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Conference Object | 1994 | MINE PLANNING AND EQUIPMENT SELECTION 1994 , pp.757 - 764

3rd International Symposium on Mine Planning and Equipment Selection -- OCT 18-20, 1994 -- ISTANBUL, TURKEY WOS: A1994BB59Q00124

Air Pollution And The Risk Of Venous Thromboembolism

Tor, M. | Cevik, C. | Kurcer, M. | Akbulut, S. | Altuntas, M. | Atalay, F.


WOS: 000208771000726

Classic Kaposi sarcoma with sarcoid-like granulomas: a case report and review of the literature

Kandemir, N. Onak | Yurdakan, G. Gamze | Bektas, S.

Conference Object | 2008 | HISTOPATHOLOGY53 , pp.396 - 397

27th International Congress of the International-Academy-of-Pathology -- OCT 12-17, 2008 -- Athens, GREECE WOS: 000259524800907

A preliminary geoengineering assessment of Bazda antique underground quarries in, Sanliurfa, Turkey

Agan, C. | Yesilnacar, M. I. | Genis, M. | Kulaksiz, S. | Ulusay, R. | Aydan, Oe | Yucel, M. D.


Geoengineering evaluation of man-made antique underground structures improves and provides important information on such structures. Harran City in, Sanliurfa Province of Turkey was constructed probably during Sumerian period BC 3000 (5000 years BP). The building stones consisting of limestones of Harran City were extracted from open-pit and underground quarries known as Bazda quarries. Bazda antique underground quarry pillars suffer some structural stability problems in terms of splitting of high pillars, roof falls, plane or wedge sliding and large sinkholes. The authors have initiated a collaborative integrated research program t . . .o map the antique underground quarries having working levels up to four floor, in-situ rock characterization, identification of stability problems, some geomechanical properties of surrounding rock. This paper describes the first preliminary studies on Bazda antique underground quarries and discusses its implications in modern geomechanics and geoengineering Daha fazlası Daha az

Clinical characteristics of microtropia

Tomac, S | Sener, EC | Sanac, AS


Introduction: To investigate clinical characteristics of microtropia. Methods: Twenty patients with primary microtropia were studied. Results: Irvine prism test was positive in all the patients by using prisms of different strengths and positions. All the patients had abnormal fusion at near. At distance, 15 patients had abnormal fusion by the BSG and 8 patients had abnormal fusion by the W4D. Ten patients had gross stereopsis and the rest had no measurable stereopsis. Conclusions: All patients with microtropia have abnormal fusion, which does not guarantee the presence of stereopsis. The difference in fuson between near and distanc . . .e is due to the weakness of fusion. With occlusion treatment, amblyopia can be improved, whereas binocular defects of microtropia can not be improved Daha fazlası Daha az

Three-dimensional regions in tunnels

Gercek H.

Conference Object | 2005 | Underground Space Use: Analysis of the Past and Lessons for the Future - Proceedings of the 31st ITA-AITES World Tunnel Congress1 , pp.157 - 162

In the stress and stability analysis of underground openings, cross-sectional plane-strain analyses are common; yet, in tunnels, there are some regions that must be analyzed three dimensionally. The typical examples of such regions are: the excavation face, portals, intersections with other underground openings, and regions with sudden geometrical changes. The paper involves some considerations regarding the stability and analysis of these three-dimensional regions. Significance of these regions and the problems encountered in such regions are discussed. Then, major considerations that should be taken into account during the stress . . .and stability analysis of the three-dimensional regions in tunnels are presented. © 2005 Taylor & Francis Group Daha fazlası Daha az

A new phase measurement technique for RF power amplifier only measuring magnitudes

Yuzer A.H. | Demir S.

Conference Object | 2010 | PIERS 2010 Cambridge - Progress in Electromagnetics Research Symposium, Proceedings , pp.170 - 173

In this study, a new phase measurement setup to measure magnitudes and phases of the fundamental components and intermodulation created by an amplifier under two tone excitation is reported. There are three signal generators, one digital attenuator and one spectrum analyzer in the measurement setup. There is no need to any other special electronic circuits (e.g., mixer, filter, etc.). Phase is found/measured mathematically based on magnitude measurements. Also absolute phase difference between the frequency components can be measured. Measured phase error is better than 1° for repetitive measurements.

Research Of Immunisation Status In COPD In Turkey (rimpact Study)

Ozlu, T. | Bulbul, Y. | Aydin, D. C. | Tatar, D. | Kuyucu, T. | Erboy, F. | Inan, H.


