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Assessment of Effects of Thyrotoxicosis on Gallstone Formation in Rabbits

Gunay, Oyusuf | Tutuncu, Tanju | Ocalan, Tuba | Bilgihan, Ayse | Korkmaz, Gulcan | Kama, Nuri Aydin

Article | 2019 | HASEKI TIP BULTENI-MEDICAL BULLETIN OF HASEKI57 ( 1 ) , pp.91 - 97

Aim: The etiopathogenesis of gallstone formation is well known, but only a few studies have investigated the effects of thyrotoxicosis on gallstone formation. In this study, we investigated the contribution of thyrotoxicosis to gallstone formation in rabbits. Methods: Forty-four New Zealand rabbits were used. The rabbits were divided into six groups, with each group receiving a different diet. At the end of seven weeks, all rabbits were sacrificed, blood was collected for analysis, and cholecystectomy was performed. Results: Serum levels of both free triiodothyronine (FT3) and thyroxine (FT4) were significantly higher in rabbits rec . . .eiving thyroid hormone ( Daha fazlası Daha az

Simultaneous Occurrence of Different Follicular Neoplasms within the Same Thyroid Gland

Polat, Sefika Burcak | Arpaci, Dilek | Yazgan, Aylin | Baser, Husniye | Kilic, Mehmet | Ersoy, Reyhan | Cakir, Bekir


Purpose: Neoplasms of the thyroid gland are classified according to the cells they originate from and commonly develop from cells of follicular origin. The most common differentiated thyroid cancers (DTC) are papillary and follicular carcinomas. Coexistence of two different histological types of primary follicular thyroid neoplasm is a rare condition. There are previous reports of concomitant medullary and papillary thyroid cancers. However, there is scarce data about the simultaneous occurrence of the two different histological types of primary follicular thyroid tumors and this is the first study on that subject. Material and Meth . . .od: From January 2007 to September 2014, our institutional database was reviewed for patients who underwent thyroid surgery for various indications. Medical records and cytopathology reports of those patients were examined retrospectively. Simultaneous neoplasms of follicular origin were noted. Results: A total of 3.700 patients were operated. Histopathological examination revealed a benign pattern in 2.686 (73%) patients and a malignant pattern in 1.014 (27%) patients. Among the patients with the diagnosis of DTC, only 20 (1.9%) had a concomitant neoplasm within the same thyroid gland. Discussion: Such simultaneous tumors may be a part of a familial tumor syndrome or an unidentified novel gene mutation playing role in the pathogenesis of more than one type of tumor. Based on the current evidence, the synchronous occurrence of those neoplasms in a given patient is likely coincidental in the literature. Further studies on larger patient population with standardized genetic characterization are needed Daha fazlası Daha az

Effect of Prophylactic Antibiotic Use in the Development of Antibiotic Resistance in Children with Recurrent Urinary Tract Infections

Karaci, Mehmet | Karagoz, Kazim | Ornek, Zuhal | Yasar, Adem | Yuce, Necla | Okumus, Ozgur

Article | 2017 | HASEKI TIP BULTENI-MEDICAL BULLETIN OF HASEKI55 ( 3 ) , pp.221 - 228

Aim: Although prophylactic antibiotic treatment is still debatable, it is currently in use in recurrent urinary tract infections (UTIs). In the present study, we aimed to observe if prophylactic antibiotic use had any effect on the development of antibiotic resistance in patients with recurrent UTIs who we followed up in our clinic. Methods: The present study was performed on patients aged between one month and 16 years, who had recurrent UTIs, and were followed up by the Department of Pediatrics at Bulent Ecevit University Medical School. Patient files were retrospectively reviewed, and 50 patients who received antibiotic prophylax . . .is and 100 patients without prophylaxis were enrolled in the study. Urinary tests, subsequent urinary culture results, and antibiotic resistances were compared between the groups. Results: The mean age was 42.7 +/- 44.2 months. The most frequently cultured isolated bacterium was Escherichia coli (E. coli) (58.4%). No difference was determined in bacteria in cultures between prophylaxis receivers and non-receivers. Isolation rate of E. coli was higher in urinary cultures in females than in males ( Daha fazlası Daha az

Assessment of Relation Between Subjective Memory Complaints and Objective Cognitive Performance of Elderly Over 55 Years Old Age

Acikgoz, Mustafa | Ozen Barut, Banu | Emre, Ufuk | Tascilar, Nida | Atalay, Adnan | Kokturk, Furuzan


