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Comparison of fingolimod and teriflunomide on the basis of relapse, magnetic resonance imaging and cognition following the switch from injectables in patients with stable multiple sclerosis

Ozakbas, S. | Cinar, B. Piri | Babayev, C.

Konferans nesnesi | 2018 | MULTIPLE SCLEROSIS JOURNAL24 , pp.895 - 896

34th Congress of the European-Committee-for-Treatment-and-Research-in-Multiple-Sclerosis (ECTRIMS) -- OCT 10-12, 2018 -- Berlin, GERMANY WOS: 000446861402287

Teacher opinions on use of self-regulation strategies at science and art centers: Turkey sample

Eker C. | İnce M.

Makale | 2018 | Universal Journal of Educational Research6 ( 7 ) , pp.1486 - 1496

The purpose of this study is to identify the usage status of self-regulation strategies at Science and Art Centers (BİLSEMs) that provide the gifted students with education in Turkey. This research was designed within qualitative study and survey model was used. It was conducted with 24 teachers at Science and Art Centers each in the Western Black Sea, Marmara and Aegean regions in Turkey. The teacher interview form designed by the researchers was used as the data collection instrument. Descriptive analysis and content analysis methods were used for analyzing the data. It was concluded in the research that the teachers do not find t . . .hemselves competent about self-regulation strategies. The most observed self-regulation deficiencies among BİLSEM students are deficiencies of motivation and meta-cognitive strategies. The teachers think that BİLSEM curricula do not aim to bring self-regulation skills to students. It was determined that the activities performed by teachers in BİLSEM curricula (Adaptation, Supportive Education, Realizing Individual Abilities, Improving Special Skills, and Project) are rather for actualizing motivation, meta-cognitive and cognitive strategies. © 2018 by authors, all rights reserved Daha fazlası Daha az

Effects of phenolic compounds on differentiation of cambium and tracheal elements in graft unions of olive cultivars (Olea europaea L.)

Ozkaya, M. T. | Azimi, M. | Colgecen, H. | Buyukkartal, H. N.

Konferans nesnesi | 2018 | VIII INTERNATIONAL OLIVE SYMPOSIUM1199 , pp.81 - 85

Olive 'Gemlik' has been planted in different ecological zones in Turkey; growers have begun to focus on some problems of yield and quality, and they would like to use grafting (top-working) with local cultivars. Although there is no problem of grafting compatibility between cultivars according to the literature, it has proved very difficult to give advice to growers for top-working because problems have been encountered when grafted local cultivars onto 'Gemlik' rootstock. The plant material used in this study consisted of cultivars 'Ayvalik', 'Domat', 'Gemlik', 'Memecik', 'Nizip Yaglik' and 'Sari Ulak'. These cultivars were grafted . . . (T-budding) onto 1-year-old 'Gemlik' rootstock propagated by cuttings. According to the results of phenolic compound variance analysis, high levels of 4-hydroxyphenylacetic acid, vanillic acid and ferulic acid content were determined in 'Ayvalik', 'Nizip Yaglik' and 'Domat'. As a result, we showed that, during recovery of the graft zone, development of new cambium tissues, vascular connections and sclerenchyma tissues occurred imperfectly in 'Ayvalik', 'Domat' and 'Nizip Yaglik' when grafted onto 'Gemlik' rootstocks. For this reason, the graft zones of these combinations were weak Daha fazlası Daha az

Treatment of a calcifying epithelial odontogenic tumour with tube decompression: a case report

Gülşen U. | Dereci Ö. | Gülşen E.A.

Makale | 2018 | British Journal of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery56 ( 10 ) , pp.979 - 981

Conservative treatment of odontogenic tumours with decompression or marsupialisation is not common, but can be done successfully in those with a cystic pattern. We present a calcifying epithelial odontogenic tumour that was treated by tube decompression and subsequent enucleation. © 2018 The British Association of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons

On the Norms of Geometric and Symmetric Geometric Circulant Matrices with the Tribonacci Number

Kizilates, Can | Tuglu, Naim

Makale | 2018 | GAZI UNIVERSITY JOURNAL OF SCIENCE31 ( 2 ) , pp.555 - 567

In this paper, we study the spectral norms of the geometric circulant matrices T-r* = Ctirc,*(T-0, T-1, . . . ,Tn-1) and the symmetric geometric circulant matrices STr* = SCirc(r)* (T-0, T-1, . . . ,Tn-1), where T-n denotes the nth Tribonacci number and r is any complex number.

McCollough, John | Bayramoglu, Mehmet Fatih | He, Miao

Makale | 2018 | INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF CONSUMER STUDIES42 ( 1 ) , pp.131 - 140

It is generally considered to be safer for the environment to repair a malfunctioning product for further reuse than to dispose of it and replace it with a newly manufactured product, unless the product is being replaced with a more energy efficient alternative. However, whereas United States has long been labelled a throwaway society', this paper presents the results of an international consumer survey which demonstrates that as other nations develop with respect to GDP per Capita (Gross Domestic Product per Capita), they too start transitioning into throwaway societies. This transition then calls into account of just how environme . . .ntally damaging this practice will become Daha fazlası Daha az

Tracking the division of labour through handprints: Applying Reflectance Transformation Imaging (RTI) to clay 'tokens' in Neolithic West Asia

Bennison-Chapman, Lucy E. | Hager, Lori D.