International Conference of the American-Thoracic-Society (ATS) -- MAY 19-24, 2017 -- Washington, DC WOS: 000400372500731

Modeling of ni-like molybdenum x-ray laser

Kurnali S. | Demir A. | Kacar E.

Conference Object | 2007 | Springer Series in Optical Sciences132 , pp.187 - 191

Detailed simulations of Ni-like Mo X-ray laser are undertaken using the EHYBRID code. The atomic data are obtained using the Cowan code. The optimization calculations are performed in terms of intensity of background and time separation between the background and the short pulse. The optimum value is obtained for the conditions of a Nd:glass laser with 1.2 ps pulse at 3.5 × 1014 W • cm-2 irradiance pumping a plasma preformed by a 280-ps duration pulse at 1.2 × 1012 W • cm-2 with peak to peak pulse separation set at 360 ps. X-ray resonance lines between 25 Å and 37 Å emitted from Mo plasmas have been simulated. © 2007 Springer-Verlag . . . New York Daha fazlası Daha az

Donor Contraindications to Living Kidney Donation: A Single-Center Experience

Ma?den K. | Ucar F.B. | Velio?lu A. | Arikan H. | Ye?en Ş.C. | Tu?lular S. | Özener I.Ç.

Conference Object | 2015 | Transplantation Proceedings47 ( 5 ) , pp.1299 - 1301

Objective Kidney transplantation is the treatment of choice in end-stage renal disease. In Turkey, the inadequate cadaveric donor supply has resulted in transplantation from living kidney donors (LKD) in 80% of transplant operations. LKD candidates undergo a thorough general medical evaluation and are approved to donate their kidneys only if no contraindication is found. In our study we aimed to investigate the reasons and rate of denial for living kidney donation in our center. Methods We included all LKD candidates who applied to our center between June 2012 to June 2014. Demographic data, rate of rejection, and the reasons for de . . .nial to organ donation were analyzed retrospectively. Results Of the 97 LKD candidates included in the study, 60 (62%) were unable to donate their kidneys. Among the reasons for denial were hypertension with target organ damage in 30% (n = 18), immunologic reasons in 23% (n = 14), impaired renal function in 20% (n = 12) cardiovascular reasons 13.3% (n = 8), diabetes mellitus in 10% (n = 6), malignity in 10% (n = 6), obesity (body mass index > 35 kg/m2) in 5% (n = 3), and miscellaneous in 18.3% (n = 11). There were >1 reasons in 13 candidates. Conclusions The problems detected in donor candidates offer a possibility for early detection of disorders and increased awareness. © 2015 Elsevier Inc. All rights reserved Daha fazlası Daha az

Initial investigations of hand-motion crane control with double-pendulum payloads

Chen Chih Peng K. | Singhose W. | Gurleyuk S.S.

Conference Object | 2012 | Proceedings of the American Control Conference , pp.6270 - 6275

A novel hand-motion crane control system was developed that improves performance by providing: 1) an intuitive control interface and 2) an element that reduces the complex oscillatory behaviors of the payload. Operators wearing a reflective glove drive a crane simply by moving their hand through the desired path. A crane-mounted camera tracks the glove and its position is used to drive the crane. This paper presents an initial investigation of the hand-motion crane control interface with double-pendulum payloads. Experimental results from a 10-ton industrial bridge crane demonstrate the utility of the interface and oscillation-contr . . .ol method. © 2012 AACC American Automatic Control Council) Daha fazlası Daha az

Fabrication of functional graded Al2124 composite reinforced with Al2O3 particles

Çaliskan F. | Cömert S. | Kocaman E.

Conference Object | 2017 | Acta Physica Polonica A131 ( 3 ) , pp.437 - 439

The composite materials formed by powder metallurgy are mostly used in industry due to their excellent properties such as low density, high strength, and hardness. The aim of this study is to produce functional graded Al material reinforced with macro-sized Al2O3. To fabricate the aluminum matrix composite, commercial Al 2124 aluminum alloy powder (from Gürel Makina), which is used in aerospace and defense industries, was chosen as a matrix material. Powder metallurgy was used to produce the functional graded material because it allows an easy incorporation of reinforcement phase into the matrix. The sintered samples were characteri . . .zed using optical microscopy, SEM, and X-Ray diffraction analysis. The results show that functional graded material structure and the transition interlayers were achieved by the presented process. © 2017, Polish Academy of Sciences. All rights reserved Daha fazlası Daha az

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