Introduction: This study investigated the frequency of forgetfulness in elderly individuals over 55 years of age and examined the association of subjective memory complaints (SMCs) with objective cognitive functions,, depression and other risk factors. Methods: We recruited 405 patients over 55 years of age who were referred to Neurology, Cardiology, or Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation outpatient clinics. All subjects were questioned regarding forgetfulness and then were administered the Subjective Memory Complaint (SMC) Scale, Mini Mental Test (MMT), Verbal Fluency Test (VFT), Clock Drawing Test (CDT) and the Geriatric Depressio . . .n Scale (GDS). Subjects with SMC were compared with those without SMC in terms of cognition, depression and some laboratory parameters. Results: Of the patients, 42.5% complained of forgetfulness. None of these patients had been admitted to hospital for this complaint. Women and patients with low education had more forgetfulness as well as poorer results on the SMC Scale, MMT, VFT, and GDS. Patients with SMC had lower hemoglobin, ferritin and free T4 levels. Female gender and depression was found to be a risk factor for SMCs. Conclusion: SMCs are common in people over 55 years of age. Being a woman as well as depression was found to be a risk factor for SMC. Since depression is a treatable condition, these people should be assessed carefully in terms of depressive symptoms. Laboratory parameters, such as hemoglobin, ferritin and free T4 levels should be investigated in patients with SMC. Unlike the other cognitive tests, CDT performance is independent of subjective memory complaints. Elderly patients rarely visit hospital with complaint of SMC, therefore, clinicians should be watchful for this problem Daha fazlası Daha az

Effect of Age on Outcome of High-Risk Non-Muscle-Invasive Bladder Cancer Patients Treated with Second Transurethral Resection and Maintenance Bacillus Calmette-Guerin Therapy

Baltaci, Sumer | Bozlu, Murat | Yildirim, Asif | Gokce, Mehmet Ilker | Tinay, Ilker | Aslan, Guven | Can, Cavit

Article | 2016 | JOURNAL OF UROLOGICAL SURGERY3 ( 3 ) , pp.74 - 79

Objective To determine the effect of age on recurrence and progression rates in a population of high-risk non-muscle invasive bladder cancer (NMIBC) patients treated with a second transurethral resection (TUR) and at least 1 year of maintenance Bacillus Calmette-Guerin (BCG) therapy. Materials and Methods In this multicenter study, we reviewed the data of patients treated for high-risk NMIBC between 2005 and 2012. Patients without a muscle-invasive cancer on second TUR and received induction BCG and at least one year of maintenance BCG therapy and at least 12 months of follow-up after completion of maintenance BCG were included. Eff . . .ect of age was analyzed both dichotomously (< 70 or >= 70 years) as well as by 10-year increments. Chi-square test, Student's T-test and analysis of variance (ANOVA) were used for comparison of the groups. Univariate and multivariate logistic regression analyses were performed to identify predictors of recurrence and progression. Results Overall, 242 eligible patients were included. Baseline parameters were similar. With a mean follow-up of 29.4 +/- 22.2 months, neither 3-year recurrence-free survival nor 3-year progression-free survival differed between the age groups when examined either dichotomously or by 10-year increments. Conclusion In high-risk NMIBC patients treated with a second TUR and received maintenance BCG therapy, age was not associated with increased rates of neither recurrence nor progression. Until a randomized prospective clinical trial assess the appropriate adjuvant intravesical therapy in the elderly, elderly patients should probably be treated in the same manner as younger patients Daha fazlası Daha az

Medical Cost Analysis of the Osteoporotic Hip Fractures

Camur, Savas | Kilinc, Bekir Eray | Sonmez, Mehmet Mesut | Celik, Haluk | Oc, Yunus


Objective: Osteoporotic hip fractures decrease the life expectancy for 20% about 20-50% of the patients become permanently dependent in terms of walking for the rest of their life. Life expectancy is increasing in Turkey in the last 20 years. We investigated the impact of osteoporotic hip fractures which increase the morbidity and mortality on the national economy. Materials and Methods: A total of 81 patients admitted to our emergency department with the diagnosis of femur intertrochanteric fracture and femoral neck fracture between 2008 and 2012 were included in this study. We retrospectively evaluated the medical records and the . . .medical costs of these patients from hospital information management system. Results: Of the 81 patients 32 (39.6%) males and 49 (60.4%) females meeting the inclusion criteria were included in this study. The mean age was 80.1 years (range, 61-103). Twenty-three (27.5%) patients had femoral neck fracture and 58 (72.5%) patients had intertrochanteric femur fracture. The mean length of hospital stay was 13.4 days in intertrochanteric femur fracture and 15.5 days in femoral neck fracture; average of the total days of hospitalization of all patients was 13.9 days. The average treatment cost per patient was 5,912.36 TL for intertrochanteric fractures, 5,753.00 TL for neck fractures, and 5,863.09 TL for the whole patient population. Conclusion: Hip fracture is a substantial cause of morbidity and mortality in elderly. Taking preventive measures before the fracture occurs may help to prevent this problem which has a high cost treatment and which is a substantial burden for the national economy Daha fazlası Daha az

