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Comparison of fingolimod and teriflunomide on the basis of relapse, magnetic resonance imaging and cognition following the switch from injectables in patients with stable multiple sclerosis

Ozakbas, S. | Cinar, B. Piri | Babayev, C.

Konferans nesnesi | 2018 | MULTIPLE SCLEROSIS JOURNAL24 , pp.895 - 896

34th Congress of the European-Committee-for-Treatment-and-Research-in-Multiple-Sclerosis (ECTRIMS) -- OCT 10-12, 2018 -- Berlin, GERMANY WOS: 000446861402287

Effects of phenolic compounds on differentiation of cambium and tracheal elements in graft unions of olive cultivars (Olea europaea L.)

Ozkaya, M. T. | Azimi, M. | Colgecen, H. | Buyukkartal, H. N.

Konferans nesnesi | 2018 | VIII INTERNATIONAL OLIVE SYMPOSIUM1199 , pp.81 - 85

Olive 'Gemlik' has been planted in different ecological zones in Turkey; growers have begun to focus on some problems of yield and quality, and they would like to use grafting (top-working) with local cultivars. Although there is no problem of grafting compatibility between cultivars according to the literature, it has proved very difficult to give advice to growers for top-working because problems have been encountered when grafted local cultivars onto 'Gemlik' rootstock. The plant material used in this study consisted of cultivars 'Ayvalik', 'Domat', 'Gemlik', 'Memecik', 'Nizip Yaglik' and 'Sari Ulak'. These cultivars were grafted . . . (T-budding) onto 1-year-old 'Gemlik' rootstock propagated by cuttings. According to the results of phenolic compound variance analysis, high levels of 4-hydroxyphenylacetic acid, vanillic acid and ferulic acid content were determined in 'Ayvalik', 'Nizip Yaglik' and 'Domat'. As a result, we showed that, during recovery of the graft zone, development of new cambium tissues, vascular connections and sclerenchyma tissues occurred imperfectly in 'Ayvalik', 'Domat' and 'Nizip Yaglik' when grafted onto 'Gemlik' rootstocks. For this reason, the graft zones of these combinations were weak Daha fazlası Daha az

Use of luteal estrogen supplementation in normal responder patients treated with fixed multi dose GnRH antagonist

Ceyhan, T. | Basaran, M. | Duru, N. K. | Goktolga, U. | Yilmaz, A. | Korkmaz, C. | Baser, I.

Konferans nesnesi | 2007 | HUMAN REPRODUCTION22 , pp.81 - 85

23rd Annual Meeting of the European-Society-of-Human-Reproduction-and-Embryology -- JUL 01-04, 2007 -- Lyon, FRANCE WOS: 000255322200307

Geometric evaluation, automated DEM and orthoimage generation from along-track stereo ASTER images

Marangoz, AM | Buyuksalih, G | Buyuksalih, I | Sefercik, UG | Akcin, H

Konferans nesnesi | 2005 | RAST 2005: Proceedings of the 2nd International Conference on Recent Advances in Space Technologies , pp.505 - 510

A cloud-free ASTER scene combination covering 61.5km x 63km Zonguldak testfield in the north-west Turkey has been analysed. It comprises the nadir and backward views with a base-to-height ratio of 0.6. The pixel size on the ground is 15m. The bundle orientation was executed with the related module of PCI Geomatica V9.1.4 software package and resulted the 3D geo-positioning to an accuracy of about 14m in planimetry and 13m in height. This level of accuracy can be provided using the number of GCPs up to 14 which are distributed over the scene uniformly. Based on the scene orientation, a DEM of the area has been determined by an automa . . .tic image matching and PCI system yielded a DEM with 30m cell size. For the validation of extracted DEM, different groups of GCPs selected over the testfield were utilized. In this analysis, GCPs were located in the raster DEM in according to their planimetric coordinates, then the heights are estimated by the bilinear interpolation of the neighboured grid cells. This was done by the program DEMINT and mean square differences was obtained in the range of 12 to 14m. Moreover., matched DEM was checked against reference DEM based on digitised contour lines from the 1:25000 scale topographic maps using program DEMANAL. The discrepancies between the two DEMs were determined as reference DEM minus matched DEM. Then positive biases resulted which show that matched DEM occurred under the reference DEM. These biases appeared also in the superimposition of contours from two DEMs. Image of DZ discrepancies is dispayed as a function of grey values as well and highest residuals occurred mainly at the ridges. In the meantime, RMSE-Z from the comparison of both DEMs obtained very close in the range of +/- 21-22m. Finally, orthoimage was generated using matched DEM and nadir image component of ASTER stereopair without problem. Planimetric accuracy check of this product was realized using the GCPs and shows no systematic error pattern overall Daha fazlası Daha az

Mining industry and sustainability

Kaymakci, E. | Yuece, A. E. | Dogan, T.


20th International Mining Congress and Exhibition of Turkey (IMCET 2007) -- JUN 06-08, 2007 -- Ankara, TURKEY WOS: 000248289300028

The effect of FOXO gene family variants and global DNA methylation on RRMS disease

Edgunlu, T. | Unal, Y. | Celik, S. K. | Genc, O. | Emre, U. | Kutlu, G.

