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Homework as a metacognitive tool in an undergraduate physics course

Mota, Ana Rita | Korhasan, Nilufer Didis | Miller, Kelly | Mazur, Eric


A considerable body of research shows that individuals who demonstrate a wide variety of metacognitive skills perform better on scientific problem solving. We developed a way of implementing homework in an undergraduate physics course to promote metacognitive skills. This novel homework design includes both an individual and a team phase and was implemented in a team-based learning environment. We developed a coding table to conduct both qualitative and quantitative analyses of students' expressions of metacognitive thinking. Results indicate that students' expressions of metacognitive thinking improved during the term. Data also sh . . .ow that team discussion helps improve metacognitive skills Daha fazlası Daha az

Ottoman-Russion Struggle for Power Over Wallachia and Moldavia from The Treaty of Kaynarca Until The Treaty of Yas

Yuksel, Sinan

Makale | 2019 | BELLETEN83 ( 297 )

Treaty of Kucuk Kaynarca was one that changed all balances for the benefit of Russia and paved the way for the accretion of Crimean Dynasty. In addition, this treaty was qualified enough to be able to rise the influence of Russia in Wallachia and Moldavia. After the implementation of treaty, Russia and the Ottoman Empire began to struggle for power over Crimea and then,regions of Wallachia and Moldavia. By having annexed Crimea in 1783, Russia removed the most important obstacle for expansion towards the Black Sea and the Balkans. The regions of Wallachia and Moldavia became more important for two empires afterwards. While Russia wa . . .s trying to increase its influence by assigning a consul in the region, the Ottoman Empire, being unable to prevent it meantime, tried to disallow the decrease of its power over region by closely following the activities of Principalities of Wallachia and Moldavia, and Russian Consulate. However, the activities of Russian Consulate there and the precedence of Russia in wars held between two empires gradually led the increase of Russian influence over the regions of Wallachia and Moldavia Daha fazlası Daha az

Evaluation of healthcare service quality via Servqual scale: An application on a hospital

Pekkaya, Mehmet | Imamoglu, Oznur Pulat | Koca, Hayriye


Measuring and evaluating the satisfaction level of the individuals who benefit from healthcare services is very important and may assist improving healthcare service quality. Managers and researchers must know the details of healthcare service quality dimensions weak points, and to which degree the weaknesses extend for that institution. The Servqual scale is commonly used in the healthcare service quality assessment. This study aims to measure/evaluate ongoing healthcare service quality and patients satisfaction via Servqual scale with respect to outpatients' view. In this study, a survey based on the Servqual scale is implemented . . .on a hospital in Zonguldak/Turkey, for evaluating perceived and expected healthcare service quality. According to the results, healthcare service quality of the Servqual scale dimension grades differs from each other in at least two dimensions out of five. Tangibles, one of the Servqual dimension is measured as the highest. Results suggest that patients demographically differentiate healthcare service quality in terms of age, income, and service type, but not for gender, marital status, educational level, and profession. Moreover, reliability is observed as the most determinant dimension for outpatients' satisfaction Daha fazlası Daha az

The effect of FOXO gene family variants and global DNA methylation on RRMS disease

Edgunlu, T. | Unal, Y. | Celik, S. K. | Genc, O. | Emre, U. | Kutlu, G.

Konferans nesnesi | 2019 | EUROPEAN JOURNAL OF NEUROLOGY26 , pp.667 - 667

5th Congress of the European-Academy-of-Neurology (EAN) -- JUN 29-JUL 02, 2019 -- Oslo, NORWAY WOS: 000474481003033

Theoretical and experimental investigation of effects of failures on the tensile endurance of elevator ropes [Theoretische und experimentelle Untersuchung der Effekte von Fehlern auf die Dauerzugfestigkeit von Aufzugseilen]

Onur Y.A. | Aycan O.

Makale | 2019 | Materialwissenschaft und Werkstofftechnik50 ( 6 ) , pp.706 - 717

Elevators have an important place in human life just after uprising demands in high rise buildings, skyscraper and luxury residence concepts have surged. Steel wire ropes provide permanent working safety and reliability in the elevator installations. Due to this reason steel wire ropes are one of the vital components of elevators. In this study, effects of discard criteria such as wire breaks, abrasive wear and corrosion where extents of those failures are defined by ISO 4344 standard on the tensile endurance of 6×19 Seale and 8×19 Warrington elevator ropes have been investigated theoretically and experimentally. Tensile endurances . . .of rope samples that have different extents of failure have been determined by using tensile testing machine and comparison is made by undamaged samples for each rope separately. In addition, stress and strain values occurred on the elevator ropes investigated have also been presented. The most critical failure type has been found to be 24 wire breaks for 6×19 Seale rope with fiber core where lifting capacity reduced by 25.99 %. The most critical failure type has been found to be abrasive wear which is 0.1 mm in depth along 100 mm length for 8×19 Warrington rope with independent wire rope core where lifting capacity reduced by 7.93 %. © 2019 Wiley-VCH Verlag GmbH & Co. KGaA, Weinhei Daha fazlası Daha az

Relationships between Turkish Eighth-Grade Students’ Oral Reading Efficacy, Reading Comprehension and Achievement Scores on a High-Stakes Achievement Test

Yildiz M. | Kanik Uysal P. | Bilge H. | Patricia Wolters A. | Saka Y. | Yildirim K. | Rasinski T.

