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Synthesis and characterization of ozonated oil nanoemulsions

Tığlı-Aydın, Rahime Seda | Kazancı, Füsun

Article | 2018 | JAOCS, Journal of the American Oil Chemists' Society95 ( 11 ) , pp.1385 - 1398

In recent years, the use of ozonated oil (ozone enriched oil form) is being increasingly preferred for biomedical applications because of its antibacterial activity. Among most important reasons of this choice is the high molecular affinity of the ozone molecule and intracellular effects of the products of ozone and the unsaturated fatty-acid chemical reactions in cellular signaling systems. The aim of the present study was to synthesize and optimize the ozonated oil nanoemulsion system that would be transferred into the living systems easily, suggesting a promising carrier system for various biomedical applications. By varying form . . .ulation parameters (surfactant-to-oil ratio, surfactant concentration, mixing rate, and surfactant type), nanoemulsions were investigated in terms of mean particle diameters, distributions, and stabilities. Nanoemulsions with high stability and small droplet diameters (212.7 nm) could be produced under optimized conditions with Tween 40 as the surfactant at a 750 rpm mixing rate using the emulsion inversion point (EIP) low-energy method. Spherical and uniformly distributed nanoemulsions were observed by SEM, which also supports mean particle diameter measurements. Fourier-transform infrared spectroscopy (FTIR) and 13C NMR (nuclear magnetic resonance) studies indicated an ozonide structure within the nanoemulsion system, which remained even after 30 days of storage. The antibacterial activity of ozonated oil emulsions against Staphylococcus aureus and Escherichia coli suggests promising applications in the biomedical field. © 2018 AOC Daha fazlası Daha az

Surgeon performed intraoperative ultrasound accurately predicts margin status after neaoadjuvant chemotheraphy

Çakmak, Güldeniz Karadeniz | Mutlu, Sezgin | Şen, Hazal | Engin, Hüseyin | Bahadır, Burak | Bakkal, Bekir Hakan

Conference Object | 2018 | CANCER RESEARCH78 ( 4 ) , pp.1385 - 1398

San Antonio Breast Cancer Symposium -- DEC 05-09, 2017 -- San Antonio, TX WOS: 000425489400315

Elevated levels of vitamin B12 in chronic stable heart failure: a marker for subclinical liver damage and impaired prognosis

Argan, Onur | Ural, Dilek | Karauzum, Kurtulus | Bozyel, Serdar | Aktas, Mujdat | Karauzum, Irem Yilmaz | Kozdag, Guliz

Article | 2018 | THERAPEUTICS AND CLINICAL RISK MANAGEMENT14 , pp.1067 - 1073

Background: Elevated vitamin B12 is a sign for liver damage, but its significance in chronic stable heart failure (HF) is less known. The present study investigated the clinical correlates and prognostic significance of vitamin B12 levels in stable systolic HF. Methods: A total of 129 consecutive patients with HF and 50 control subjects were enrolled. Data regarding demographics, clinical signs, therapeutic and conventional echocardiographic measurements were recorded for all patients. Right-sided HF was defined as the presence of at least one of the typical symptoms (ankle swelling) or specific signs (jugular venous distention or a . . .bdominojugular reflux) of right HF. Cox proportional hazards regression analyses were performed to determine the independent prognostic determinants of mortality. Results: Baseline B12 levels in HF patients (n=129) with and without right sided HF were significantly higher compared to healthy controls (n=50): Median 311 pg/mL and 235 pg/mL vs 198 pg/mL, respectively (P=0.005). Folic acid levels were similar between the study groups. Age, ejection fraction, left atrial size, estimated glomerular filtration rate, and direct and indirect bilirubin levels were significantly correlated to serum B12 level in univariate analysis. In multivariate analysis, independent correlates of B12 were direct bilirubin (R=0.51, P= 270 pg/mL had 80% sensitivity and 58% specificity for predicting all-cause mortality (area under the curve=0.672, 95% CI=0.562-0.781; P=0.003). However, in Cox regression analysis, only left atrial diameter, level of direct bilirubin, and the presence of abdominojugular reflux were independent predictors of death. Conclusion: Increased B12 in stable HF patients is associated with increased direct bilirubin due to right HF, indicating a cardiohepatic syndrome, but neither B12 nor folic acid are independently associated with mortality Daha fazlası Daha az

The effect of different treatment strategies on left ventricular myocardial deformation parameters in patients with chronic renal failure

Yildirim, Ufuk | Gulel, Okan | Eksi, Alay | Dilek, Melda | Demircan, Sabri | Sahin, Mahmut

