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Transitioning into a ‘throwaway planet’

McCollough J. | Bayramoglu M.F. | He M.

Makale | 2018 | International Journal of Consumer Studies42 ( 1 ) , pp.131 - 140

It is generally considered to be safer for the environment to repair a malfunctioning product for further reuse than to dispose of it and replace it with a newly manufactured product, unless the product is being replaced with a more energy efficient alternative. However, whereas United States has long been labelled a ‘throwaway society’, this paper presents the results of an international consumer survey which demonstrates that as other nations develop with respect to GDP per Capita (Gross Domestic Product per Capita), they too start transitioning into throwaway societies. This transition then calls into account of just how environm . . .entally damaging this practice will become. © 2017 John Wiley & Sons Lt Daha fazlası Daha az

Succinylcholine or rocuronium? A meta-analysis of the effects on intubation conditions

Karcioglu O. | Arnold J. | Topacoglu H. | Ozucelik D.N. | Kiran S. | Sonmez N.

Gözden Geçirme | 2006 | International Journal of Clinical Practice60 ( 12 ) , pp.1638 - 1646

This meta-analysis was undertaken to compare the effects of succinylcholine (SCH) and rocuronium (RCR) on endotracheal intubation (ETI) conditions. Eligible randomised controlled trials (RCTs) were identified via medline and a manual search of references. The frequencies of excellent and unacceptable ETI conditions in subjects receiving SCH 1.0-1.5mg/kg and RCR 0.6-1.2mg/kg were determined using standard statistical methods. Inclusion criteria were met by 16 RCTs, representing 1362 subjects. SCH was associated with a 17.7% increase (95% CI = 13-22) in the frequency of excellent ETI conditions and a 5.1% decrease (95% CI = 7.3 to -2. . . .9) in the frequency of unacceptable ETI conditions, when compared with RCR. In the subgroup undergoing true rapid sequence intubation, SCH was associated with a 19.1% increase (95% CI = 13.7-24.5) in the frequency of excellent ETI conditions. SCH appears to be superior to RCR in creating excellent ETI conditions and avoiding unacceptable ETI conditions. © 2006 The Authors Journal compilation © 2006 Blackwell Publishing Ltd Daha fazlası Daha az

Attitudes to ageing and their relationship with quality of life in older adults in Turkey

Korkmaz Aslan G. | Kulakçı AltıntaŞ H. | Özen Çınar İ. | Veren F.

Makale | 2019 | Psychogeriatrics19 ( 2 ) , pp.157 - 164

Aim: With the increase in life expectancy, it has become necessary to expand our knowledge of how older individuals perceive their own ageing and how ageing affects their quality of life. The aim of the study was to determine older adults’ attitudes towards ageing and the relationship between attitudes and quality of life among community-dwelling older adults in Turkey. Methods: This cross-sectional and correlational study was conducted in Zonguldak, Turkey. The sample included 999 community-dwelling older adults, who were selected from five family health centres. The data were collected between April and June 2015 by using the Atti . . .tudes to Aging Questionnaire and the World Health Organization Quality of Life Instrument-Older Adults Module. A hierarchical multiple regression analysis was conducted to test the predictive value of attitude to ageing on quality of life. Results: Multiple regression analysis revealed that the subscales of Attitudes to Ageing Questionnaire (psychosocial loss (ß = -0.289), physical change (ß = 0.296), and psychological growth (ß = 0.279)) were statistically significant predictors of quality of life. Attitudes to ageing explained 46.6% of the quality of life among community-dwelling older adults in Turkey (R 2 = 0.466). Conclusion: The significant impact of attitudes to ageing on quality of life suggests the need for better recognition of attitudes to ageing in older adults. © 2018 Japanese Psychogeriatric Societ Daha fazlası Daha az

Topiramate induced metabolic acidosis [7]

Ozer Y. | Altunkaya H.

Mektup | 2004 | Anaesthesia59 ( 8 ) , pp.157 - 164

[No abstract available]

Assessment of knowledge and attitudes of dental students in regard to child abuse in Turkey

Hazar Bodrumlu E. | Avşar A. | Arslan S.

