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Atypical presentation of Kaposi's sarcoma in the external ear.

Babuccu O. | Kargi E. | Hoşnuter M. | Dogan B.G.

Makale | 2003 | Kulak burun bogaz ihtisas dergisi : KBB = Journal of ear, nose, and throat11 ( 1 ) , pp.17 - 20

We presented a case of Kaposi's sarcoma that occurred in the external ear of a 36-year-old Caucasian man. He was otherwise healthy without a history of any predisposing factors. He had a nodular lesion in the left ear, of three-month duration. The lesion was excised completely. Histologic and immunohistologic findings were consistent with a diagnosis of Kaposi's sarcoma. Serologic analyses were negative for anti-HIV antibody and anti-cytomegalovirus IgM and IgG and blood count was normal. Differential count of leucocytes and immunoglobulin electrophoresis were normal. During a two-year follow-up, no recurrences, development of new l . . .esions, or HIV seroconversion were detected. To our knowledge, this case is the first to report a solitary lesion of Kaposi's sarcoma occurring in the helix of the ear in a healthy young patient Daha fazlası Daha az

Hemangioma of the nasal bone: a case report.

Kargi E. | Babuccu O. | Hoşnuter M. | Babuccu B.

Makale | 2005 | Kulak burun bogaz ihtisas dergisi : KBB = Journal of ear, nose, and throat14 ( 01.Feb ) , pp.32 - 34

Hemangiomas of the bone account for 0.7% of all bone tumors. The craniofacial region is a rare site of involvement, with the mandible, zygoma, and maxilla being the most frequently affected areas. Hemangioma of the nasal bone is very rare. A 60-year-old male patient presented with complaints of difficult breathing through the nasal airway and a slowly growing hard mass at the nasion with a history of 10 years. Computed tomography demonstrated a round mass involving the left nasal bone with submucosal extension. An en bloc excision of the mass and its extension was performed. Histopathological examination showed two neighboring tumor . . .s, cavernous hemangioma of the bone and arteriovenous malformation of the nasal mucosa. During a-year follow-up, the patient had no complaints and the functional and cosmetic results were excellent Daha fazlası Daha az

Evaluation of the Effect of Bosentan-Mediated Endothelin Receptor Blockade on Flap Survival in Rats: An Experimental Study

Görgülü T. | Guler R. | Olgun A. | Torun M. | Kargi E.

Makale | 2016 | Facial Plastic Surgery32 ( 4 ) , pp.431 - 437

Local skin flaps are important tools for performing plastic surgery. Skin flaps are used for closure of defects after tumor excision or in tissue losses after trauma. However, problems associated with these flaps are commonly encountered, particularly in areas of marginal necrosis. Bosentan is a vasodilator that exerts its effect through endothelin receptor blockade, and has been shown to prevent ischemic tissue damage. However, no reports have addressed the effect of bosentan on skin flaps. The aim of the study was to investigate the effects of bosentan, which may be applied clinically to promote survival of ischemic skin flaps. A . . .modified McFarlane flap was elevated in the dorsum of 20 Albino Wistar rats with a width-to-length ratio of 3 to 10 cm, respectively, with the caudal base. Perioperatively, 0.9% of physiologic NaCl and injectable distilled water of identical volume were injected into rats in Group 1 (n = 10), and 5 mg/kg bosentan was injected intraperitoneally into rats in Group 2 (n = 10). All of the rats were followed up for 7 days postoperatively. The surviving parts of the flaps were measured at the end of day 7. Acute and chronic inflammation, amount of granulation tissue, fibroblast maturation, amount of collagen, and amounts of reepithelialization and neovascularization present in the ischemic zones of the distal parts of the flaps were evaluated histopathologically, and results were compared statistically. The mean flap survivals were 61.1% in Group 1 and 91.1% in Group 2; the percentage of the surviving flap area in Group 2 was higher than that in Group 1 (p < 0.005). In both groups, there was significantly less acute inflammation in the ischemic zones in Group 2 than in Group 1 (p < 0.005). No significant difference was found in the amounts of chronic inflammation and granulation tissue between the two groups (p > 0.005). Fibroblast maturation, amount of collagen, and amounts of reepithelialization and neovascularization investigated in Group 2 were statistically significantly higher than those in Group 1 (p < 0.005). We believe that bosentan may be used prophylactically to increase survival in risky skin flaps because it decreases ischemic necrosis distal to skin flaps, thus exerting favorable effects on flap survival. © 2016 by Thieme Medical Publishers Daha fazlası Daha az

Benign Fibrous Histiocytoma of the Eyelid with An Unusual Clinical Presentation

Kargi E. | Kargi Ş. | Gün B. | Hoşnuter M. | Altinyazar C. | Aktunç E.