Knowledge, Attitudes and Behaviors of Adults Applying to Primary Health Care Organizations on the Harmful Effects of the Sun and the Ways of Protection

Balci, Elcin | Durmus, Hasan | Arslantas, Ebru Ergun | Gun, Iskender


Objective: It was aimed to determine the knowledge, attitudes and behaviors of individuals on the harmful effects of the sun and protection ways. Methods: This research is descriptive and cross-sectional. The study was completed with the participation of 1634 individuals. As a data collection tool, a questionnaire including of 23 questions was used. Results: 30.4% (n=496) of the individuals had sufficient knowledge about the harmful effects of sun. Those who were educated more than eight years had knowledge about the harmful effects of sunlight twice as much than those who were educated less. In their daily lives, the time they have . . . been exposed to sun was evaluated to be less than one hour, 1-3 hours, 4 hours and over, and results were determined 20.7%, 46.3%, and 33.0% respectively. The rate of using sunscreen cream is 40.3%; when evaluated according to gender, women were found to use twice as many sunscreen creams as men and this rate were found 54.4% and 24.2% respectively. Conclusion: It can be said that the knowledge and behaviors of the community about how to protect themselves about the harmful effects of the sun are inadequate. The fact that the health authorities is drawn attention to this subject for raising awareness of community, warned about the subject by all health workers, especially physicians, will be effective in protecting future generations from skin diseases caused by the sun influences Daha fazlası Daha az

Evaluation of cardiac functions by tissue Doppler echocardiography in the long term follow-up of patients with childhood Hodgkin Lymphoma

Bozkurt, Ceyhun | Orun, Utku Arman | Ertem, Ayse Ulya | Ocal, Burhan | Sahin, Gurses | Yuksek, Nazmiye | Ozdemir, Sonay Incesoy


Aim: Treatment-associated cardiomyopathy which is one of the side effects of treatment, can be asymptomatic in Hodgkin lymphoma patients. The aim of this study was to find out whether tissue Doppler echocardiography was superior to conventional echocardiography in determining potential cardiac problems in the patients diagnosed with Hodgkin lymphoma. Material and Method: A total of 17 Hodgkin lymphoma patients (12 males, 5 females), and whose treatment had been stopped for at least 4 years were being followed-up with disease-free status and without cardiac symptoms and a control group of 14 healthy persons (8 males, 6 females) were . . .included in the study. The cardiac functions of the patients were evaluated by M-mode, 2 dimentional, colour Doppler, CW Doppler and pulse Doppler techniques. Data analyzes were evaluated by program of Statistical Package for Social Science for Windows 11.5, and Shapiro Wilk, Student's t testi, Mann Whitney U, Fisher's exact chi square tests, respectively. Hospital ethic committee consent was received for the study (07.05.2007/no:5639). Results: There were no statistical differences between the two groups (p=0.302 and p=0.860 respectively) when both groups were evaluated in terms of ejection fraction and fraction shortening by conventional echocardiography technique. Evaluation of both groups for the left ventricle isovolumic contraction time revealed a statistically significant longer time in the patient group compared with the control group (p: 0.038). The results were found longer in the patient group compared with the control group when both groups were evaluated in terms of myocardial performance index parameters and the left ventricle isovolumic contraction time parameters (p=0.029 and p=0.049, respectively). Conclusions: We concluded that the left ventricle isovolumic contraction time, the left ventricle isovolumic acceleration time and myocardial performance index tests are important parameters for the early detection of cardiac pathologies that may develop in relation to chemotherapy. (Turk Arch Ped 2011; 46:228-33 Daha fazlası Daha az

Two Cases of Excessive Internet Use with Comorbid Family Relationship Problems

Senormanci, Omer | Konkan, Ramazan | Guclu, Oya | Senormanci, Guliz


Investigation of Predictive Value of Complete Blood Count in the Diagnosis of Acute Complicated Appendicitis

