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Galvanizli çeliklerin mikroyapısı

Baycık, Handan | Koltuk, Fatmagül | Müftüoğlu, Füsun

Makale | 2003 | Mühendis ve Makina44 ( 525 ) , pp.27 - 31

Metal korozyonunu engellemek için kullanılan değişik yöntemlerden biri yüzey kaplamadır. Yüzey kaplama için çeşitli yöntemler kullanılır. Metalik kaplama yöntemleri içinde yer alan çinko kaplama, galvanizleme olarak adlandırılır. Galvanizleme genellikle, sıcak daldırma, elektroliz veya metal püskürtme yöntemleri ile yapılır. Bilindiği gibi, galvanizli malzemeler inşaat, konstrüksiyon, otomotiv ve beyaz eşya sanayiinde kullanılmaktadır. Bundan dolayı, galvanizleme konusundaki gelişmelerin tüm toplumu etkileyeceği açıktır. Bu makalede, sıcak daldırma yöntemi ile galvanizleme ve çinko kaplama tavı (galvannealing) yaparak elde edilen ma . . .lzemelerin mikroyapıları incelenmiştir. Galvanizlemede, kaplama yapısı genellikle çelik, $Gamma$, $delta$, $zeta$ ve $eta$ fazlarından oluşur. Çinko kaplama tavında yapı çelik, $zeta$ fazı, $Gamma$ fazı ve yüzeyde küçük bir miktar $zeta$ fazı ile büyük miktarda $delta$ fazı içerir. Surface coating is one of the various methods used for preventing of metal corrosion. Different methods are available for surface coating. Zinc coating which takes part in the metallic coatings methods, is named galvanizing. Galvanizing is usually applied with hot dip, elektrodeposition or metal spraying methods. As it is known, galvanized steels are used for building, construction, automotive industry and electrical goods (refrigerator, oven etc.). Therefore, it is clear that, developments about galvanizing affect all society. In this article, microstructures of the materials galvanized with hot dip method and galvannealed have been examined. In galvanizing, the coating structure generally made up of steel, $Gamma$, $delta$, $zeta$ and $eta$ phases. In galvannealing, the structure comprises steel, $zeta$ phase, $delta$ phase and in the surface small amount of $zeta$ phase and large amount of d phase Daha fazlası Daha az

Do Deferoxamine, Ticlopidin or Trimetazidine prevent Sevoflurane nephrotoxicity? An electron microscopic study

Karamanlioglu B. | Aktas R.G.

Konferans nesnesi | 2003 | Microscopy and Microanalysis9 ( SUPPL. 2 ) , pp.1428 - 1429

