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Environmental Kuznets Curve: The Evidence from BSEC Countries

Sarac, Senay | Yaglikara, Aykut

Gözden Geçirme | 2017 | EGE ACADEMIC REVIEW17 ( 2 ) , pp.255 - 264

The Environmental Kuznets Curve hypothesis observes the linkage between environmental quality and per capita income. It argues that environmental quality decreases in early periods of GDP growth per capita. But from a certain point it begins to increase. This paper examines the presence of the Environmental Kuznets Curve in Black Sea Economic Cooperation (BSEC) countries by using the variables, energy consumption, CO2 emissions per capita income for the time period of 1992-2012. Panel data is used in order to test if there is a relationship that supports the Environmental Kuznets Curve hypothesis.


Aşirov, Tahir

Gözden Geçirme | 2017 | Uluslararası Türkçe Edebiyat Kültür Eğitim (TEKE) Dergisi6 ( 1 ) , pp.535 - 538

An examination of statistical literacy models and their components

Koparan, Timur

Gözden Geçirme | 2015 | TURKISH JOURNAL OF EDUCATION4 ( 3 ) , pp.16 - 28

In this study, statistical literacy which is gaining importance day by day, statistical literacy models and components are examined. The common goal of these models is to understand how students solved statistical problems. Statistical literacy a new contruct within statistics education and therefore to learn about it, in order to improve assessment and training required special attention to the interference. In recent years, statistical issues in mathematics education programs are given a lot of space than its predecessors. That's why statistical models and components have become important. In this study, two models are used to dev . . .elop statistical literacy examined the models components, similar and different aspects were investigated. This study will create an awareness statistical literacy models and components. At the same time it will be useful for both researchers and teachers for overcoming the difficulties encountered in the teaching of statistics Daha fazlası Daha az

Sign In Me, Muse And Through Me Tell The Story: Greek Culture Performed

Ayaz, Berna

Gözden Geçirme | 2014 | MILLI FOLKLOR ( 103 ) , pp.166 - 168

WOS: 000344580200015

Current management of acute bronchiolitis in Turkey [Türkiye'deki pediatristlerin akut bronşiyolite güncel yaklaşimlari]

Pişkin I.E. | Atay N.E. | Karacan C.D. | Ipek M.Ş. | Yöney A.

Gözden Geçirme | 2007 | Cocuk Sagligi ve Hastaliklari Dergisi50 ( 3 ) , pp.168 - 173

Acute bronchiolitis is the most common lower respiratory tract infection in infants. The aim of this study was to overview the treatment practices of pediatricians in Turkey and to compare them with the current international management approaches. Questionnaires about acute bronchiolitis were distributed to pediatricians in the 49 th National Congress of Pediatrics and 2nd Congress of Pediatric Emergency and Intensive Care. The questionnare described a clinical scenario and this was followed by a list of management questions. Of a total of 300 questionnaires, 160 (53%) were returned. Of the participants, 88% give inhaled salbutamol, . . . and 74% only oxygen or inhaled salbutamol plus oxygen in children with moderate acute bronhiolitis. Pediatricians in state hospitals use steroid (42%) and cold mist therapy (10%) more than in university and training hospitals (p<0.05). Epinephrine administration was significantly lower than in state hospitals and university and training hospitals, respectively at 2% and 5%. The most common survey in acute bronchiolitis was chest radiographs (68%). Antibiotics were prescribed routinely by 10% of state hospital pediatricians and by 6% of university and training hospital pediatricians. In conclusion, in light of the new, randomized, controlled clinical research and meta-analyses, guidelines have to be updated and continuous education provided with evidence-based protocols Daha fazlası Daha az

Succinylcholine or rocuronium? A meta-analysis of the effects on intubation conditions

Karcioglu O. | Arnold J. | Topacoglu H. | Ozucelik D.N. | Kiran S. | Sonmez N.