Makale | 2004 | Journal of Dermatology31 ( 1 ) , pp.27 - 31

Benign fibrous histiocytoma is a common soft tissue tumor that can be deep or superficially located. Although the deep type of fibrous histiocytoma has a predilection for the orbit, the eyelids are an unusual location for the cutaneous type. A 42-year-old woman had bilateral yellowish nodular masses of the eyelids for two years. Pathological examination after excision revealed benign fibrous histiocytoma. Our case is an unusual clinical presentation of cutaneous fibrous histiocytoma as well as a rare location such as the eyelids.

A fast, easy circumcision procedure combining a CO2 laser and cyanoacrylate adhesive: A non-randomized comparative trial

Gorgulu T. | Olgun A. | Torun M. | Kargi E.

Makale | 2016 | International Braz J Urol42 ( 1 ) , pp.113 - 117

Background: Circumcision is performed as a routine operation in many countries, more commonly for religious and cultural reasons than for indicated conditions, such as phimosis and balanitis. There are many techniques available, and recently electrocautery and both Nd:YAG and CO2 lasers, instead of blades, have been used for skin and mucosal incisions. However, the infection risk in circumcisions performed using a CO2 laser was 10% higher. There are also reports of sutureless procedures using cyanoacrylate, but these have higher risks of hematoma and hemorrhage. We combined a CO2 laser and cyanoacrylate to shorten the operation time . . . and to decrease bleeding complications. Materials and Methods: Circumcisions were performed under general anesthesia with CO2 laser and cyanoacrylate combination in 75 6-9-year-old boys between May 2013 and August 2014 only for religious reasons. As a control, we compared them retrospectively with 75 age-matched patients who were circumcised using the conventional guillotine method in our clinic. Results: No hematomas, bleeding, or wound infections were observed. One wound dehiscence (1.33%) occurred during the early postoperative period and healed without any additional procedures. The median operating time was 7 (range 6-9) minutes. The conventional guillotine group comprised one hematoma (1.3%), two wound dehiscences (2.6%), and two hemorrhages (2.6%), and the median operating time was 22 (range 20-26) minutes. The difference in surgical time was significant (p < 0.001), with no significant difference in the rate of complications between the two groups. Conclusion: The combined CO2 laser and cyanoacrylate procedure not only decreased the operating time markedly, but also eliminated the disadvantages associated with each individual procedure alone Daha fazlası Daha az

The effect of combined use of vitamin C, vitamin E, and ibuprofen on flap viability: an experimental study [C vitamini, E vitamini ve ibuprofenin birlikte kullanilmasinin flep yaşamina etkisi: Deneysel çalişma.]

Kargi E. | Babuccu O. | Hoşnuter M. | Payasli C. | Ayoglu F.

Makale | 2005 | Kulak burun bogaz ihtisas dergisi : KBB = Journal of ear, nose, and throat14 ( 05.Jun ) , pp.116 - 120

OBJECTIVES: Many studies have been carried out to investigate the individual effects of vitamin C, vitamin E, and ibuprofen on flap viability, with favorable results. This study aimed to determine the effect of combined use of these agents on flap viability. DESIGN AND METHODS: Sixty Wistar rats weighing 250-300 grams were divided into six groups, equal in number, to receive saline solution (group 1, control), vitamin C (group 2), vitamin E (group 3), vitamin C and E (group 4), ibuprofen (group 5), and vitamin C, vitamin E, and ibuprofen (group 6). Following ketamine anesthesia, a caudally based reverse McFarlane flap on the back of . . . the rats, 3x10 cm in size, was elevated and sutured back. The agents were administered intraperitoneally once daily for seven days, after which viable flap areas were estimated. RESULTS: The percentages of the viable area of the flaps in groups 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6 were 58.0%, 68.1%, 61.4%, 73.4%, 69.1%, and 80.5%, respectively. The use of vitamin C, vitamin E, and ibuprofen in combination resulted in a significantly greater flap viability compared to individual uses. CONCLUSION: Administering vitamin E and vitamin C together has a greater effect on flap viability than used alone; however, the benefit is the greatest with the addition of ibuprofen Daha fazlası Daha az

Silicone gel sheet dressing for sclerodermatous type chronic graft-versus-host-disease (cGVHD)

Dinçer S.L. | Kargi E. | Dinçer S. | Fitoz F. | Akan H.