Makale | 2018 | European Journal of Dental Education22 ( 1 ) , pp.40 - 46

Introduction: Child abuse is a serious public problem. Signs of abuse are often present in the oro-facial region and dentists are in a strategic position to recognise and report suspected cases. The aim of this study was to investigate dental students’ knowledge about and attitudes towards child abuse. Material and methods: This study was performed at the Faculty of Dentistry of the Ondokuz Mayis University. The data were collected through a self-report questionnaire administered to dental students (137 female/111 male) in three different dental classes (third, fourth and fifth study years) and grouped by considering those students . . .who have been training in the school year of 2013. The definition of physical and social indicators of abuse, awareness regarding legal and ethical responsibilities, students’ experience and requests made by students were evaluated by the students’ response to questions put in the questionnaire. Descriptive statistics and chi-square tests were performed to analyse the questionnaire data. Results: The questionnaire completion rate was 100%. About 67.74% of the third year, 40.71% of the fourth year and 16.67% of the fifth year believed that they could detect child abuse cases. However, results indicated a major lack of knowledge of social indicators, signs of physical abuse and reporting procedure amongst all respondents. The assessment of the total correct answers exhibited significant differences amongst third-, fourth- and fifth-year students’ answers. Fifth-year students had the highest rate of correct responses (P < 0.05). Most students wanted to receive more knowledge about this topic. Conclusion: Dental students in Turkey are not sufficiently prepared for their role in diagnosing suspected cases of child abuse. © 2016 John Wiley & Sons A/S. Published by John Wiley & Sons Lt Daha fazlası Daha az

Assessment of interferometric dems from terrasar-X stripmap and spotlight stereopairs: Case study in Istanbul

Sefercik U.G. | Yastikli N.

Makale | 2014 | Photogrammetric Record29 ( 146 ) , pp.224 - 240

TerraSAR-X (TSX) has led to a new era for synthetic aperture radar (SAR) imaging, offering high-resolution (1 m) data that was not previously available from space. The TSX X-band sensor can be operated in three interferometrically compatible imaging modes: Stripmap (SM), high-resolution Spotlight (HS) and ScanSAR. Due to the low resolution of ScanSAR (16 to 30 m), SM and HS images are preferred for resolution-based applications. This paper attempts to validate and compare the digital elevation models (DEMs) derived from TSX SM and HS image pairs. Digital surface models (DSMs) were generated by interferometry in a part of Istanbul wi . . .th a variety of ground types. These DSMs were converted to DEMs by filtering and then compared with a reference DEM produced from aerial photographs. The quality assessment was performed using advanced analyses concerned with accuracy and morphologic detail. The results of both absolute and relative accuracy analyses clearly reveal that the quality of the TSX HS DEM is better than SM and very consistent with the reference model. © 2014 The Remote Sensing and Photogrammetry Society and John Wiley & Sons Ltd Daha fazlası Daha az

Internalized stigma in psoriasis: A multicenter study

Alpsoy E. | Polat M. | FettahlıoGlu-Karaman B. | Karadag A.S. | Kartal-Durmazlar P. | YalCın B. | Emre S.

Makale | 2017 | Journal of Dermatology44 ( 8 ) , pp.885 - 891

Internalized stigma is the adoption of negative attitudes and stereotypes of the society regarding a person's illness. It causes decreased self-esteem and life-satisfaction, increased depression and suicidality, and difficulty in coping with the illness. The primary aim of this study was to investigate the internalized stigma state of psoriatic patients and to identify the factors influencing internalized stigma. The secondary aim was to identify the correlation of internalized stigma with quality of life and perceived health status. This multicentre, cross-sectional study comprised 1485 patients. There was a significant positive co . . .rrelation between mean values of Psoriasis Internalized Stigma Scale (PISS) and Psoriasis Area and Severity Index, Body Surface Area, Dermatological Life Quality Index and General Health Questionnaire-12 (P < 0.001 in all). Lower percieved health score (P = 0.001), early onset psoriasis (P = 0.016), family history of psoriasis (P = 0.0034), being illiterate (P < 0.001) and lower income level (P < 0.001) were determinants of high PISS scores. Mean PISS values were higher in erythrodermic and generalized pustular psoriasis. Involvement of scalp, face, hand, genitalia and finger nails as well as arthropathic and inverse psoriasis were also related to significantly higher PISS scores (P = 0.001). Our findings imply that psoriatic patients experience high levels of internalized stigma which are associated with psoriasis severity, involvement of visible body parts, genital area, folds or joints, poorer quality of life, negative perceptions of general health and psychological illnesses. Therefore, internalized stigma may be one of the major factors responsible from psychosocial burden of the disease. © 2017 Japanese Dermatological Associatio Daha fazlası Daha az