Gözden Geçirme | 2006 | International Journal of Clinical Practice60 ( 12 ) , pp.1638 - 1646

This meta-analysis was undertaken to compare the effects of succinylcholine (SCH) and rocuronium (RCR) on endotracheal intubation (ETI) conditions. Eligible randomised controlled trials (RCTs) were identified via medline and a manual search of references. The frequencies of excellent and unacceptable ETI conditions in subjects receiving SCH 1.0-1.5mg/kg and RCR 0.6-1.2mg/kg were determined using standard statistical methods. Inclusion criteria were met by 16 RCTs, representing 1362 subjects. SCH was associated with a 17.7% increase (95% CI = 13-22) in the frequency of excellent ETI conditions and a 5.1% decrease (95% CI = 7.3 to -2. . . .9) in the frequency of unacceptable ETI conditions, when compared with RCR. In the subgroup undergoing true rapid sequence intubation, SCH was associated with a 19.1% increase (95% CI = 13.7-24.5) in the frequency of excellent ETI conditions. SCH appears to be superior to RCR in creating excellent ETI conditions and avoiding unacceptable ETI conditions. © 2006 The Authors Journal compilation © 2006 Blackwell Publishing Ltd Daha fazlası Daha az

Unilateral cervical facet fracture: Presentation of two cases and literature review

Kalayci M. | Çagavi F. | Açikgöz B.

Gözden Geçirme | 2004 | Spinal Cord42 ( 8 ) , pp.466 - 472

Study design: Two patients with diagnosis of unilateral cervical facet fracture due to motor vehicle accident (MVA) are presented, and the literature is reviewed. Objective: To discuss the diagnostic difficulties and management strategies in two patients with post-traumatic cervical facet fracture. Setting: Department of Neurosurgery, Zonguldak Karaelmas University, Faculty of Medicine, Turkey. Subject: Nonoperative treatment with immobilization was preferred in two female cases (33-34 years old) with diagnosis of C6-7 facet fracture following MVA. Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) could be performed in acute period in the first case . . ., but not in the second because of inadequate technical condition. Result: The first case with a good compliance to immobilization recovered without any neurological complication. However, the second case mobilized earlier and used a collar irregularly. Instability developed in the second case on the second month and surgical intervention with anterior approach was performed. Conclusion: The diagnosis of unilateral facet fractures is often missed and the treatment is still controversial. The compliance of the patient to cervical immobilization in nonoperative treatment plays a very important role in the development of late complications. MRI in the acute period may be useful in determining instability Daha fazlası Daha az

Is serum angiotensin converting enzyme level a useful non-invasive marker for liver fibrosis in patients with chronic hepatitis c?

Akar T.

Gözden Geçirme | 2018 | Revista da Associacao Medica Brasileira64 ( 3 ) , pp.224 - 229

Objective: Chronic hepatitis C (CHC) continues to be a critical problem. The liver fibrosis score is the most valuable tool in determining treatment and prognosis. Liver biopsy is still considered a gold method but, due to unmet needs, new non-invasive markers are required. The aim of this study was to investigate any possible relationship between serum angiotensin-converting enzyme (ACE) levels and the stages of liver fibrosis in patients with CHC. Method: A total 100 CHC and 100 healthy subjects were enrolled in this study. The relationship between serum ACE level and the stages liver fibrosis was investigated using three differen . . .t formats, as follows: (group [G]-I, classic Ishak’s Score from F1 to F6; G-II, mild [F1-2], moderate [F3-4] and severe [F5-6]; G-III, mild [? F2] and advanced [F > 2]). The clinical usability of serum ACE level for both groups was also investigated. Results: Median serum ACE levels were higher in the healthy group than in CHC (42.5 [7-119] vs. 36 [7-91] U/I, p=0.002). There was no statistical difference among the three different fibrosis groups (G-I, G-II, G-III, p=0.797, p=0.986, and p=0.874) and no correlation between serum ACE level and the stages of liver fibrosis (r=0.026, p=0.923). The usability of serum ACE for evaluated patients with CHC and healthy subjects were calculated as 47% and 64%, respectively. Conclusion: Our study indicated that there is no relationship or correlation between serum ACE levels and stages of liver fibrosis in patients with CHC. The assessment of serum ACE level using genetically corrected reference values may provide more accurate results. © 2018 Associacao Medica Brasileira. All rights reserved Daha fazlası Daha az

Transrectal ultrasound-guided prostate biopsy: Current approach [Transrektal ultrasonografi eşliginde prostat biyopsisi: Mevcut yaklaşım]

Akduman B. | Crawford E.D.

