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Effects of boron compounds on the bonding strength of phenol-formaldehyde and melamine-formaldehyde adhesives to impregnated wood materials

Oezcifci, Ayhan

Article | 2006 | JOURNAL OF ADHESION SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY20 ( 10 ) , pp.1147 - 1153

Wood materials are increasingly being used in the construction of structural beams, sports equipment, etc. This study was carried out to determine the bonding strength of phenol-formaldehyde (PF) and melamine-formaldehyde (MF) adhesives to impregnated wood materials. For this purpose, brutia pine (Pinus brutia Ten) and elm (Ulmus compestris L.) woods were impregnated with borax (Bx), boric acid (Ba), Bx + Ba (wt:wt 50:50%), di-ammonium phosphate (D), [D + (Bx + Ba)]/ (50 + (25 + 25%), w/w) and Tanalith-C 3310 (T-C 3310) using the vacuum method according to ASTM-D 1413-76. The effects of wood species, impregnating material and type o . . .f adhesive on the bonding strength were determined. The highest shear strength (11.09 N/mm(2)) was obtained from elm wood control (i.e., without any impregnating materials) samples with MF; thus, the impregnation process negatively affected the adhesive bonding strength. Impregnating materials, especially those containing oily or similar solutions such as T-C 3310, are not advised for wood elements which are subjected to shear Daha fazlası Daha az

Wettability of tundish periclase lining by steel

Turen J. | Kosatepe K. | Karakas I. | Kandan E.

Article | 2006 | Refractories and Industrial Ceramics47 ( 1 ) , pp.68 - 73

Results of a study of the wettability of the tundish periclase lining by molten steel using a sessile drop method are presented. The wetting angle ? tends to decrease with increase in temperature and contact time on adding glass fiber and Fe2O3 powder in excess of 2% to the magnesite powder; a similar effect is observed in steels high in manganese. An increase in angle ? is observed on adding carbon fiber or glass fiber (not in excess of 1%) to the magnesite powder; the angle ? tends to increase with increase in MgO powder grain size and with carbon contained in steel in excess of 0.04%. © 2006 Springer Science+Business Media, Inc.

Persistent pneumonia: Commentary

Yaman Y. | Ermis B.

Article | 2006 | Clinical Pediatrics45 ( 5 ) , pp.478 - 479

[No abstract available]

Energy saving in a deep well pump with splitter blade

Gölcü M. | Pancar Y. | Sekmen Y.

Article | 2006 | Energy Conversion and Management47 ( 5 ) , pp.638 - 651

Design parameters, like blade number, blade outlet angle and impeller outlet diameter, affect pump performance and energy consumption. Deep well pumps with splitter blades (DWPwsb) are manufactured to achieve energy saving and improve efficiency. Splitter blades are generally located at the centerline of the main blades. Blade number and blade discharge angle should be conveniently determined when splitter blades are used on the impellers. In this study, impellers having different numbers of blades (z = 5, 6, 7) with and without splitter blades (35%, 60% and 80% of the main blade length) were tested in a deep well pump. Tests have b . . .een conducted on a total of 12 impellers, and the characteristics of deep well pumps without splitter blade (DWPwosb) and DWPwsb were obtained experimentally. These results show that splitter blades cause negative effects on pump performance in impellers with blade numbers of 6 and 7. When the splitter blade is added to the impeller with the blade number of 5, the efficiency increases with flow up to 10 l/s flow rate, after which it decreases as the splitter blade length increases. The highest efficiency and the lowest energy consumption were obtained in DWPwsb with 80% of the main blade length. At the best efficiency point (b.e.p), an energy saving of 6.6% and an improvement of 1.14% in efficiency were achieved. An analysis of the additional cost of the splitter blade and the application in an agricultural area were performed. © 2005 Elsevier Ltd. All rihgts reserved Daha fazlası Daha az

Justice in the state management and its effects to the classical Turkish poetry [Devlet yöneti·mi·nde adaleti·n yeri·ve klasi·k Türk şi·i·ri·ne yansimasi]

Koçin A.

Article | 2006 | Milli Egitim ( 171 ) , pp.15 - 30

Justice is the main element that ensures the permanence of a state. Therefore, in all the works written about state management, justice was usually involved and it was considered the basis of dominion.In classical Turkish poetry and the sources contributing to it, justice was assigned great importance as well. In the poems written in the 15th and 16th centuries, the practices of the monarchs were usually approved of and the state was said to be just. But in the 17-19th centuries due to the corruption in the justice system, that happened as a result of the social, politicial and economic crisis experienced in Otoman Empire, the prais . . .es and compliments seen in the 15th and 16th century classical Turkish poetry were replaced by criticism and anger.İn this article, the views of the poets in the classical Turkish poetry period were partially studied by giving examples from their poems Daha fazlası Daha az

Expression of PTEN, cyclin D1, P27/KIP1 in invasive ductal carcinomas of the breast and correlation with clinicopathological parameters.