Evaluation of tularaemia courses: A multicentre study from Turkey

Erdem H. | Ozturk-Engin D. | Yesilyurt M. | Karabay O. | Elaldi N. | Celebi G. | Korkmaz N.

Makale | 2014 | Clinical Microbiology and Infection20 ( 12 ) , pp.885 - 891

In this multicentre study, which is the largest case series ever reported, we aimed to describe the features of tularaemia to provide detailed information. We retrospectively included 1034 patients from 41 medical centres. Before the definite diagnosis of tularaemia, tonsillitis (n = 653, 63%) and/or pharyngitis (n = 146, 14%) were the most frequent preliminary diagnoses. The most frequent clinical presentations were oropharyngeal (n = 832, 85.3%), glandular (n = 136, 13.1%) and oculoglandular (n = 105, 10.1%) forms. In 987 patients (95.5%), the lymph nodes were reported to be enlarged, most frequently at the cervical chain jugular . . .(n = 599, 58%), submandibular (n = 401, 39%), and periauricular (n = 55, 5%). Ultrasound imaging showed hyperechoic and hypoechoic patterns (59% and 25%, respectively). Granulomatous inflammation was the most frequent histological finding (56%). The patients were previously given antibiotics for 1176 episodes, mostly with ß-lactam/ß-lactamase inhibitors (n = 793, 76%). Antituberculosis medications were provided in seven (2%) cases. The patients were given rational antibiotics for tularaemia after the start of symptoms, with a mean of 26.8 ± 37.5 days. Treatment failure was considered to have occurred in 495 patients (48%). The most frequent reasons for failure were the production of suppuration in the lymph nodes after the start of treatment (n = 426, 86.1%), the formation of new lymphadenomegalies under treatment (n = 146, 29.5%), and persisting complaints despite 2 weeks of treatment (n = 77, 15.6%). Fine-needle aspiration was performed in 521 patients (50%) as the most frequent drainage method. In conclusion, tularaemia is a long-lasting but curable disease in this part of the world. However, the treatment strategy still needs optimization. © 2014 European Society of Clinical Microbiology and Infectious Diseases Daha fazlası Daha az

Audiometric correlations with pathologies of ossicular chain in 159 ears with chronic otitis media

Dinç A.E. | Damar M. | Erdem D. | Eliçora S.Ş. | Akyıldız İ. | Kumbul Y.Ç.

Mektup | 2016 | Clinical Otolaryngology41 ( 6 ) , pp.817 - 821

[No abstract available]

GPS detection of ionospheric Rayleigh wave and its source following the 2012 Haida Gwaii earthquake

Jin S. | Jin R. | Li D.

Makale | 2017 | Journal of Geophysical Research: Space Physics122 ( 1 ) , pp.1360 - 1372

The processes and sources of seismo-ionospheric disturbances are still not clear. In this paper, coseismic ionospheric disturbances (CIDs) are investigated by dual-frequency GPS observations following the Mw = 7.8 earthquake as results of the oblique-thrust fault in the Haida Gwaii region, Canada, on 28 October 2012. Results show that the CIDs with an amplitude of up to 0.15 total electron content units (TECU) are found with spreading out at 2.20 km/s, which agree well with the Rayleigh wave propagation speed at 2.22 km/s detected by the bottom pressure records at about 10 min after the onset. The CIDs are a result of the upward pro . . .pagation acoustic waves trigged by the Rayleigh wave in sequence from near field to far field. The strong correlation is found between the CIDs and the vertical ground motion recorded by seismometers nearby the epicenter. The total electron content (TEC) series from lower-elevation angle GPS observations have higher perturbation amplitudes. Furthermore, the simulated ionospheric disturbance following a vertical Gauss pulse on the ground based on the finite difference time domain method confirms the ionospheric Rayleigh wave signature in the near field and the vertical ground motion dependence theoretically. The vertical ground motion is the dominant source of the ionospheric Rayleigh wave and affects the CID waveform directly. ©2017. American Geophysical Union. All Rights Reserved Daha fazlası Daha az