Makale | 2019 | Reading Psychology40 ( 4 ) , pp.329 - 349

The present study aimed to explore the relation between students’ oral reading efficacy, reading comprehension, and academic performance on a nationwide high school placement exam (TEOG). The students were selected from a public middle school. The students’ oral reading efficacy, comprehension, and TEOG achievement scores were obtained to figure out the relations between them. The students’ TEOG results were obtained from the school administration. The findings revealed that there were statistically significant relations between oral reading efficacy, reading comprehension and TEOG achievements. Particularly, students’ reading compr . . .ehension and accuracy skills together explained 57% of variance in overall TEOG achievements. © 2019, © 2019 Taylor & Francis Group, LLC Daha fazlası Daha az


Polatli, Emrah

Makale | 2019 | JOURNAL OF SCIENCE AND ARTS ( 3 ) , pp.575 - 586

In this paper, we give lower and upper bounds for the spectral norms of the r-circulant matrices whose entries are B-n,B-k = k/n((2n)(n - k)) and kB(n,k) = k(2)/n((2n)(n - k)), respectively, where n is an element of N, k = 0, 1, 2, . . . , n-1, k

Monitoring potential ionospheric changes caused by the Van earthquake (M(w)7.2)

Inyurt, Samed | Peker, Selcuk | Mekik, Cetin

Makale | 2019 | ANNALES GEOPHYSICAE37 ( 2 ) , pp.143 - 151

Many scientists from different disciplines have studied earthquakes for many years. As a result of these studies, it has been proposed that some changes take place in the ionosphere layer before, during or after earthquakes, and that the ionosphere should be monitored in earthquake prediction studies. This study investigates the changes in the ionosphere created by the earthquake with a magnitude of M-w = 7.2 in the northwest of Lake Ercek, which is located to the north of the province of Van in Turkey on 23 October 2011 and at 13: 41 local time (3 UT) with the epicenter of 38.75 degrees N, 43.36 degrees E using the TEC values obtai . . .ned by the global ionosphere models (GIMs) created by IONOLAB-TEC and CODE. In order to see whether the ionospheric changes obtained by the study in question were caused by the earthquake or not, the ionospheric conditions were studied by utilizing indices providing information on solar and geomagnetic activities (F10.7 cm, Kp, Dst). One of the results of the statistical test of the TEC values obtained from both models is positive and negative anomalies obtained for the times before, on the day of and after the earthquake, and the reasons for these anomalies are discussed in detail in the last section of the study. As the ionospheric conditions on the analyzed days were highly variable, it was thought that the anomalies were caused by geomagnetic effects, solar activity and the earthquake Daha fazlası Daha az

The Factors Affecting Capital Structure of Firms: The Application of Iron and Steel Industry

Soylemez, Yakup

Makale | 2019 | SOSYOEKONOMI27 ( 40 ) , pp.91 - 104

In this study, the financial tables of the iron and steel main industrial companies which are being traded in the Istanbul Stock Exchange (BIST) are used. This study covers the period 2010-2017 and 13 firms are included in the analysis. Three different models were created in this study and panel data analysis method was used for all models. Various leverage ratios were used as a dependent variable in the study. The independent variables are size, non-debt tax shield, profitability and liquidity. As a result of the study, there is a negative correlation between the leverage ratios and the liquidity and size variables, a positive corr . . .elation between the non-debt tax shield and the profitability variables. The study show that both the financial hierarchy theory and the balancing theory are valid in the iron and steel sector Daha fazlası Daha az

The Relationship between Body Composition and Physical Fitness Performance in Handball Players

Ciplak, Mustafa Ertugrul | Eler, Serdar | Joksimovic, Marko | Eler, Nebahat


The aim of this study was to analyze the relationship between body composition and physical fitness performance of female handball players aged 15-17. 103 female athletes who play handball in various schools in the city of Ankara in the star and youth categories volunteered to participate in the study. The athletes' body height, body weight, Body Mass Index (BMI), body fat percentage, upper body fat percentage were measured with the Tanita (BC-418) body analysis device. The right-left hand grip strength test was carried out with Takei grip-D strength dynamometer, vertical jump and standing long jump tests were carried out with Takei . . . jump meter and throwing medicine ball with both hands test was carried out with a 5 kg. medicine ball and the 30 m speed test were carried out with photocell (New Test 2000). The data were evaluated with the SPSS 16 statistics software, Pearson Correlation Test was carried out in the statistical analysis and the significance level was determined as Daha fazlası Daha az

The Effect of Social Loafing Perception to Workers' Feelings of Burnout in Organisations

Uysal, H. Tezcan

Makale | 2019 | NMIMS MANAGEMENT REVIEW36 ( 4 ) , pp.69 - 84

The aim of this study is to determine social loafing perceptions of employees in the same organisational climate related to co-workers and is to determine its effects on employees' feeling of burnout. Relying on this goal, data has been obtained by face-to-face survey method from 108 employees who work in a public institution in Zonguldak Province. The results of surveys measuring the burnout by social loafing behaviour perception have been evaluated by SPSS program and the data obtained has been analysed via correlation, simple linear regression, Mann-Whitney U and Kruskal-Wallis H methods. As a result of the analysis, a positive a . . .nd significant relationship has been determined between burnout and social loafing perception, and it has been determined that a one-unit increase in social loafing behaviour that employees perceive caused an increase of 0.379-unit on burnout feeling Daha fazlası Daha az

Turan, Muhittin


In the classical Turkish poetry, the influence of Iran and Arab is not felt intensely yet. When the divans which were formed during the 16th century are examined, it is seen that the elements of nature have a lot of space in these divans. This is the period in which mazmun, analogy and imagination are based on classical Turkish poetry, which will last for about six centuries. This analogy and imagination, which are mostly found in Turkish words, are the product of an effort to understand and make sense of the environment. In our article XIV and XV. we will try to reveal the world of t odor in centered analogy in the divans of centur . . .ies. Thus, the fragrance will be revealed with different uses and we will try to reveal the culture and art that it presents to us in order to better understand the classical Turkish poetry Daha fazlası Daha az

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