Makale | 2018 | JOURNAL OF ARCHAEOLOGICAL SCIENCE99 , pp.112 - 123

The residents of Boncuklu Hoyuk, a mixed forager-farming community dating to the pre-ceramic Neolithic c. mid-9th to mid-8th millennium cal. BC, used their hands to manipulate local clays into artefacts, often leaving behind traces of their palm prints and fingerprints on the surface of the objects. Reflectance Transformation Imaging (RTI), a digital imaging technique that uses multiple images and mathematical models to reveal the 3 dimensional shape of an artefact's surface, provides a detailed, post-processing interactive view of the prints on each artefact. Geometric clay objects are the single-most abundant artefact category at . . .Boncuklu Hoyuk with over 1000 clay objects recovered and studied at this central Anatolian village to date. The aim of the project is to understand the manufacture, use, and disposal of geometric clay objects at Boncuklu Hoyuk through an analysis of the hand and fingerprints present on their surfaces. RTI reveals palm and fingerprints on more than half of the study sample consisting of eighty-eighty clay artefacts. Analysis of the prints using friction ridge density protocols indicates that adult females were the primary makers of the artefacts. The results were unchanged when taking into account artefact shape and type, and when considering temporal and locational data. The association of these artefacts during manufacture principally to women suggests an early link in the life of the object to women, potentially suggesting a gender based division of tasks at Boncuklu Hoyuk Daha fazlası Daha az


Gocen, Melih | Cebeci, Adem

Makale | 2018 | ROCKY MOUNTAIN JOURNAL OF MATHEMATICS48 ( 3 ) , pp.845 - 858

In this paper, we obtain the general form of the periodic solutions of some higher order difference equations system x(n+1)=+/- x(n-k)y(n-(2k+1))/y(n-(2k+1)) -/+ y(n-k), y(n+1)= +/- y(n-k)x(n-(2k+1))/x(n-(2k+1))-/+ x(n-k,) n, k is an element of N-0, where the initial values are arbitrary real numbers such that the denominator is always nonzero. Moreover, some numerical examples are presented to verify our theoretical results.

A fuzzy dematel model proposal for the cause and effect of the fault occurring in the auxiliary systems of the ships' main engine

Balin A. | Demirel H. | Celik E. | Alarcin F.

Makale | 2018 | Transactions of the Royal Institution of Naval Architects Part A: International Journal of Maritime Engineering160 , pp.141 - 153

The ship engine room has a structure that meets a number of needs related to administrative conditions. Even if a simple mechanical error is considered to be the addition of human errors into the complex structure of the engine room, it can lead to undetected loss. How the causes and effects of the detected faults affect the system is as important as an effective fault detection system to detect the fault and take immediate action against any possible engine failure. This study reveals the causes of problems occurring in the main engine auxiliary systems including cooling, lubricating, cooling oil and fuel systems, and the extent of . . . these problems affecting the system. While the Decision Making Trial and Evaluation Laboratory supports to identify and analyze the error detection of auxiliary systems with respect to causal effect relation diagram, fuzzy sets deal with the uncertainty in decision-making and human judgements through the DEMATEL. Therefore, fuzzy DEMATEL approach is applied to examine the causes and the weights of the faults and their relation to each other in the auxiliary systems. When we look at the result of the proposed approach, fuel oil pump failures has more impact on the all system and air cooler problems has the second highest place among the all errors. © 2018 The Royal Institution of Naval Architects Daha fazlası Daha az

Measuring Decentering: Psychometric properties of the Turkish Version of Experiences Questionnaire

Unlu Kaynakci, Fatma Zehra


The aim of the current study was to adapt Experiences Questionnaire (EQ) (Fresco et. al, 2007) which measures decentering, a common element of all mindfulness-based therapies, into Turkish. The participants of the study were 363 undergraduate students (251 females, 112 males) enrolled at a state university in Ankara. Confirmatory Factor Analysis (CFA) was carried out to test the one factor structure of the Experiences Questionnaire. CFA results confirmed one factor structure of the questionnaire (Satorra-Bentler chi(2)/df = 3.05 (p < .001), RMSEA = .07, NNFI = .93, CFI = .94, SRMR = .06 and NFI = .92). Cronbach alpha value for decen . . .tering factor of Experiences Questionnaire was found to be .80. Furthermore, in order to test the criterion-related validity of the EQ-Decentering, the relationship between EQ- Decentering and the Short form of the Ruminative Response Scale (Treynor, Gonzealez, & Nolen-Hoeksama, 2003) was investigated with the participation of 620 university students. Decentering was found to be significantly and negatively related to rumination. As a result, the current study conducted with the university students provided evidence for the reliability and validity of the Turkish form of EQ- Decentering. Findings were discussed in the light of the relevant literature Daha fazlası Daha az

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