Carotid intima-media thickness in chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and survival: A multicenter prospective study

Gulbas G. | Turan O. | Sarioglu N. | Diken O.E. | Ogan N. | Ekbic Kadioglu E. | Kurtipek E.

Makale | 2019 | Clinical Respiratory Journal13 ( 6 ) , pp.391 - 399

Introduction: Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) is associated with increased cardiovascular morbidity and mortality. Carotid intima-media thickness (CIMT) is a noninvasive method assessing atherosclerosis. Objective: It was aimed to determine relationship and survival between COPD and CIMT. Methods: CIMT was measured using Doppler ultrasound (USG) in 668 stable COPD patients at 24 centers. Patients were followed-up for 2 years. Results: There were 610 patients who completed the study. There were 200 patients CIMT with <0.78 mm (group 1), and 410 with CIMT ? 0.78 mm (group 2). There was a significant difference at the p . . .arameters of age, gender, smoking load, biomass exposure, GOLD groups and degree of airway obstruction (FEV1) between groups 1 and 2. Our results revealed positive correlations between mean CIMT and age, smoking load (pack-years), biomass exposure (years), exacerbation rate (last year), duration of hypertension (years) and cholesterol level; negative correlations between CIMT and FEV1 (P < 0.05). According to logistic regression model, compared with group A, risk of CIMT increase was 2.2-fold in group B, 9.7-fold in group C and 4.4-fold in group D (P < 0.05). Risk of CIMT increase was also related with cholesterol level (P < 0.05). Compared with infrequent exacerbation, it was 2.8-fold in the patients with frequent exacerbation (P < 0.05). The mean survival time was slightly higher in group 1, but not significant (23.9 vs 21.8 months) (P > 0.05). Conclusion: This study is the first regarding CIMT with combined GOLD assessment groups. It has revealed important findings supporting the increase in atherosclerosis risk in COPD patients. We recommend Doppler USG of the carotid artery in COPD patients at severe stages. © 2019 John Wiley & Sons Lt Daha fazlası Daha az

Effect of sildenafil on platelet function and platelet cGMP of patients with erectile dysfunction

Akand M. | Gencer E. | Yaman O. | Erişgen G. | Tekin D. | Özdiler E.

Makale | 2015 | Andrologia47 ( 10 ) , pp.1098 - 1102

To investigate the effect of sildenafil on platelet function and cyclic guanosine monophosphate (cGMP) levels in patients with erectile dysfunction, we evaluated the association between erectile function and platelet responses after administration of 100 mg sildenafil. Erectile responses were monitored after 8 daily doses of the drug. Adenosine diphosphate (ADP) and collagen-induced platelet aggregation and simultaneous adenosine triphosphate (ATP) release and cGMP levels were determined before and after sildenafil therapy. Basal levels for platelet aggregation, ATP release and cGMP were compared with age-matched controls. There was . . . no difference among basal levels of platelet responses between patients and controls, except for ADP-induced platelet aggregation (P = 0.04). It was significantly higher in the patient group. Analysis of the responses to sildenafil revealed that for the patients who showed a positive erectile response, there was a significant increase in platelet cGMP (P = 0.028) and a decrease in ADP-induced platelet aggregation (P = 0.04). However, for those who showed a negative or poor erectile response, there was no change in platelet cGMP levels and platelet functions. Sildenafil did not affect collagen-induced platelet responses although cGMP levels of the responders increased. It is concluded that sildenafil increases platelet cGMP in the patients with positive erectile response. Therefore, it has been speculated that platelet cGMP may be used as an index for erectile response. © 2015 Blackwell Verlag GmbH Daha fazlası Daha az

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