Introduction: Sevoflurane is a common anesthetic drug. Several biochemical, pharmacologic and physiologic studies have showed nephrotoxicity of Sevoflurane[1,2,3]. Histopathologic studies reported tubular damage and tubular cellular hyperplasia after the administration of Sevoflurane[4]. Deferoxamine(DFO) is known to protect against myoglobinuric acute renal failure[5]. It has been suggested that Ticlopidine(TIC) does not prevent nephropathies but has beneficial effects[6]. Fang et al. showed that TIC inhibited mesangial cell proliferation and collagen synthesis[7]. There is another study reporting that TIC induces acute interstitia . . .l nephrite and cause an increase of the number of lymphocytes and eosinophil leucocytes in interstitial tissue[8]. Trimetazidine(TMZ) has anti-ischemic effects and protects tissue damage in kidney[5, 9, 10, 11]. These studies lead us to investigate if DFO, TIC or TMZ can prevent the nephrotoxicity of Sevoflurane at morphologic level. Materials & Methods: Fifty male Wistar-Albino rats were used for this experimental study. They were divided into five groups randomly: Group I was control and had 1.5 cc saline two times a day. Group II had 15%Oxygen+85% Nitricoxide+3%Sevoflurane in a special designed chamber for 1 hour. Group III had i.m. 15 mg DFO(Desferal, Novartis) for 7 days and then they inhaled the same Sevoflurane combination as Group II for 1 hour. Group IV had oral 25 mg TIC(Ticlid, Sanofi) that was dissolved in 1.5 cc saline. After that, they had same Sevoflurane combination for 1 hour. Group V had oral 0,5 mg TMZ(Vastarel, Servier) that was dissolved in 1,5 cc saline. They also inhaled Sevoflurane combination at the same way with the other groups. Biopsy specimens from renal cortex of each rat were embedded in Araldite and the ultrathin sections were examined under transmission electron microscope. Results: Electron microscopic findings were as the follows: Group I: Glomeruli, proximal tubules and distal tubules showed normal electron microscopic features. Group II: Basement membranes of proximal and distal tubules were irregular. The relationships between the cells and the basement membranes were decreased. The foldings at the basal side of the cells were diminished. Frequency of the microvilli on the apical surface of the proximal cells was less. There were gaps between the epithelial cells. Basement membranes of glomeruli were regular. Pedicels of podocytes were irregular at some places. Mesangial matrix increased slightly. Nuclear chromatin of some endothelial cells, podocytes and mesangial cells were condensed. Group III: The electron microscopic findings in tubular cells were similar to the findings, which were observed in Group II. However, they were less significant. There were no changes in glomeruli. Group IV: The main significant ultrastuctural finding in tubular epithelial cells was the increase of foldings at the basal side. Fine structure of glomeruli showed no abnormalities. Group V: The foldings at the basal side of proximal and distal tubular cells were increased. There were big gaps between the epithelial cells. The raise in the number of lysosomes were evident. There were some changes in glomeruli, too: Mesangial matrix was increased. Pedicels of podocytes lost their regularity partly. Conclusions: Tubular cells are very sensitive to ischcmic damage. Our observations after the administration of Sevoflurane reflect the reversible tubular findings, which were seen after ischemia. Irreversible changes after ischemia were not clear at this experiment. Either DFO or TIC caused diminishment of the microscopic findings. We conclude that the anti-oxidant effects of these drugs might be useful to prevent nephrotoxicity of Sevoflurane. Fine structural changes after the treatment with TMZ were similar to the findings observed after Sevoflurane administration. This suggests that TMZ was not successful to prevent the nephrotoxicity of Sevoflurane. Our findings related with DFO and TIC are consistent with the previous studies. However, the results of this study did not show beneficial effects of TMZ as it has been reported previously at clinical studies. Attemption of different dosages and different duration times for the application of this drug with Sevoflurane might be helpful to verify if TMZ can prevent Sevoflurane nephrotoxicity Daha fazlası Daha az

Posterior interosseous artery flap in traumatic hand injuries

Ege A. | Tuncay I. | Erçetin Ö.

Makale | 2003 | Archives of Orthopaedic and Trauma Surgery123 ( 7 ) , pp.323 - 326

Introduction: Nineteen cases of posterior interosseous artery (PIOA) flap were reviewed. The patients' mean age was 24 (range 14-53) years. Materials and methods: Nine patients were operated on as emergencies, and 10 patients were treated electively. Mean time of delay after trauma was 7.8 h (range 2-20 h) in emergency cases. Nine of them were non-replantable amputations. Skin defects were between 1.9×2.4 cm and 5.0×12.0 cm. Mean hospitalization time was 2.2 (range 1-5) days. Results: Mean flap sensation was evaluated as 2.83-6.65 with the Semmes-Weinstein evaluation scale (only 2 patients scored less than 3.61). Five patients prese . . .nted with discoloration and coolness. Average subjective evaluation was 8.2/10. Mean web opening after first web reconstruction was 40°. One posterior interosseous neuropraxia (recovered in 4 months), one distal flap necrosis, and one flap lost (due to infection) occurred as early complications. Mean follow-up was 12.8 months (range 15 days to 30 months). Conclusions: PIOA flap applications have reduced the need for lateral arm and radial forearm flaps and also shortened hospitalization time in clinical practice Daha fazlası Daha az

Clinical results of transurethral electrovaporization resection of prostate (TUVRP) with two different electrodes versus TURP: A randomized prospective clinical study [Prostatin Iki Farkli Elektrotla Yapilan Transüretral Elektrovaporizasyon Rezeksiyonu (TUVRP) ile TURP Kli?ik Sonuçlarinin Karşilaştirilmasi: Randomize Prospektif Kl·inik Bir Çalişma]

Özdiler E. | Yaman Ö. | Soyupek S. | Seçkiner I. | Bozlu M. | Tükel O.