Engin H. | Baltali E. | Güler N. | Güler G. | Tekuzman G. | Uner A.

Article | 2006 | Bulletin du cancer93 ( 2 ) , pp.15 - 30

In this study, tumour tissue samples of 85 primary breast cancer patients were evaluated for phosphatase and tensin homolog deleted on chromosome ten (PTEN), cyclin D1 and P27/Kip1 expression patterns. The results were correlated with clinicopathological parameters. Loss of PTEN protein expression was present in 32.5% of the cases. Cyclin D1 was overexpressed in 54.2% and P27/Kip1 in 89.3% of the cases. Statistically significant associations were found between PTEN and cyclin D1 expression patterns, and cyclin D1 expression and tumour size.

Assesment criteria for experimental demyelination induced in frog peripheral nerve

Kiziltan E. | Pehlivan F.

Article | 2006 | International Journal of Neuroscience116 ( 12 ) , pp.1431 - 1446

In ideal conditions the area under compound action potential may be used as an index for the number of activated fibers in a nerve trunk whereas peak amplitude, maximum time derivative, and duration may be used as an indicator for the rate of contribution to compound action potential and the degree of velocity dispersion. In this study, the time domain effect of demyelination on compound action potential has been investigated in experimentally demyelinated frog sciatic nerve. The results were analyzed in order to suggest criteria for demyelination. The results suggest that the changes in peak amplitude and maximum time derivative of . . . compound action potential that is made up by the contribution of the active fibers may be more useful in the assessment of early phase of demyelination. Therefore, it may be concluded that these two parameters, intrinsically, carry augmented information on the velocity dispersion originated from larger-diameter fibers. Copyright © 2006 Informa Healthcare Daha fazlası Daha az

Bundle block adjustment with ultracamD images

Büyüksalih G. | Jacobsen K.

Conference Object | 2006 | Revue Francaise de Photogrammetrie et de Teledetection ( 183 ) , pp.42 - 49

Large blocks of UltraCamD images have been taken over the area of Istanbul. The high accuracy of the digital images together with crossing flight lines allows a reduction of the number of ground control points against the rules of thumb for analogue photos. By simple theory a calibrated digital camera should not show systematic image errors - we do have no problems with film flattening and film deformation. But the bundle adjustments showed the requirement of a self-calibration. Special additional parameters, able to correct the position of the 9 sub-images of the UltraCamD, have been introduced into the used program system BLUH. Bl . . .ock adjustments with different control point configurations and different sets of additional parameters have been investigated. In general there is a clear improvement of the accuracy of independent check points by a block adjustment with self-calibration. Especially with a smaller number of control points the vertical accuracy is quite better with it. Against the standard set of 12 additional parameters the set of 32 special parameters for the UltraCamD could not improve the results even if the shape of the systematic image errors is similar for all sets. The dominating effect of the systematic image errors is the radial symmetric component, which must not be caused by the camera geometry. The high accuracy of the digital camera seems to allow a larger control point distance in relation to analogue photos Daha fazlası Daha az

Erkek infertilitesinde rekonstrüktif cerrahi: Teknik ve prediktif ölçütler

Tezer, H. Murat | Güven, Selçuk | Ersay, Ahmet | Erol, Bülent | Kadıoğlu, Ateş

Article | 2006 | Türk Üroloji Dergisi/Turkish Journal of Urology32 ( 3 ) , pp.319 - 326