Article | 2018 | INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF CARDIOVASCULAR IMAGING34 ( 11 ) , pp.1731 - 1739

The aim of this study was to compare left ventricular (LV) functions by speckle tracking echocardiography (STE) in chronic kidney disease (CKD) patients in various stages and under different renal replacement treatments in order to evaluate possible differences between them. This prospective study included 150 patients with CKD. Renal transplantation patients with glomerular filtration rate greater than 60ml/min/1.73m(2), patients receiving hemodialysis three times a week, and patients in the predialysis stage with glomerular filtration rate less than 30ml/dk/1.73m(2) were assigned into Group 1 (n=50), Group 2 (n=50), and Group 3 (n . . .=50), respectively. LV longitudinal, circumferential, and radial myocardial deformation parameters (strain, strain rate [SR], rotation, twist) were evaluated by STE. Peak systolic longitudinal strain was higher in the transplantation group than the hemodialysis group (-19.93 +/- 3.50 vs-17.47 +/- 3.28%, Daha fazlası Daha az

An assessment of the relationship between thyroid nodule characteristics, insulin resistance and arterial stiffness in euthyroid nodular goiter

Aydogan, Yasemin | Altay, Mustafa | Unsal, Oktay | Kaplanoglu, Veysel | Cagir, Yavuz | Yildiz, Canan | Beyan, Esin

Article | 2018 | ENDOCRINE62 ( 2 ) , pp.440 - 447

ObjectivesPublications suggesting that thyroid nodule might be associated with insulin resistance and metabolic syndrome are quite interesting. There is a need for studies assessing the relationship between nodule presence and cardiovascular risk in individuals with non-functioning nodular goiter. The purpose of the present study is to reveal whether or not insulin resistance, nodule presence, and nodule stiffness affect arterial stiffness, which is a reliable and valid cardiovascular risk indicator, in individuals with euthyroid nodular goiter using the pulse wave analysis (PWA).Materials and methods50 patients with euthyroid nodul . . .ar goiter and 50 healthy volunteers were included in the study. All participants were examined by B-mode thyroid ultrasound, and the participants in the nodular goiter group were also examined by strain elastography (SE). The strain index of nodules was calculated according to the Rago scoring. Also, fasting plasma glucose (FPG) and insulin levels were measured, and HOMA-IR. Arterial stiffness measurements of the participants were performed using a PWA device which employs a cuff-based oscillometric method from the brachial artery.ResultsPWV was found to be significantly higher in the euthyroid nodular goiter group ( Daha fazlası Daha az

Quantitative assessment of muscular stiffness in children with cerebral palsy using acoustic radiation force impulse (ARFI) ultrasound elastography

Bilgici, Meltem Ceyhan | Bekci, Tumay | Ulus, Yasemin | Ozyurek, Hamit | Aydin, Omer Faruk | Tomak, Leman | Selcuk, Mustafa Bekir

Article | 2018 | JOURNAL OF MEDICAL ULTRASONICS45 ( 2 ) , pp.295 - 300

To evaluate the feasibility of quantitative analysis of muscle stiffness in the medial gastrocnemius muscle (GCM) by acoustic radiation force impulse (ARFI) ultrasound elastography in children with spastic cerebral palsy (CP). Seventeen children with spastic CP and 25 healthy children participated in the study between the years 2016-2017. The medial GCM in the CP group was assessed using the Modified Ashworth Scale (MAS) by a physiatrist. ARFI was used to measure the shear-wave velocities (SWVs) of the medial GCM. The mean SWV value for each MAS score was calculated and used for statistics. The mean SWV values of the medial GCM in t . . .he CP and healthy groups were 3.17 +/- 0.81 m/s (mean +/- SD) and 1.45 +/- 0.25 m/s (mean +/- SD), respectively. The SWV of the medial GCM significantly increased in the CP patients when compared with controls (p < 0.001). In addition, the SWV values were correlated with the MAS scores (p < 0.001). The interobserver agreement expressed as the interclass correlation coefficient was 0.65 (95% CI 0.33-0.84, p < 0.001). ARFI imaging demonstrated a difference in muscle stiffness in the medial GCM between the CP and healthy groups. This method is a feasible imaging modality for the noninvasive assessment of contracting muscles in children with CP Daha fazlası Daha az

Successful management of cesarean scar pregnancy with vacuum extraction under ultrasound guidance

