty-five families (25%) had been forced to sell property during the treatment. Forty-nine (49%) families had borrowed money from acquaintances and relatives or had taken out a bank loan. Serious psychological problems were experienced during and after the treatment by 46% of the mothers; 41% of the families had used religious procedures more commonly during the treatment period to cope with the psychological problems. Education was subject to a 1-2 year pause in 83% of the patients. Conclusion: Childhood-age patients with cancer and their families experience significant psychosocial and economic problems during and after the treatment process. Providing medical treatment and psychosocial support in harmony is an important factor that increases the success of cancer treatment. The patient and the family will require psychosocial support mechanisms throughout life, starting from the moment they face the disease. Developing national social support programs and legal regulations to form a basis for such programs are required in our country. © 2019 by Turkish Pediatric Association Daha fazlası Daha az

An Evaluation of Surgical Prophylaxis Procedures in Turkey: A Multi-Center Point Prevalence Study

Kaya, Selcuk | Aktas, Seyhan | Senbayrak, Seniha | Tekin, Recep | Oztoprak, Nefise | Aksoy, Firdevs | Firat, Pinar

Article | 2016 | EURASIAN JOURNAL OF MEDICINE48 ( 1 ) , pp.24 - 28

Seroprevalence of leptospirosis in coal miners in zonguldak region [Zonguldak bölgesinde kömür madeni işçilerinde leptospiroz seroprevalansı]

Yılmaz Ö. | Çelebi G. | Atabek E. | Köktürk F. | Atakent Ş.D. | Pişkin N. | Aydemir H.

Article | 2019 | Klimik Dergisi32 ( 2 ) , pp.174 - 177

Objective: Leptospirosis is one of the most common zoonotic diseases worldwide. Transmission to humans usually occurs by mucosal inoculation of the bacteria or exposure of non-intact skin via contact with water or soil contaminated with urine or feces of rodents. Occupational groups such as farmers, rice plant workers, sewer workers, miners, hunters, military personnel, mariners, shepherds, milkers, slaughterhouse workers, veterinarians and laboratory personnel are under risk for leptospirosis. In this study, we aimed to determine the seroprevalence of leptospirosis in coal miners in Zonguldak region. Methods: Blood samples were obt . . .ained from total 185 volunteer coal miners, who worked in 5 coal mines of Turkish Hard Coal Authority in Zonguldak and Bartın provinces, during June and July 2013. Serum samples were stored at-80°C. Additionally, we conducted an interview with each miner about demographical and epidemiological data such as age, location, duration of mining, other occupations, observing rodent or rodent excreta in the mine, noticing rodent contact with personal belongings or drinks or food in mine and hand hygiene compliance. Microscopic agglutination test (MAT), the reference diagnostic test for seroepidemiological studies of leptospirosis, was conducted in Spirochetal Diseases Diagnostic Laboratory, Veterinary Control Central Research Institute, Etlik, Ankara in June 2014. Anti-Leptospira antibody levels for 8 serotypes (Leptospira grippotyphosa Moskva V, L. australis Bratislava Jez Bratislava, L. canicola Hund Utrech IV, L. hardjo Hardjoprajitno, L. pomona Pomona, L. icterohaemorrhagiae Ictero 1, L. hebdomadis Hebdomadis ve L. patoc Patoc 1) was investigated with MAT. Results: All the miners were male and the mean age was 36±6. The mean duration of working in underground part of the mine was 11±6 years, the mean working hours was 44±6 hours a week on average. Distribution of the miners according to inhabiting location was 18.5% village, 50.3% county and 30.8% city. In addition to mining, some of the miners were also occupied with farming (7%), hunting (2.7%), seafaring (0.5%) and livestock raising (0.5%). 82.7% of the miners confirmed seeing rodents in the mine every day and 35.7% of the miners confirmed seeing rodent excreta in the mine. 68.1% reported observing sign of rodent bite on their clothes or food saving box. 91.9% of the miners reported that they saved their food in plastic or paper bags up to meal time. Hand washing rate in the mine was 76.2% among the miners and 94.3% of those were washing their hands without soap. Although, a risky environment for leptospirosis was defined, no seropositivity was detected in any of the serum samples of the miners. Conclusions: Miners reported risky environmental conditions and risky behavioral models for transmission of leptospirosis. However, no seropositivity was detected in any of the serum samples obtained from 185 miners in Zonguldak region. Klimik Dergisi 2019; 32(2): 174-7. © 2019, AVES. All rights reserved Daha fazlası Daha az

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