İnfertil erkeğin değerlendirilmesinde amaç, infertilite etiyolojisinin açıklanması ve etiyolojiye spesifik tedavinin planlanmasıdır. Spesifik tedavi yapılamadığında üremeye yardımcı tekniklere başvurulmaktadır. Ancak erkek infertilitesinin etiyolojiye spesifik tedavisi, üremeye yardımcı tekniklere göre hem maliyet/fayda açısından daha avantajlı, hem de oluşan gebelikler üremeye yardımcı tekniklerin riskinden uzak olmaktadır. Sperm taşıyan kanalların obstrüksiyonu, erkek infertilitesinin düzeltilebilir sebepleri arasında yer alır ve tedavi seçenekleri, obstrüksiyonun lokalizasyonuna göre değişmektedir. Distal ejakülatör kanal patoloj . . .ilerinde TUR-ED, proksimal obstrüksiyonlarda ise rekonstrüktif cerrahi (vazovazostomi/epididimovazostomi) birinci seçenek tedavilerdir. Operasyon sonrasında tekrar obstrüksiyon gelişebilme ihtimali bulunduğundan hastalara perop sperm dondurma önerilmektedir. Duktal sistemin rekonstrüktif cerrahisi yıllar içinde teknik olarak gelişme gösterirken, bu gelişmeye paralel olarak ameliyat başarısında da artış sağlanmıştır. Ameliyatın başarısı duktal açıklığın (patens) ve gebeliğin sağlanmasıdır. Cerrahi tekniklerdeki dönüm noktası, ameliyat mikroskobunun kullanılmasıdır. Ameliyat mikroskobu ile obstrüksiyon daha iyi yerleştirilebilirken, anatomiye uygun anastomozlar yapılabilmektedir. Sonuçta ameliyat başarısı da artmaktadır. Ameliyatın başarısı, tekniklerdeki gelişmenin yanında ameliyat için doğru hastanın seçilebilmesine bağlıdır. Yapılan çalışmalarda ameliyat başarısını öngörebilmek için ölçütler belirlenmeye çalışılmış, ameliyat öncesinde ve ameliyat sırasında bazı ölçütlerin prediktif önemi olduğu belirtilmiştir. Introduction: The aim of infertile male evaluation is to unveil the etiology of infertility and plan the specific treatment according to the etiology. In case there is not a specific treatment the aim is to refer to assisted reproductive techniques. However the etiology specific treatment of male infertility, compared to the assisted reproductive techniques is more cost effective and it does not have the risks of assisted reproductive techniques. Materials and Methods: The obstruction of the sperm ducts is one of the correctable causes of male infertility and the treatment varies according to the localization of obstruction. When there is distal ejaculatory duct pathology the treatment choice is TUR-ED while in proximal ejaculatory duct patologies reconstructive treatment is the preferred choice (vasovasostomy/epididymovasostomy). Peroperative semen freezing is offered to the patient as there is a risk of recurrence. Results: The reconstructive surgery of ductal system has been improved through years and so has the operation success. The success of the operation is to provide a ductal patency and pregnancy. The milestone of operative technique is the use of the microscope. With the use of the microscope the obstruction is localized more effectively and the anastomoses are made according to the anatomy. Consequently, the success of the operation is higher. Conclusion: The success rate of the operation, on behalf of the development of the operational technique, depends on the choice of the right patient. In order to predict the success of the operation some parameters were tried to be established in some studies. It was stated that some preoperative and peroperative parameters have predictive importance Daha fazlası Daha az

Spontaneous regression of cervical disc herniations

Gurkanlar, D. | Yucel, E. | Er, U. | Keskil, S.

Article | 2006 | MINIMALLY INVASIVE NEUROSURGERY49 ( 3 ) , pp.179 - 183

The spontaneous regression of cervical disc herniations is a rare occurrence. Six herniated cervical discs that had regressed spontaneously are presented. All radiological disc regressions correlated well with clinical improvements. We want to underscore the potential for regression that should be considered in the evaluation and management of any patient with a herniated cervical disc.


Atik, Kemal

Article | 2006 | Tesisat Mühendisliği ( 91 ) , pp.83 - 87

Doğrudan Yabancı Yatırımlar ve Reel Döviz Kuru: Bir Nedensellik Analizi

Vergil, Hasan | Çeştepe, Hamza

Article | 2006 | İ M K B Dergisi9 ( 34 ) , pp.37 - 46

Bu çalışma, Toda ve Yamamoto (1995) tarafından geliştirilen Granger nedensizlik yöntemiyle 1987-2000 dönemi verilerini kullanarak Türkiye'de doğrudan yabancı yatırımlar ile reel döviz kurları arasındaki nedensellik ilişkisinin yönünü araştırmaktadır. Bulunan sonuçlar Granger nedensellik testinin tek yönlü ve doğrudan yabancı yatırımlardan reel efektif döviz kuruna doğru olduğunu göstermektedir. Çalışmanın sonuçları, genel olarak, Türkiye'deki finansal ve sermaye liberalizasyonunun sermaye girişine ve bunun da reel döviz kurunda değerlenmeye yol açacağı şeklinde çıkarsamalarda bulunan portfolyo modeli ile örtüşmektedir. . . . Daha fazlası Daha az

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