Makale | 2003 | Turk Uroloji Dergisi29 ( 4 ) , pp.481 - 485

Introduction: The aim of our study was to compare the results of conventional transurethral electroresection of the prostate (TURP) and transurethral vaporization and resection of the prostate (TUVRP) operations in patients with symptomatic bladder outlet obstruction due to prostatic enlargement. Materials and Methods: 59 consecutive patients with symptomatic bladder outlet obstruction due to prostatic enlargement and prostate size between 20-60 g were prospectively randomized to two treatment groups; one group underwent standard TURP and the other TUVRP. Eligibility criteria included IPSS result 8 or grater, Qmax

Recovery of coal from waste fine coal by column flotation

Sutcu H. | Toroglu I. | Dalahmetoglu O.

Makale | 2003 | Journal of Solid Waste Technology and Management29 ( 3 ) , pp.168 - 178

This study involved enriching by means of a laboratory-scale column flotation apparatus waste coal dust obtained from the Zonguldak coals. The effect of the factors such as the amount of the frothing agent, the amount of collecting agent, the feeding height, the thickness of the froth, the column height and the air rate on the coal yield was investigated and attempts were made to determine the efficiency level that would give the highest yield. Furthermore, in order to get the desired yield from column flotation, the most appropriate value was established for each variable under study in terms of ash content and yield, and a column . . .flotation experiment was carried out under optimal conditions. It was established that through the column flotation of waste fire coal having an ash content of 53.35%, a volatile matter content of 19.20%, a fixed carbon content of 27.45%, a total sulfur content of 0.74% and a calorific value of 14.42MJ/kg, clean coal could be recovered whose concentrate weight yield would be 32.06%, combustibility yield 61.16% and ash content 11.15% Daha fazlası Daha az

Does collagenase affect the electrophysiological parameters of nerve trunk?

Dalkilic N. | Kiziltan E. | Pehlivan F. | Kose K.

Makale | 2003 | Yakugaku Zasshi123 ( 12 ) , pp.1031 - 1037

Collegenase is widely used in the process of teasing a nerve in order to perform single fiber action potential (SFAP) recordings. In this study, the effects of collagenase on nerve conduction parameters were investigated. To accomplish this, normal compound action potentials (nCAPs) were recorded from isolated frog sciatic nerve at various distances using the suction technique. Then, the same nerve was treated with collagenased Ringer's solution (3.5 mg/ml, Sigma Type XI) for 90 minutes and action potentials (cCAPs) were recorded again. Numerical analysis of these records was performed and the results were compared. Using the nCAP a . . .nd cCAP recordings, the conduction velocity distributions (CVD) of the individual nerve trunks were determined by a method that we have previously described. Statistical results indicated significant differences ( Daha fazlası Daha az

Dermatofibrosarkoma protüberans: Vaka takdimi

Kargı, Eksal | Tuncel, Asuman | Deren, Orgun | Kulaçoğlu, Sezer | Erdoğan, Bülent

Makale | 2003 | Türk Plastik Rekonstrüktif ve Estetik Cerrahi Derg.11 ( 2 ) , pp.135 - 138

Dermatofibrosarkoma protüberans deriden köken alan, genellikle yavaş büyüyen, deri altı dokusuna ve çevreye infıltrasyon yapan, uzak metastazı yok denecek kadar az olan, inkomplet eksizyondan sonra lokal rekürrens eğilimi gösteren bir neoplazmdır. Kliniğimizde dermatosarkom protüberansı olan ve geniş eksizyonla tedavi edilip nüks etmeyen üç olgu sunuldu. Dermatoflbrosarcoma protuberans is a maligmant neoplasm which develops in the skin. The tümör enlarges slowly infiltrating the subcutaneous and the neighbouring tissues. it metastases rarely, but tends to show lokal recurrence after incomplete excision. We present three cases o . . .f dermatofibroma protuberans who were treated by wide excision without any recurrence Daha fazlası Daha az

Arm restraint in children with cleft lip/palate - Reply

Babuccu, O | Hosnuter, M | Kargi, E | Babuccu, B | Iskdemir, A

Mektup | 2003 | PLASTIC AND RECONSTRUCTIVE SURGERY112 ( 1 ) , pp.332 - 332

WOS: 000183941200058

Silindirik borularda kararsız akışkan hareketlerini Loran dönüşümü yöntemiyle incelenmesi