Konferans nesnesi | 2019 | EUROPEAN JOURNAL OF NEUROLOGY26 , pp.667 - 667

5th Congress of the European-Academy-of-Neurology (EAN) -- JUN 29-JUL 02, 2019 -- Oslo, NORWAY WOS: 000474481003033

Utilization of cotton stalks (Gossypium hirsitum L.) as a possible raw material for the particleboard production

Guler C. | Özen R. | Kalaycioglu H.

Konferans nesnesi | 2002 | APPITA Annual General Conference , pp.497 - 501

The objective of this study was to produce particleboards for general purpose use by utilizing stalks of cotton grown in Turkey. Shortage of raw materials in the wood industry resulted in the search for new resources. This is also true for the particleboard industry. It is really necessary to find alternative sources of raw material in order to reduce deforestation. The goal of this study is to investigate the possible contribution to the economy by utilising the cotton stalks in the production of particleboards. It is concluded that the cotton stalks as a cheap raw material compared to woody sources can be used to produce the parti . . .cleboards that can meet with the required standards. Utilization of cotton stalks as a raw material does not only bring solution to the shortage of raw materials in the particleboard industry, but also allows a decrease in deforestation. In this study, water absorption, thickness swelling, bending strength internal bond properties of particleboards produced with cotton stalks at various resin addition levels and density ranges were studied. It was found that the particleboards produced at a 0.60-0.70 g/cm3 density range showed technological properties acceptable to the standards Daha fazlası Daha az

Screening for patients with mild Alzheimer disease using frequency doubling technology perimetry

Aykan U. | Akdemir M.O. | Yildirim O. | Varlibas F.

Konferans nesnesi | 2013 | Neuro-Ophthalmology37 ( 6 ) , pp.239 - 246

We compared the visual field performances of patients with mild Alzheimer disease (AD) with normal subjects and detected visual field impairment attributable to the magnocellular pathway using frequency doubling technology - Matrix (FDT-Matrix). We recruited 43 patients with mild AD (mean age: 68.0±7.2 years) and 33 controls who are visually and cognitively normal (mean age: 64.1±6.4 years). All participants had at least two reliable FDT-Matrix 30-2 tests. Reliability indices, global indices (mean deviation and pattern standard deviation), and glaucoma hemifield test results were measured with FDT-Matrix. The mean test duration was . . .significantly longer in patient group compared with controls (p=0.002). Among the reliability indices, false negatives were higher in patient group than controls (p=0.003). There were statistically significant differences in mean deviation and pattern standard deviation values ( Daha fazlası Daha az

Spontaneous emission of a two-level atom in chiral photonic structures

Akinci N.

Konferans nesnesi | 2014 | Applied Mechanics and Materials446-447 , pp.373 - 377

The spontaneous emission spectrum of a two-level atom in a one-dimensional (1D) anisotropic photonic crystal with symmetry of double helix is investigated using Laplace transform. Properties of spectrum of the radiation modes are discussed in detail under different values of detuning of atomic resonant frequency from a band-edge. Since spontaneous emission is proportional to the density of states (DOS), it is suppressed within the reflection band, corresponding to vanishing of the DOS. However, it is enhanced at the band edge. Therefore, spontaneous emission spectrum of the system is influenced at the edge of the stop band rather th . . .an at its centre. © (2014) Trans Tech Publications, Switzerland Daha fazlası Daha az



Konferans nesnesi | 1994 | PROGRESS IN MINERAL PROCESSING TECHNOLOGY , pp.149 - 152

5th International Mineral Processing Symposium -- SEP 06-08, 1994 -- CAPPADOCIA, TURKEY WOS: A1994BB59T00022

Term of Strategic Entrepreneurship and Schumpeter's Creative Destruction Theory

Tuluce, Nadide Sevil | Yurtkur, Asuman Koc

Konferans nesnesi | 2015 | 11TH INTERNATIONAL STRATEGIC MANAGEMENT CONFERENCE207 , pp.720 - 728

The literature of strategic entrepreneurship is one of the few areas of strategic management writing in which Joseph Schumpeter has argued that entrepreneurs create innovations in the face of competition and thereby generate economic growth. The fundamental question in the field of strategic management is how firms achieve and sustain competitive advantage especially in the work of Schumpeter [1934, 1942] who argued that the main agents of economic growth are the entrepreneurs. The aim of this paper is to summarize and critically review the concept of the strategic entrepreneurship in the light of economics history by creating a bet . . .ter understanding of the intersection of the academic fields of entrepreneurship and strategic management. (C) 2015 The Authors. Published by Elsevier Ltd Daha fazlası Daha az


Akyurt, N. | Karacayli, U. | Yetmez, M. | Pazarlioglu, S. S. | Oktar, F. N.

Konferans nesnesi | 2011 | INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF ARTIFICIAL ORGANS34 ( 8 ) , pp.700 - 700

WOS: 000299017900378

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