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Primary extremity actinomycosis causing osteomyelitis of the hand

Kargi, E | Akduman, D | Gungor, E | Deren, O | Albayrak, L | Erdogan, B

Letter | 2003 | PLASTIC AND RECONSTRUCTIVE SURGERY112 ( 5 ) , pp.1495 - 1497

WOS: 000220062700057 PubMed: 14504551

Radiological characteristics of pulmonary hydatid disease in children - Less common radiological appearances

Erdem, CZ | Erdem, LO

Review | 2003 | EUROPEAN JOURNAL OF RADIOLOGY45 ( 2 ) , pp.123 - 128

Objective: To evaluate the chest roentgenogram and CT characteristics of pulmonary hydatid disease (PHD). Material and methods: Forty-seven (27 male and 20 female, aged between 3 and I I years) consecutive pediatric patients with surgically proven pulmonary hydatid cysts were enrolled for the study. Posteroanterior and lateral chest roentgenograms, CT of the chest, and laboratory findings (latex agglutination, Casoni skin test, and eosinophil count) were obtained from all of the patients. The radiological features (localization, internal architecture, number, diameter) were determined. Results: On CT examination, a total of 79 cysts . . . were determined. On chest roentgenogram, 57 of 79 cysts were detected in all patients. Single cysts were seen in 33 patients, while multiple cysts were seen in 14. Median CT density of the cysts was 21 Hounsfield units (HU) (0-80). There were six giant cysts ( > 10 cm of cyst diameter). The crescent sign, water lily sign, and air-fluid level were seen in two, five and eight of the cysts, respectively. Apart from the classically described features of pulmonary hydatid cysts of the lung, a crescent-shaped rim of air at the lower end of the cyst (inverse crescent sign) was detected in three cysts. All of the liquid content of the cyst was expelled to the bronchial system (dry cyst sign) was observed in seven cysts. There were two infected cysts. Heavily calcified curvilinear cyst wall was present in one cyst. Pericystic reaction in the lung tissue was observed in five patients. Other features included pleural effusion (n = 2), mediastinal shift (n = 6) and atelectasis (n = 7). Conclusions: Chest roentgenogram is helpful for diagnosis of intact cysts but, it is impossible to define entire morphology of the complicated cysts. CT imaging recognize certain details of the lesions and discover others that are not visible by conventional radiography. In conclusion, CT examination should be done to elucidate cystic nature of the lung mass and for accurate localization in the preoperative period. In addition, inverse crescent sign should be recognized as feature of pulmonary hydatid cysts on CT. (C) 2002 Elsevier Science Ireland Ltd. All rights reserved Daha fazlası Daha az

Multiple intra-hepatic portal vein aneurysms: Findings on magnetic resonance angiography

Erdem, CZ | Erdem, LO | Comert, M | Ustundag, Y | Gundogu, S

Editorial | 2003 | CLINICAL RADIOLOGY58 ( 11 ) , pp.899 - 901

WOS: 000186480600014 PubMed: 14581018

The effects of nitric oxide on the expression of cell adhesion molecules (ICAM-1, UEA-1, and tenascin) in rats with unilateral testicular torsion

Ozturk, H | Buyukbayram, H | Ozdemir, E | Ketani, A | Gurel, A | Onen, A | Otcu, S