Gunay, Yusuf | Tasdoven, Ilhan | Kozan, Ramazan | Koca, Sukran | Caglar, Emrah

Article | 2019 | HASEKI TIP BULTENI-MEDICAL BULLETIN OF HASEKI57 ( 1 ) , pp.26 - 31

Aim: Whether it is possible to differentiate complicated from uncomplicated acute appendicitis (AA) by using complete blood count (CBC) is controversial. In this study, we analysed the predictive value of CBC in differentiating complicated from uncomplicated AA. Methods: In this retrospective study, we analyzed records of patients who underwent appendectomy in our clinic between January 1, 2015 and January 1, 2018. The demographic data and CBC reports were collected. Results: Two hundred thirty-five patients underwent appendectomy due to AA. Of the 235 patients, 164 (69.8%) had non-complicated and 71 (30.2%) had complicated AA. The . . .mean white blood count (WBC), red cell distribution width (RDW), platelet and plateletcrit count were significantly higher in patients with complicated AA than in those with uncomplicated AA (p=0.001; Daha fazlası Daha az

Which Factors Affect the Hospital Re-admission After Treatment Approaches to Urethral Strictures?

Girgin, Reha

Article | 2017 | JOURNAL OF UROLOGICAL SURGERY4 ( 4 ) , pp.171 - 176

Objective: To investigate patient-and procedure-related factors associated with hospital re-admission following urethral manipulations for the treatment of urethral strictures. Materials and Methods: Data of patients who underwent dilation or internal urethrotomy for urethral strictures between 2011 and 2016 were retrospectively analyzed. Patients who were admitted to our institute for any reason within one month after hospital discharge were evaluated. The patient-and procedure-related factors affecting the readmission rates were revealed by multiple binary logistic regression using stepwise backward elinimination. Results: The ave . . .rage age of 76 male patients was 61.7 +/- 14.4 years. The mean maximal flow rate at preoperative uroflowmetry was 6.01 +/- 4.3 and the median American Society of Anesthesiologists score was 2.38. The process was the first for 45 (59.2%) patients, the second for 16 (21.1%) patients, the third for 9 (11.8%) patients, and the fourth for 6 (7.9%) patients. Amplatz dilators, cold knife and Ho: YAG laser were used in 50%, 27.6% and 22.4% of patients, respectively. The mean length of hospital stay was 0.89 +/- 0.31 days, and the complication rate was 19.7% (15/76). The mean urethral catheter dwell time was 8.9 +/- 14.2 day. Overall, the procedure was successful in 61 (80.3%) patients and failed (Q(max) < 15 mL/sec) in 19.7% of the cases. Fifteen (19.7%) patients were re-admitted, while 2 (2.6%) patients among them were re-hospitalized for further treatment. Comorbidity and age were independent predictors of re-admission. Conclusion: We found that younger age and lower comorbidities predicted hospital re-admission following procedures for urethral strictures Daha fazlası Daha az

Effects of Preoperative Anxiety and General Anesthetic Administration on Intraoperative Awareness in Patients Undergoing Cesarean Section

Gencoglu, Nliay Nur | Kucukosman, Gamze | Aydin, Bengu Golhan | Okyay, Dilek Rahsan | Piskin, Ozcan | Sezer, Ustun | Harma, Mehmet Ibrahim

Article | 2019 | HASEKI TIP BULTENI-MEDICAL BULLETIN OF HASEKI57 ( 2 ) , pp.114 - 121

Aim: The aim was to investigate the effects of preoperative anxiety and general anesthetic administrations on intraoperative awareness among patients undergoing cesarean section. Methods: This prospective randomized study included 90 pregnant subjects. Preoperative anxiety was assessed using the Beck Anxiety Inventory. The patients were divided into three groups: group P received propofol 2.5 mg/kg, group T thiopental 5 mg/kg and group K received ketamine 1 mg/kg. Data on intraoperative hemodynamics, isolated forearm (IFA) responses and time to first pain and to first analgesic requirement evaluated using postoperative numerical rat . . .ing scale were recorded. The Modified Brice Scale (MBS) was used to assess awareness. Results: The preoperative anxiety levels in the groups were low and demographic data were similar (p>0.05). There was no statistically significant difference in IFA response between the groups (p>0.05). Group T had higher MAP at all times and NRS values at hour 0 compared to the other groups ( Daha fazlası Daha az

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