Racabovadiloğlu, Ziyaddin

Diğer | 2003 | Technology6 ( 3-4 ) , pp.51 - 58

Bu çalışmada silindirik borularda kararsız akışkan hareketleri yüksek gerilim hatlarındaki geçici olayların incelenmesinde kullanılan Loran dönüşümü yöntemiyle incelenmiştir. Boru boyunca basınç ve akış hızının yayınım ifadeleri bulunmuştur.Borunun sonunda bulunan vananın aniden kapatılmasıyla oluşan basınç artışı akışkanın yoğunluğuna , akış hızına ve sesin akışkandaki yayınım hızına bağlı bir amprik ifade olarak elde edilmiştir. Amprik bağlantıdan elde edilen edilen sonuçların geçerliliği yapılan deneyler ile ispatlanmıştır. In the paper, turbulence movements of fluids at cylindrical pipes are investigated by Loran transformation . . .method which is used for investigation of temporary events at high voltages links. Diffusion expressions of pressure and flow velocity through the pipes are determined. For special phase, the expression of pressure increase, which is subject to density of flow, flow velocity and diffusion velocity of voice in fluid, when the vane at the end of the pipe was closed suddenly, has been obtained. The correctness of the obtained results is substantiated by the experiments conducted Daha fazlası Daha az

Congenital Horner's syndrome associated with unilateral agenesis of the internal carotid artery and unusual aortic arch anomaly

Özdemir H. | Mahmutyazicioglu K. | Ünal A. | Savranlar A. | Atasoy H.T. | Sümer M. | Gündogdu S.

Makale | 2003 | International Journal of Angiology12 ( 4 ) , pp.266 - 269

Unilateral congenital agenesis of the internal carotid artery (ICA) is a very rare vascular anomaly. Rarely, congenital Horner's syndrome has been associated with agenesis of the ICA. This article describes a rare case of congenital Horner's syndrome in a patient with ICA agenesis and very unusual aortic arch anomaly.

Design and testing of bookcase frames constructed with round mortise and tenon joints

Tankut, A | Denizli-Tankut, N | Gibson, H | Eckelman, C

Makale | 2003 | FOREST PRODUCTS JOURNAL53 ( 07.Aug ) , pp.80 - 86

Previous work has shown that by using round mortise and tenon joints, durable maintenance-free school chairs and desks can be produced from largely waste local woody materials by cottage industries in remote regions of the world. Results of this previous work would suggest that by using this same method of construction, well-designed, durable, functional bookcases also could be produced from locally available small-diameter tree species and thin plywood or other thin panel materials. A number of panel and frame bookcases utilizing round mortise and tenon joints were constructed to evaluate their performance. Tests conducted on the r . . .esulting bookcase frames and shelves indicated that shelves constructed of thin plywood supported by small front and back shelf rails with ends joined to the corner posts with round mortise and tenon joints easily met critical shelf deflection criteria. The excellent deflection characteristics of the shelves were credited to the high degree of end fixity of the shelf rails that was obtained through the use of snug fitting round mortise and tenon joints Daha fazlası Daha az

Atypical presentation of Kaposi's sarcoma in the external ear.

Babuccu O. | Kargi E. | Hoşnuter M. | Dogan B.G.

Makale | 2003 | Kulak burun bogaz ihtisas dergisi : KBB = Journal of ear, nose, and throat11 ( 1 ) , pp.17 - 20

We presented a case of Kaposi's sarcoma that occurred in the external ear of a 36-year-old Caucasian man. He was otherwise healthy without a history of any predisposing factors. He had a nodular lesion in the left ear, of three-month duration. The lesion was excised completely. Histologic and immunohistologic findings were consistent with a diagnosis of Kaposi's sarcoma. Serologic analyses were negative for anti-HIV antibody and anti-cytomegalovirus IgM and IgG and blood count was normal. Differential count of leucocytes and immunoglobulin electrophoresis were normal. During a two-year follow-up, no recurrences, development of new l . . .esions, or HIV seroconversion were detected. To our knowledge, this case is the first to report a solitary lesion of Kaposi's sarcoma occurring in the helix of the ear in a healthy young patient Daha fazlası Daha az

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