Article | 2003 | JOURNAL OF PEDIATRIC SURGERY38 ( 11 ) , pp.1621 - 1627

Background/Purpose: The aim of this study was to determine the effects of nitric oxide (NO) on the expression of adhesion molecules in the early course of testicular I-R injury in rats. Methods: Forty male Sprague-Dawley rats were separated into 4 groups, each containing 10 rats. A sham operation was performed in group 1 (control). In group 2 (I-R), after 6 hours of unilateral testicular torsion, 1 -hour detorsion of the testis was performed. In group 3 (I-R/L-NAME), after performing the same surgical procedures as in group 11, L-NAME was given for 30 minutes. In group 4 (I-R/Mol), after performing the same surgical procedure (torsi . . .on and detorsion) as in group 11, molsidomine, an NO donor, was infused for 30 minutes. Then, ipsilateral orchiectomies were performed to measure the tissue levels of malondialdehyde (MDA) and NO and to make histologic examination. Results: MDA values and the testicular injury score decreased and NO values increased in the I-R/Mol-treated group compared with other experimental groups. The tenascin expression in the interstitial space and basement membrane of the tubuli seminiferi were milder in the I-R/Mol group compared with that of the I-R and the I-R/L-NAME. The acrosomes of the spermatids in I-R and I-R/L-NAME groups were stained mildly by lectin. In the I-R and I-R/L-NAME groups, the interstitial spaces, basement membrane of the tubuli seminiferi, and sertoli and germinal cells in testicular tissue were stained intensely by ICAM-1. Conclusions: The expression of adhesion molecules such as tenascin, lectin, and ICAM-1 in the totted testicular tissue may be a pathophysiologic sign of inflammation. NO regulates adhesion molecules expression Daha fazlası Daha az

Effect of different neoadjuvant chemotherapy regimens on locally advance breast cancer

Coskun, U | Gunel, N | Onuk, E | Yilmaz, E | Bayram, O | Yamac, D | Cihan, A

Article | 2003 | NEOPLASMA50 ( 3 ) , pp.210 - 216

In this retrospective study, we evaluated the results of 91 locally advanced breast cancer (LABC) patients (30 patients in stage IIIA-33.0%, 61 patients in stage IIIB-67.0%) who had been treated with different neoadjuvant chemotherapy regimens. Forty-three (47.3%) patients treated with FAC (5-Fluorouracil, doxorubicin, cyclophosphamide) or CA (cyclophosphamide, doxorubicin), 33 (36.3%) with FEC (5-Fluorouracil, epirubicin, cyclophosphamide) or CE (cyclophosphamide, epirubicin) and 15 (16.5%) with CMF (cyclophosphamide, methotrexate, 5-Fluorouracil) combination as neoadjuvant setting. Median follow-up duration was 33 (6-116) months i . . .n 91 patients. There was no significant difference in the pretreatment characteristics of patients receiving FAC/CA, FEC/CE and CMF including age, disease stage, menopausal and estrogen/progesteron receptor (ER/PR) status (p > 0.05). In CMF group, no patient was treated with taxan as adjuvant setting. However, ten patients (30.3%) in FEC/CE group and 21 patients (48.8%) in FAC/CA group were treated with taxans. Overall response rate was lower in CMF group (60.0%), when compared to FEC/CE (81.9%) and FAC/CA (91.0%) groups (p < 0.05). Median overall survival (OS) and diseases free survival (DFS) were similar in three groups; 28.0 months (range: 14.8-41.1) and 12.0 months (range: 5.3-18.6) in CMF, 45.0 months (range: 16.8-73.1) and 23.0 months (range: 0.0-48.6) in FEC/CE, 46.0 months (range: 41.1-50.8) and 22.0 months (range: 11.1-32.8) months in FAC/CA groups, respectively (p > 0.05). In conclusion, overall response rates were found to be higher in anthracycline-based combinations than CMF, but these regimens had no additional survival advantage over CMF regimen. Long-term effects of these regimens should be investigated in further randomized trials Daha fazlası Daha az

Late complication of abdominoplasty in an obese patient: Systemic inflammatory response syndrome and seroma

Kargi, E | Akduman, D | Dokuzoguz, B | Ozkocak, I | Tuncel, A | Deren, O | Erdogan, B