Sel, Goerker | Sucu, Sadun | Harma, Muge | Harma, Mehmet Ibrahim

Article | 2018 | ACUTE MEDICINE & SURGERY5 ( 4 ) , pp.358 - 361

AimCesarean scar pregnancy (CSP) is a rare type of ectopic pregnancy. The gestational sac is implanted in the myometrium at the site of a previous cesarean section. Mothers with CSP are faced with risks of unpredictable massive bleeding or more fatal complications. The purpose of this retrospective study was to assess the feasibility, efficacy, and reliability of the intraoperative ultrasound-guided vacuum aspiration method as an effective treatment option for CSP. MethodsWe undertook a retrospective analysis of CSP patients who had undergone the vacuum aspiration method, by reviewing patient records from the period October 2015 to . . .January 2018. All of the operations were carried out under general anesthesia, with patients in the lithotomy position, using suprapubic ultrasonography guidance. A vacuum aspirator was used to aspirate the whole pregnancy material without perforating the previous cesarean section scar. ResultsTen women with CSP were managed successfully by ultrasound-guided vacuum extraction without complications or further interventions, such as reoperation or methotrexate administration. Three of the 10 patients needed uterine Foley catheter tampon (50cc) for 4h after vacuum extraction alone was applied. During the study period, two additional patients who did not meet the criteria for the vacuum extraction method alone were managed with methotrexate plus vacuum application. Because of the rarity of the condition, the majority of CSPs are case reports or small case series reported in published works, with no consensus on the preferred course of treatment. ConclusionThe vacuum extraction method seems to be a good and practical way of treating CSP. Comparisons of efficacy should be undertaken but large sample sizes are required. We hope this study brings a new perspective for larger sample-sized studies, considering the technique is feasible and applicable Daha fazlası Daha az

Kalayci, Suleyman | Akbulut, Aylin | Koca, Gokhan | Yigit, Hasan | Korkmaz, Meliha

Editorial | 2018 | JOURNAL OF NUCLEAR CARDIOLOGY25 ( 4 ) , pp.1433 - 1435

WOS: 000442667600059 PubMed: 28975578

Effects of insulin plus glucose pretreatment on bupivacaine cardiotoxicity in rats

Piskin, O. | Aydin, B. G.

Article | 2018 | HUMAN & EXPERIMENTAL TOXICOLOGY37 ( 5 ) , pp.451 - 457

A mistaken overdose of bupivacaine into systemic circulation may cause severe cardiovascular side effects. The aim of this study was to assess the effects of pretreatment with combined intra venous lipid emulsion (ILE) and high-dose insulin therapy against cardiotoxicity caused by bupivacaine intoxication. The rats were divided into the following three groups: Group B received a saline pretreatment plus a bupivacaine, group L received ILE pretreatment plus a bupivacaine, and in group I, insulin with glucose was infused intravenously, plus ILE pretreatment plus a bupivacaine. The electrocardiogram tracing, invasive arterial pressure, . . . and heart rate (HR) of rats were monitored continuously. Arterial blood gas analysis was performed in all groups. Arterial blood gas analysis revealed that the baseline pH, PaO2, and PaCO2 values were similar between groups (p > 0.05). Widening of Q, R, and S wave complex was found 46.8 +/- 16.7, 92.0 +/- 5.80, and 106.5 +/- 17.9 s after initiation of bupivacaine infusion in groups B, L, and I, respectively. Time elapsed until 25% reduction of HR 127.3 +/- 17.7, 248.4 +/- 34.1, and 260.1 +/- 51.3 s for groups B, L, and I, and 25% reduction of mean arterial pressure 107.6 +/- 14.1, 253.2 +/- 36.3, and 292 +/- 57.7 s for groups B, L, and I, respectively. Arrhythmia was observed after 142.2 +/- 27.5, 180.7 +/- 17.8, and 190.7 +/- 19.2 s for groups B, L, and I, respectively. Finally, asystole occurred after 560.1 +/- 76.4, 782.4 +/- 63.0, and 882.5 +/- 105.1 s for groups B, L, and I, respectively. This finding indicates that the survival time of rats administered pretreatment with ILE plus insulin+glucose and those given ILE was observed to be longer Daha fazlası Daha az

Incidence, risk factors and severity of retinopathy of prematurity in Turkey (TR-ROP study): a prospective, multicentre study in 69 neonatal intensive care units

Bas, Ahmet Yagmur | Demirel, Nihal | Koc, Esin | Isik, Dilek Ulubas | Hirfanoglu, Ibrahim Murat | Tunc, Turan | Sari, Fatma Nur