Makale | 2004 | Turkish Journal of Haematology21 ( 2 ) , pp.107 - 110

Systemic sclerosis is an autoimmune disease characterized by endothelial cell injury, fibroblast activation and immunological aberrations. Generalized form of the disease involves skin and other organs. Progressive sclerodermatous type cGVHD is the difficult type to treat. Immunosuppressors are the most commonly used treatment regimens. Topical silicone gel sheet (SGS) were first used in the treatment of burn wound and following their initial successes have begun to be used in the treatment of hypertrophic scars and keloids. To best of our knowledge, this is the first patient with extensive sclerodermatous type cGVHD in whom SGS was . . . applied on to the skin of the antecubital region. After a six months application of SGS, the skin of this region was remarkably soft and thick compared to other regions of the arm. The result indicate that SGS may be an useful tool for the treatment of extensive sclerodermatous type cGVHD Daha fazlası Daha az

The accordion suture technique: A modified rhinoplasty spreader flap

Görgülü T. | Özer C.M. | Kargi E.

Makale | 2015 | Journal of Cranio-Maxillofacial Surgery43 ( 6 ) , pp.796 - 802

In rhinoplasties, a spreader flap is a widely used alternative to dorsal reconstruction with spreader grafts; however, it has a limited ability to provide sufficient nasal dorsal width. The upper lateral cartilage (ULC) thickness is four times thinner than a spreader graft. This report presents an accordion suture technique for the ULC that involves simple sutures which fix each ULC (3 times folded) to the septum. We performed this technique in 64 primary rhinoplasties, and the patients were followed up for approximately 18 months. The patients completed a questionnaire 12 months postoperatively, and reported marked satisfaction wit . . .h the aesthetics and function. Furthermore, rhinomanometric analysis showed that nasal airway resistance (NAR) decreased significantly in the postoperative period. © 2015 European Association for Cranio-Maxillo-Facial Surgery Daha fazlası Daha az

Anatomical limits in the cleansing of the nasal cavity in rhinoplasty surgery [3]

Kargi E. | Babuccu B. | Babuccu O. | Peksoy I. | Hosnuter M.

Mektup | 2005 | Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery115 ( 2 ) , pp.657 - 658

[No abstract available]

Multiple eccrine spiradenoma in zosteriform distribution [14]

Altinyazar H.C. | Kargi E. | Özen Ö. | Koca R. | Babucçu O.

Mektup | 2003 | Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery112 ( 3 ) , pp.927 - 928

[No abstract available]

Dual preconditioning: Effects of pharmacological plus ischemic preconditioning on skin flap survival

Hosnuter M. | Babucçu O. | Kargi E. | Altinyazar C.

Makale | 2003 | Annals of Plastic Surgery50 ( 4 ) , pp.398 - 402

To enhance skin flap viability, pharmacological and ischemic preconditioning methods were investigated intensively. This study was designed to determine whether combined local dexamethasone administration and pedicle clamping would result in an additive enhancement of skin flap survival in the rat model. Twenty-eight male Sprague-Dawley rats were included in dexamethasone injection, clamping, clamping plus dexamethasone injection, and control groups. A rectangular random skin flap (3 x 11 cm) was outlined as bipedicled on the back of the animals. The dexamethasone or saline injection points in the flap were standardized. In the dexa . . .methasone injection group, after raising the flaps, a total of 2.5 mg/kg dexamethasone was injected into the flaps. In the ischemic preconditioning group, 1 hour after saline injection, the cranial pedicle was clamped for 20 minutes and then 40 minutes reperfusion was performed. The clamping-plus-dexamethasone injection group was the same as the clamping group except dexamethasone was injected instead of the saline. In the control group, saline was injected instead of dexamethasone. Regardless of the group, all flaps were cut at the cranial side at the end of the 2 hours and were sutured back. On day 7, the surviving area was significantly greater in all experimental groups compared with the control group (p < 0.05). Furthermore, the clamping-plus-dexamethasone group demonstrated the highest flap viability Daha fazlası Daha az

Nevus comedonicus [13]

Kargi E. | Koca R. | Şahin D.A. | Akin A.

Mektup | 2003 | Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery112 ( 4 ) , pp.1183 - 1185

[No abstract available]

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