Gözden Geçirme | 2010 | Turk Uroloji Dergisi36 ( 1 ) , pp.25 - 32

Over the past decade, a significant number of modifications have been made to the technique for prostate biopsy. In this report, we reviewed the literature regarding transrectal ultrasound-guided prostate biopsy (TRUS-BX) in terms of the various techniques of prostate biopsy, number of cores, prophylactic antibiotic selection and use, patient preparation and pain-controlling techniques applied before the procedure. The proposed advantages/ disadvantages of transitional zone and seminal vesicle biopsies were also summarized. According to the literature, TRUS-BX rather than transperineal approach should be preferred as the technique o . . .f choice in most men undergoing a prostate biopsy. The laterally directed sextant biopsy and extended biopsy approaches decrease the false-negative rate that occurs with the conventional sextant biopsy approach. As a conclusion, considering the baseline biopsy protocol, the current advice is the use of an extended biopsy scheme (12 biopsy cores without transitional zone). Laterally directed biopsies from the anterior horn should be included. Repeat as well as saturation biopsies should include the transitional zone. Local anesthesia using transrectal ultrasound-guided lidocaine injection provides adequate periprostatic nerve blockage and is recommended to reduce the pain associated with prostate biopsy. Broad-spectrum antibiotic therapy should be administered to reduce the risk of infection Daha fazlası Daha az

Retrospective evaluation of consecutive 165 native arteriovenous fistula operations performed for haemodialysis access [Hemodi·yali·z amaçli gerçekleşti·ri· len ardişik 165 nati·v arteri·yovenöz fi·stül operasyonunun retrospekti·f degerlendi·ri·lmesi·]

Turan S.A. | Büyükateş M. | Kandemir Ö. | Ceylan E. | Kurt T.

Gözden Geçirme | 2007 | Gazi Medical Journal18 ( 2 ) , pp.74 - 77

Background: The aim of this study was to evaluate our arteriovenous fistula experience and success rate and the surgical technique in arteriovenous fistula operations for haemodialysis access. Methods: We retrospectively reviewed 165 consecutive operations for haemodialysis access performed in our department from January 2003 to December 2005. They were evaluated for the type of operation, localization and complications. Results: No grafts were used in this series of 165 consecutive operations. The 6-month patency rates of native fistulas were 90%, 93% and 93% for the snuffbox, radiocephalic and brachiocephalic fistulas, respectivel . . .y. The complication rate was 13% and the most common complication was thrombus formation. Conclusion: For all arteriovenous fistulas, the aim should be a long duration of patency and productivity. Patency rates of brachiocephalic fistulas are comparable to those of radiocephalic fistulas. Native fistulas are reliable, safe and simple procedures with access sites often available in both the forearm and the upper arm Daha fazlası Daha az

Multiparametric or practical quantitative liver MRI: towards millisecond, fat fraction, kilopascal and function era

Unal, Emre | Idilman, Ilkay Sedakat | Karcaaltincaba, Musturay

Gözden Geçirme | 2017 | EXPERT REVIEW OF GASTROENTEROLOGY & HEPATOLOGY11 ( 2 ) , pp.167 - 182

Introduction: New advances in liver magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) may enable diagnosis of unseen pathologies by conventional techniques. Normal T1 (550-620ms for 1.5T and 700-850ms for 3T), T2, T2* (>20ms), T1rho (40-50ms) mapping, proton density fat fraction (PDFF) (5%) and stiffness (2-3kPa) values can enable differentiation of a normal liver from chronic liver and diffuse diseases. Gd-EOB-DTPA can enable assessment of liver function by using postcontrast hepatobiliary phase or T1 reduction rate (normally above 60%). T1 mapping can be important for the assessment of fibrosis, amyloidosis and copper overload. T1rho mapping is pr . . .omising for the assessment of liver collagen deposition. PDFF can allow objective treatment assessment in NAFLD and NASH patients. T2 and T2* are used for iron overload determination. MR fingerprinting may enable single slice acquisition and easy implementation of multiparametric MRI and follow-up of patients.Areas covered: T1, T2, T2*, PDFF and stiffness, diffusion weighted imaging, intravoxel incoherent motion imaging (ADC, D, D* and f values) and function analysis are reviewed.Expert commentary: Multiparametric MRI can enable biopsyless diagnosis and more objective staging of diffuse liver disease, cirrhosis and predisposing diseases. A comprehensive approach is needed to understand and overcome the effects of iron, fat, fibrosis, edema, inflammation and copper on MR relaxometry values in diffuse liver disease Daha fazlası Daha az

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