Article | 2018 | BRITISH JOURNAL OF OPHTHALMOLOGY102 ( 12 ) , pp.1711 - 1716

Background To evaluate the prevalence, risk factors and treatment of retinopathy of prematurity (ROP) in Turkey and to establish screening criteria for this condition. Methods A prospective cohort study (TR-ROP) was performed between 1 April 2016 and 30 April 2017 in 69 neonatal intensive care units (NICUs). Infants with a birth weight (BW)=1500 g or gestational age (GA) 1500 g or GA> 32 weeks with an unstable clinical course were included in the study. Predictors for the development of ROP were determined by logistic regression analyses. Results The TR-ROP study included 6115 infants: 4964 (81%) with a GA 32 weeks. Overall, 27% had . . . any stage of ROP and 6.7% had severe ROP. A lower BW, smaller GA, total days on oxygen, late-onset sepsis, frequency of red blood cell transfusions and relative weight gain were identified as independent risk factors for severe ROP in infants with a BW=1500 g. Of all infants, 414 needed treatment and 395 (95.4%) of the treated infants had a BW Daha fazlası Daha az

Potential Drug-Drug Interactions with Antimicrobials in Hospitalized Patients: A Multicenter Point-Prevalence Study

Kuscu, Ferit | Ulu, Astihan | Inal, Ayse S. | Suntur, Bedia M. | Aydemir, Hande | Gul, Serdar | Ecemis, Kenan

Article | 2018 | MEDICAL SCIENCE MONITOR24 , pp.4240 - 4247

Background: Improper use of antimicrobials can cause adverse drug events and high costs. The purpose of this study was to investigate the frequency and potential drug-drug interactions associated with antimicrobials among hospitalized patients. Material/Methods: This study was conducted on the same day in 5 different hospitals in Turkey. We included patients aged (3) 18 years who received at least 1 antimicrobial drug and at least 1 of any other drug. The Micromedex (R) online drug reference system was used to control and describe the interactions. Drug interactions were classified as contraindicated, major, moderate, and minor. Res . . .ults: Potential drug-drug interactions with antimicrobials were 26.4% of all interactions. Five (42%) of 12 contraindicated interactions and 61 (38%) of 159 major interactions were with antimicrobials. Quinolones, triazoles, metronidazole, linezolid, and clarithromycin accounted for 173 (25.7%) of 673 prescribed antimicrobials, but were responsible for 141 (92.1%) of 153 interactions. In multivariate analysis, number of prescribed antimicrobials (odds ratio: 2.3001, 95% CI: 1.6237-3.2582), number of prescribed drugs (odds ratio: 1.2008, 95% CI: 1.0943-1.3177), and hospitalization in the university hospital (odds ratio: 1.7798, 95% CI: 1.0035-3.1564) were independent risk factors for developing drug interactions. Conclusions: Due to risk of drug interactions, physicians should be more cautious when prescribing antimicrobials, particularly when prescribing quinolones, linezolid, azoles, metronidazole, and macrolides Daha fazlası Daha az

Comparison of three posterior malleolar fixation methods in trimalleolar ankle fractures

Kalem, Mahmut | Sahin, Ercan | Songur, Murat | Keser, Scicuk | Kinik, Hakall

Article | 2018 | ACTA ORTHOPAEDICA BELGICA84 ( 2 ) , pp.203 - 212

This study aimed to compare the results of AP screws, PA screws and posterior buttress plate used in posterior malleolar fixation of trimalleolar fractures. In this study, the data of 104 trimalleolar fracture cases treated surgically between October 2011 and January 2014 were extracted from hospital records. Patient demographics (age, gender, body mass index), the presence of syndesmotic injury, fracture type (according to the Lauge-Hansen classification), the size of posterior malleolar fragment (measured on lateral radiographs) were recorded. The patients requiring postoperative care for at least a year were invited to attend an . . .evaluation of functional and radiological outcomes. At the final follow-up examination the functional evaluation was made by using AOFAS scores, VAS scores during walking, and dorsiflexion restrictions as compared with the unaffected side. As for the radiological evaluation, the patients were assessed according to the presence of a gap or step by the direct use of graphies following the fixation and with regard to the osteoarthritic development in alignment with the Bargon criteria. A total of 67 patients met the study inclusion criteria; 20 cases in the AP screw, 13 cases in the PA screw and 34 cases in the plate group. The mean follow-up period was 14.4 +/- 2.23 months in AP, 16.3 +/- 2.56 months in PA and 17.1 +/- 3.01 months in the plate group. Better AOFAS scores were obtained in the PA group and the plate group compared to the AP screw group (p < 0.001). No statistically significant difference was found between the groups in respect of VAS scores during walking and dorsiflexion restriction. Better radiological reduction was observed in the PA screw group and the plate group (p < 0.001). PA screw and posterior buttress plate fixation with direct reduction via posterolateral approach demonstrated better radiological and functional outcomes than AP screw fixation Daha fazlası Daha az

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