Letter | 2003 | PLASTIC AND RECONSTRUCTIVE SURGERY111 ( 4 ) , pp.1568 - 1571

WOS: 000181477700042 PubMed: 12618626

Polypoid formation of cysts in scrotal calcinosis: An uncommon case

Hosnuter, M | Kargi, E | Babuccu, O | Babuccu, B | Isikdemir, A

Letter | 2003 | PLASTIC AND RECONSTRUCTIVE SURGERY111 ( 6 ) , pp.2117 - 2118

WOS: 000182614200062 PubMed: 12711992

Multiple eccrine spiradenoma in zosteriform distribution

Altinyazar, HC | Kargi, E | Ozen, O | Koca, R | Babuccu, O

Letter | 2003 | PLASTIC AND RECONSTRUCTIVE SURGERY112 ( 3 ) , pp.927 - 928

WOS: 000184877700047 PubMed: 12960891

Progression in acute ischemic stroke: frequency, risk factors and prognosis

Sumer, M | Ozdemir, I | Erturk, O

Article | 2003 | JOURNAL OF CLINICAL NEUROSCIENCE10 ( 2 ) , pp.177 - 180

Background and purpose: The aim of this study was to investigate the frequency, possible predictive factors and the prognosis of deteriorating ischemic stroke. Methods: A total of 266 stroke patients who presented within 24 h of onset were enrolled. Clinical deterioration was defined as a decrease of 1 points in the Canadian Neurological Scale (CNS). Rankin Score (RS) was performed at discharge and at six months. Results: Of the 266 patients studied, 26 (9.8%) worsened. Involvement of posterior circulation (odds ratio (OR) 3.16) and noncardioembolic infarction (OR 4.5) were found to be independently associated with neurological wors . . .ening. Death occurred in 19.2% of progressive (P) and in 4.16% of nonprogressive (NP) groups. Functional outcome was worse in the P than in NP patients at discharge and at sixth months. Conclusions: Involvement of posterior circulation and noncardioembolic subtypes of infarct independently affect neurological progression in acute ischemic stroke. Clinical deterioration significantly worsens the prognosis. (C) 2003 Elsevier Science Ltd. All rights reserved Daha fazlası Daha az

Comparison of local anaesthetic effects of tramadol with prilocaine for minor surgical procedures

Altunkaya, H | Ozer, Y | Kargi, E | Babuccu, O

Article | 2003 | BRITISH JOURNAL OF ANAESTHESIA90 ( 3 ) , pp.320 - 322

Background. Recent studies have shown that a local anaesthetic action of tramadol 5% was able to induce a sensory block to pinprick, touch, and cold similar to that of lidocaine 1%. The aim of this study was to compare the local anaesthetic effects of tramadol hydrochloride with prilocaine. Methods. Sixty ASA I or II patients, undergoing excision of the cutaneous lesions under local anaesthesia, were included in the study. Patients were randomly assigned to receive either 1 ml of tramadol 5% (Group T, n=30) or 1 ml of prilocaine 2% (Group P, n=30) intradermally, in a double-blinded fashion. The degree of the burning sensation and pa . . .in at the injection site was documented. Sensory block was assessed 1 min after injection. The patient was asked to report the degree of sensation and to grade touch and pinprick sensation. Two minutes after drug administration, incision was performed and intensity of pain, felt by the patient was evaluated on a four-point scale (0-3). Any local adverse effects were recorded. Results. There was no difference in the quality of block between the two groups. Side effects were noted in both groups with a significant increase in the incidence of local reaction (rash) in Group T (seven patients) when compared with Group P (one patient) (P0.05). Conclusions. Intradermal tramadol 5% can provide a local anaesthesia similar to the prilocaine but the incidence of local adverse effects is higher Daha fazlası Daha az

Babuccu, O

Letter | 2003 | TRANSPLANT INTERNATIONAL16 ( 1 ) , pp.58 - 60

WOS: 000181025700010 PubMed: 12545343

Rheumatoid factor seropositivity and rheumatoid symptoms in coal worker's pneumoconiosis

Kart, L | Sarikaya, S | Gurel, A | Altin, R | Armutcu, F | Tor, M | Ozdolap, S

Letter | 2003 | CLINICAL RHEUMATOLOGY22 ( 04.May ) , pp.365 - 366

WOS: 000187058400027 PubMed: 14577001

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